Zhang Guoping wiped the blood off his face and realized that two of his teeth had loosened. Rage built up in his chest. However, he didn’t dare challenge Cai Yan, as he was aware that she once trained in the special forces. 

Instead, he went to find his uncle, Director Zhou. What could Cai Yan possibly do in face of his uncle?

He glared at her with all his might before turning with a wave, signaling everyone else to leave with him.

However, before he could even step out of the door, a silhouette blocked his way.

Zhang Guoping looked up with a nasty laugh, “What are you doing?”

Yang Chen said in an indifferent manner, “You cursed at my woman and called her a b*tch. I can’t let you go.”

“Why? Are you planning on assaulting a police officer!?” Zhang Guoping raised his voice.

Yang Chen sighed, and as he shook his head, his leg went straight to Zhang Guoping’s third leg!


With a loud groan and widened eyes, Zhang Guoping moaned and curled up on the ground while covering his crotch.

“Sir!! Sir!!”

His fellow subordinates were dumbfounded. How come Yang Chen was even more brutal than Cai Yan!?

Liquid oozed out of Zhang Guoping’s covered crotch, but it was hard to tell if it was blood or something else as a nasty smell spread out.

The remaining officers quickly pulled him up and left immediately.

Father Xiao sighed at the sight of this, “Chief Cai, mister, you guys didn’t have to do this. It’ll only bring you trouble. That fatty Zhang’s identity isn’t simple. His uncle is acquainted with Lei Zhengfu. He’s a henchman, and his uncle will definitely tell Lei Zhengfu about today’s incident. Return to the city quickly!”

Cai Yan smiled and tried to console him. “Uncle Xiao, it’s fine. I’d rather he come to us. Tell us quickly if anything peculiar happened before Xiao Ye’s passing. Is there any evidence that would link this to Lei Zhengfu? I must arrest him!”

Father Xiao trembled at the mention of his son’s name. He exhaled heavily and said, “Lei Zhengfu brought people over to my house again last night, insisting that we accept his red packet that comprised fifty thousand dollars. However, we refused. Perchance we accepted his money, that would be equivalent to bribery and we’d be his accomplices, so Xiao Ye and I chased them out. Xiao Ye even told me we should persuade the others to not vote for Lei Zhengfu, but I didn’t expect… I didn’t expect him to…to…”

Father Xiao choked with sobs, unable to complete his sentence.

A woman standing by the side felt indignant, and said, “Lei Zhengfu is heartless. His family has been living in our town for years, but he’s the worst yet! He sent out thugs to harass families that refuse to accept his gifts until they were forced to take it. As for those like Xiao Ye, a public servant, he couldn’t harass them, so he kept giving them red packets, forcing them to take them. Xiao Ye was a good kid, and he told us if Lei Zhengfu were elected, our town would be polluted. Lei Zhengfu must have held a grudge against him because of this!”

“Lei Zhengfu has people on both sides. Two university students from our town tried to look for a leader in the city. They failed to meet the leader, and Lei Zhengfu’s subordinates from the underworld saw them and reported to him. Once they returned home, his subordinates beat them up and turned them into idiots! Lei Zhengfu is the most powerful person in our town now, so no one dares to defy him. Xiao Ye was brave, but he couldn’t take him down. How unfortunate…”

“He wants to tell everyone that we will die if we don’t vote for him.” One of the older men was enraged.

Cai Yan’s face was icy cold after hearing their stories. “Xiao Ye… where is he now?” 

Father Xiao replied with a low voice, “He was sent to the hospital. Chief Cai, can you bring me there? I have not seen him yet.”

No one brought him to see his son’s remains because of Zhang Guoping.

Cai Yan responded softly and motioned Yang Chen to bring him to the hospital.

Once they arrived at the hospital, the nurse brought them to Xiao Ye, and they could finally see Xiao Ye, who was lying on a hospital bed lifelessly.

His expression was so calm it made their hearts wrench.

Father Xiao broke down next to the bed when he saw his son, tears flowing down his wrinkly face.

Yang Chen sighed with a heavy heart.

He had just met Xiao Ye a few days ago when he accompanied Cai Yan in a nightclub. He almost beat him up because of that. 

Unfortunately, he was no longer alive now.

In Yang Chen’s eyes, he was just a stranger, a rival that stood no chance against him. It baffled him that he was feeling down because of an insignificant person.

In Cai Yan’s eyes, Xiao Ye was her classmate in university. Someone who had a crush on her, a righteous, kind, and handsome young man.

Cai Yan shed tears silently and asked Yang Chen with a low voice while looking at Xiao Ye, “Why? Why is God so unfair to him… What did he do wrong? He was just trying to do his job… I thought good men will always be rewarded… Xiao Ye’s still young, and he worked so hard to enroll in a police academy to be a public servant. He had so many dreams yet to be fulfilled, and his life was just picking up… So many criminals are still alive, so why did he have to go first? How could he die in such a meaningless way…”

Yang Chen couldn’t answer her. Human lives could be so insignificant at times, and he could usually ignore it entirely. Only, sometimes it would make his heart feel heavy.

When he killed people, he never thought about their background, their stories, nor would he care about the repercussions. 

However, Yang Chen couldn’t help but mourn for this young man.

Human lives weren’t valuable because of their own lives, but because of what they had experienced.

This realization caused Yang Chen to fall deep into his thoughts, and he forgot about his surroundings momentarily. 

It turned out that humans were grandeur as a result of their insignificance.

At this time, the nurse in charge of cleaning Xiao Ye’s remains came forward. After hesitating for a while, she told Father Xiao, “Uncle, your son… while we were changing his clothes, we found cuts on his back…”

Father Xiao looked up with tearful eyes as he muttered, “What cuts…”

Yang Chen and Cai Yan snapped out of their senses. Zhang Guoping told them that there were no signs of a fight, so why did the nurse say he had wounds?

“This can’t be. I didn’t see any wounds when the hospital took my son away.” Father Xiao replied.

The nurse looked out of the door and made sure no one was around before whispering to them, “His wounds dried up, so there wasn’t much blood. His clothes covered his wounds so no one could see it until we took off his clothes. We informed the police station about this, but Director Zhang warned us not to tell you. I figured it’s immoral to keep it hidden from you. I felt restless about this, and I think he was murdered. Someone wrote on his back with a dagger…”

“What!?” Cai Yan gasped.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes and walked up to Xiao Ye to pull his shirt up, ignoring the nurse’s effort in stopping him.

Father Xiao and Cai Yan were shocked to see Xiao Ye’s wounded back.

Someone had written bloody covered words on his back with a dagger, “Report to the police, and you will go to hell!”

Father Xiao sucked in a sharp breath. His eyes rolled back, and he fainted from rage!

“Uncle Xiao!” Cai Yan gasped. Her lips turned pale as she held onto Father Xiao alongside the nurse.

The nurse quickly called over the hospital staff to carry Father Xiao out for medical treatment.

Cai Yan stared at Xiao Ye with a dazed expression. “It… it’s my fault… Why am I so foolish… It’s my fault he died…”

Yang Chen’s heart wrenched at her reaction, as he hugged her. “Don’t say that, no matter how good you are at hiding it, even if you didn’t help him, Lei Zhengfu will still discover your existence and kill him!”

Cai Yan kept her eyes shut, not daring to look at Xiao Ye again. She clenched her fist and turned to Yang Chen. With a trembling voice, she said, “Hubby, can you help me with something?”