Yang Chen could tell what she was planning to do. “Say it.”

“I want to murder him…”

Yang Chen grinned. “That doesn’t sound appropriate coming from a police officer. You’re planning to handle this all by yourself?”

Cai Yan nodded with a bitter expression. Her voice was solemn as she said, “I’ve always thought we should arrest the bad guys and bring them to justice. Only by punishing them according to the law can society be protected. Only, now I’ve realized that law and regulations don’t work all the time. I’ve never thought about it this way because it has never happened to me. I’m too naive…”

“You’re not naive. The law and regulations aren’t good enough. At least this time, they lost to wealth, power, and even massive people.”

Cai Yan was quiet for a moment before saying, “Let’s go to Lei Zhengfu’s place, I…I want to avenge Xiao Ye with my own hands.”

Yang Chen naturally obliged to her request. He wouldn’t even flinch even if he had to wipe out his family, as long as it made her happy.

Since Lei Zhengfu’s mansion was in town, they went straight to his house right after leaving the hospital.

While they were on their way there, Cai Yan received a call from the police station, but she hung up shortly after.

Yang Chen chuckled when he saw her icy expression. “Was that Zhang Guoping’s uncle?”

“Mmh,” Cai Yan answered while driving. “Zhou Zhidong made his wife enter the Agricultural Bank headquarters by abusing his powers as a director of the Public Security Department. He’s corrupted. I’ve never liked him.”

“Then, just ignore him. Who cares what he says. I’ll kill him if he dares to do anything to you.” Yang Chen chuckled.

Cai Yan looked at him with a loving gaze, finally smiling. “I can now understand why you can still stay cheerful, even after experiencing immeasurable pain. You do it by simplifying things and killing those who cross you, am I right?”

“Don’t make it sound so easy, and not everyone can do it. I’m different from others because they can’t do anything about the people I’ve killed.”

“I’ve found myself a good man then,” Cai Yan teased him.

“Now you know.” Yang Chen gave a bitter laugh.

They joked around, and the heavy burden was slightly lifted from their chests. Soon, they arrived at Lei Zhengfu’s house.

He built a five-story house with his own money. Even though it didn’t look good, one could tell he spent loads of money on it.

The land where the house was built was around one thousand square meters, and it all belonged to the Lei family. Judging the luxurious garden and the parking lot, the cost must have been considerably high.

Lei Zhengfu had done numerous evil deeds, so it was natural for him to hire security guards to protect his family.

A big group of hired thugs ran up to them as Cai Yan’s police car entered the parking lot. Two of them even pulled fierce dogs along, showing no signs of warm hospitality.

Yang Chen and Cai Yan got out of the car and walked to the main gate directly.

Lei Zhengfu’s brother, Lei Heng, walked out of the gate with his subordinates.

He was startled for a second when he saw them, but he quickly recovered with a wicked smile. “No wonder you looked familiar. Isn’t this Director Xiao’s girlfriend, Cai Yan? Why are you wearing a uniform?”

“Stop acting, didn’t you guys find out I’m a police officer ages ago?” Cai Yan sneered.

“I don’t know what you’re saying, Cai Yan. I only found out about it when I saw you wearing the uniform.” 

“Cut the crap. Where is Lei Zhengfu?” Cai Yan questioned him.

Lei Heng crossed his arms and said proudly, “Madam, you can’t break into our house without a warrant. You can’t do anything about my brother’s whereabouts.”


Yang Chen stopped her when he noticed she was getting furious. “Cai Yan, you still don’t get it. It’ll take forever if you keep talking nonsense with them.”

“What should I do then? I want to kill Lei Zhengfu.” Cai Yan was puzzled.

“If we’re killing Lei Zhengfu, his people need not be alive either.” Yang Chen smiled.

“Ah…” Cai Yan wanted to say something, but Yang Chen had already made a move!

With a flash, he had reappeared in front of Lei Heng!

Lei Heng couldn’t even react when Yang Chen gripped his neck!

His buff body was pulled up by Yang Chen, and with a little bit of pressure on his neck, he stopped breathing!

Yang Chen said nothing as he tossed his body to the stairs behind the main gate. It flew around twenty to thirty meters high before landing with a curve!

The thugs stared at him in disbelief, upon seeing how their leader had died so abruptly!

Yang Chen waved his hands at Cai Yan, beckoning her to follow.

