Time passed by, and it was already election day for the village head of Dawang Village in Lushan Town.

The only ‘hot’ pick, Lei Zhengfu, died suddenly at home. Thus, the former village head was re-elected.

The villagers didn’t know much about the incident and made guesses about his death. Regardless of the reason behind it, they were still glad to hear of his passing.

The higher-ups sent people over for investigation, and Lei Zhengfu was suspected of expanding the factory illegally, causing pollution around the area. He was also suspected of engaging in illegal activities. Furthermore, even though he was dead, his properties were confiscated. Those acquainted with him were interrogated and sentenced according to the crimes committed. 

The paper mill in Dawang Village was shut down, and the government allocated funds to treat the polluted areas. The factory workers were not forgotten, whereby the government promised to take care of their employment. 

As the director of the police station in Lushan Town, Zhang Guoping was arrested for bribery and violence.

Back in Zhonghai, disciplinary inspections had occurred because of the incident caused by Lei Zhengfu and Zhang Guoping.

The municipal committee of Zhonghai was shocked to know that this matter had alerted Premier Ning Guangyao who was residing in Beijing!

Ning Guangyao was close to serving for another term in office, so he needed something like this to earn a good reputation. By punishing them personally, this could serve as an excellent warning to the political parties.

After a late-night flight from Beijing to Zhonghai, Ning Guangyao suspended the directors of the Public Security Department and the Environmental Protection Department. Those who were associated with Lei Zhengfu were also arrested!

A massive change was taking place in Zhonghai’s government, but no one dared to defy or help those who were arrested.  

For a moment, the political circle in China became jittery. People were afraid and revered Ning Guangyao. His popularity had increased on the internet, and positive comments were given to the youngest premier in China.

Amidst all these significant changes, Cai Yan’s resignation from being a chief seemed like a minor matter.

There were various guesses made in the police department, but the public was more interested to know who would be appointed next.

Back in Yang Chen’s house in Xijiao Villas, Guo Xuehua called Xiao Zhiqing and Rose over for mahjong when Lin Ruoxi was out working. She needed one more person, so she also called Cai Yan, who was resting at home, having just resigned from work.

Now that she no longer needed to wear her uniform, her manner of dressing was rather casual, with short hair, a black sweater and tight jeans. It was a pretty youthful look for the winter.

Cai Yan was more careless than An Xin in mahjong, giving pieces to Guo Xuehua voluntarily.

Guo Xuehua was grinning from ear to ear, glad to be able to win consecutive rounds.

The ladies started chatting casually as they were playing. Having met each other regularly and cultivating with the same technique, they had been getting closer with one another.

“Sister Cai Yan, is it true that you won’t be working as a police officer anymore? I heard from hubby you regard it as an honor.” Xiao Zhiqing asked curiously.

Cai Yan stretched her arms casually. “That’s now in the past. I’m bored with it already. Besides, I killed Lei Zhengfu, so I’ve actually committed a crime. A criminal can’t be a police officer.”

“Not really. You were just killing scum.” Rose chuckled.

“Hmph, I’ve had enough of it. I’m tired. Being a police officer comes with many restrictions, and it’s boring. I’ve decided to return to Beijing and accompany my parents. I want to ask my sister if there’s any way to increase my cultivation speed.” 

While saying that, Cai Yan inched closer to Rose with a grin. “Sister Rose, you’re so strong. My sister has been cultivating since young, but you’re already in the Soul Forming stage. You’re way ahead of her. Tell me about your insights.”

Rose shrugged, “I would’ve mentioned it if I had any insights. I’m starting to understand why hubby talks about realms. Nothing works if you can’t step into it. I don’t know how to say it; nothing sounds right. Besides, I think everyone has a different ‘Dao’, and yours will only work for you.”

Rose shrugged, "i would've mentioned it earlier if i had any of those insights. I am now starting to understand why hubby talks about levels. It won't work for you if you can't get there yourself. I don't know how to phrase it; it doesn't sound right at all. Besides, I think that everyone has a different 'Dao/method' and yours will only work for you.

Cai Yan pouted. “Fine, you’re too mysterious. I’ll ask my sister when I’m back in Beijing.”

“Look at you, pouting so hard. Rose would’ve told you if she knew it. Yang Chen doesn’t even know how to say it, let alone Rose.” Guo Xuehua chided.

Cai Yan giggled. “Mom, I’m just joking…eh! Wait! Why are you winning again?!”

Guo Xuehua revealed her pieces and nodded with a beaming face. “While you guys were distracted, no one was looking at my skills.”

The ladies giggled at her proud expression.

When evening came, Minjuan came home with Lanlan, and the atmosphere at home became merrier.

Soon, Lin Ruoxi returned home. She was slightly bitter to know that Guo Xuehua called the others over for mahjong while she was working.

However, with Cai Yan around, she could find a chance to talk to her childhood best friend. She worried that Cai Yan would be hurt, having heard about her past with Xiao Ye.

Fortunately, Cai Yan was optimistic. She had buried her sorrows and accepted the fact that it was all in the past.

Wang Ma prepared a tasty dinner so that the ladies could stay for dinner. After all, her daughter, Xiao Zhiqing was here.

Mo Qianni’s family and An Xin were also invited over for dinner since they lived in the same area.

It would’ve felt crowded if it wasn’t for the vast space in the mansion.

When it was almost time for dinner, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but ask, “Where’s Yang Chen? He’s not home yet?”

Guo Xuehua chuckled. “You’re only asking this now? Yang Chen’s nervous about Jingjing. He’s helping them to move.”

Lin Ruoxi was reminded of it, and she nodded silently.

After a long persuasion from Li Jingjing, her parents had finally let go of their grudges. They could finally acknowledge Li Jingjing’s relationship with Yang Chen.

As a matter of fact, they couldn’t oppose it when their daughter had given everything to Yang Chen. Besides, they couldn’t deceive themselves and others by asking Yang Chen to give their daughter a proper status since he had become so rich and influential suddenly.

When Li Jingjing told Yang Chen about her parents’ decision, Yang Chen jumped down from the second floor and jumped back up from the excitement!

Old Li was his first friend in China, having an essential spot in his heart. It was because Old Li treated him like an average person, and it gave him new hope in life as he felt comforted from the loneliness in his heart.

He had always regretted not being able to meet Old Li often because of Li Jingjing.

Now that her parents had agreed to it, Yang Chen was overjoyed to the point that he ran to their house the next day and drank with them till late at night.

Yang Chen took advantage of their reconciliation and decided to find them a new apartment near the Department of Education since they were still living in the old house.

Apart from it being easier for them to do their health checkups in the hospital, it would also be more convenient for Li Jingjing to take care of them after work.

Although Lin Ruoxi didn’t really feel comfortable over the fact that Yang Chen was trying so hard to please them, she still supported him.

Since everyone lived in the same area, they all sat in the living room after dinner to watch the latest K-drama.

Cai Yan left early as she was neither interested in cringy dramas, nor could she understand why the other ladies liked it so much.

Time went by quickly, and it was already 11 o’clock. Mo Qianni and Rose were getting ready to leave since they couldn’t possibly stay here overnight just to watch the drama even though they enjoyed it.

Just as they were about to stand up, Rose furrowed her brows. She then said with a grim expression, “That’s weird. There seem to be two cultivators in the Soul Forming stage. I wonder whether it’d be a friend or foe…”

Everyone got stunned and turned to look at her.

All others were only in the Houtian stage. However, as Rose was already in the Soul Forming stage, it was natural for her to sense the presence of other cultivators. After hearing her words, the atmosphere suddenly began to tense up.