No one dared to come closer. They were grateful for not peeing themselves, even after witnessing such a scene.

Yang Chen wasn’t interested in killing the thugs anyway. He brought Cai Yan through the gate, and they walked past the garden before arriving at the main door.

Lei Zhengfu was home, just as expected. He had rushed out of the door, having witnessed his brother being tossed out of the gate.

However, Yang Chen was surprised to see someone who had come out together with Lei Zhengfu.

Next to him was Wang An, the guy he had met in kindergarten!

Yang Chen thought he had returned to Shanxi, and he never expected to meet him here!

Wang An’s face turned ghastly pale when he saw Yang Chen. He almost ran away, but he wasn’t bold enough to do so. Instead, he stood still with a terrified expression. 

“Lei Heng!!!”

Lei Zhengfu roared when he realized his brother had died from a broken neck.

His face turned ferocious as he hugged his brother’s corpse. “You…How dare you kill my brother!?”

“Why? Xiao Ye deserved to die but not your brother?” Yang Chen mocked him.

Lei Zhengfu stared at him with an eerie gaze. “He deserved it…he refused to accept my offer and tried to con me with a police officer… Humph, I need not talk nonsense with you guys. How dare you kill my brother? I will kill you two! Stop staring and kill them!!”

With Lei Zhengfu’s command, his subordinates gritted their teeth as they dashed forward, trying to kill them. 

Yang Chen had no plans on moving, glancing at Cai Yan instead. These guys would be more suited for her.

Cai Yan was trying to unleash her fury, and these thugs were the perfect sandbags.

It wasn’t hard for her to beat them up, having graduated from the special forces. Besides, she also had the True Qi from being in the peak of Houtian.

She knocked the thugs down one by one as she flung her punches and kicks accurately.

However, Cai Yan didn’t kill them since she wasn’t the same as Yang Chen. She only broke one of their legs at most.

Lei Zhengfu finally realized things were going south as he witnessed his subordinates being taken down. He pulled Wang An and tried to flee, but Yang Chen stopped them.

He blocked their way, swung his leg, and broke their legs!

Wang An exclaimed from the pain, begging for mercy. Yang Chen stepped on his head and asked, “You, I thought you said you were going back to Shanxi? Why are you here?”

“I…I have a business to do with Boss Lei…I…I’m going back to Shanxi after that…please let me go…” Wang An wailed.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes but didn’t believe him. He turned to Lei Zhengfu for clarification. “Is he telling the truth?”

Lei Zhengfu hesitated at first, but he still nodded while trembling.

Yang Chen smirked, “If you tell me the truth, I promise that I will only kill him. I won’t kill you.”

“Really!?” Lei Zhengfu was thrilled.

Wang An shouted, “Lei Zhengfu! You can’t do this!! You can’t do this to me!!”

Lei Zhengfu couldn’t care less about him. “We have a mining business, but this time he asked me to kidnap a girl for him, but it didn’t work out…”

Murderous intent filled Yang Chen’s eyes, and he sneered, “I knew it. None of my enemies would lay their hands on my daughter… Why? Does the Wang clan plan to threaten me with my daughter? Or was it your own idea?”

Wang An was devastated, and he said helplessly, “It was my idea… My clan has given up on me. I wanted to try my luck… Young master Yang, I know I won’t survive, but please don’t kill my son, I beg of you…”

Yang Chen didn’t let him finish his sentence, breaking his skull with his feet.

He wasn’t the slightest bit interested in hearing him out, for he dared to harm his daughter.

However, Yang Chen was convinced that Wang An did it because of a personal grudge. The Yang and Ning clan had oppressed the Wang clan; they wouldn’t be that foolish, thinking they could be saved by kidnapping a young girl.

Lei Zhengfu gagged from seeing Yang Chen’s brutal way of murder. The way he cracked Wang An’s skull open was utterly disgusting, and the floor was covered with pieces of brain and blood.

“Master… I… Can I leave now…” Lei Zhengfu begged him.

Yang Chen grinned at him and glanced at Cai Yan, who was walking toward them with a stern expression. “No can do. I said I wouldn’t kill you, but it doesn’t mean my woman won’t kill you.”

“You! You deceived me!!” Lei Zhengfu’s face turned ashen. Humiliation, resentment, and fear-filled him, and he wanted to bite his tongue off desperately…