Shortly after that, the car engine’s roars resounded.

“I think there are at least ten people outside. I’ll open the door.” Rose took the initiative and walked to the door, worried about the uninvited guests.

She took a deep breath before opening the door, and her expression froze when she saw the man who was walking towards her under the night sky.

Ning Guangyao had a warm smile on his face as he nodded to Rose to greet her.

“Premier… Premier Ning?” Even though Rose wasn’t interested in politics, she could still recognize their premier.

However, she couldn’t seem to comprehend the reason for Ning Guangyao’s visit.

Her attention was then drawn towards the two men dressed in traditional long gowns standing beside him.

Those two were Ning Xin and Ning De, the ones in charge of protecting Ning Guangyao. Even though he was supposed to curry favor with them, they still had to show respect to him while in public. 

While Rose was eyeing them, Ning Xin and Ning De were flabbergasted by her as well.

They were already a century-old, and amongst their clan members, they were considered fairly mediocre. Thus, it took them a long time to enter the Soul Forming stage.  

However, they had been cultivating in the Border from a young age. Compared to those in the mundane world, they were considered top-notch cultivators.

Rose, on the other hand, was only in her twenties, but she was already in the Soul Forming stage. It was intriguing to know that she was not in the least bit inferior to them. 

As a matter of fact, Rose wasn’t exactly sure how she had gotten to this stage too.

The women cultivated based on Yang Chen’s method, an inscription modified according to the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. It coincided with Heaven and Earth, whereby the ‘Dao’ was to become Heaven and Earth.

The ladies couldn’t tell the difference before reaching the Soul Forming stage, but as they entered the Soul Forming stage, the benefits that came with his inscriptions surpassed the one that the Border clans used. 

This was why Yan Feiyu was greedy for Rose’s inscription, having sensed that it was extraordinary.

In simpler terms, even though this inscription wasn’t as good as the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture that could reach the heavenly tribulation of the Nine Heavenly Lightning, it was still an outstanding inscription.

“Miss, is this the residence of President Lin Ruoxi from Yu Lei International?” 

“Ah…oh, yes, Premier Ning.” Rose answered nervously before moving out of the way to let them in.

The ladies froze when they saw the guests.

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned pale, panic clear in her eyes. Her body was trembling, and she couldn’t calm down.

Guo Xuehua felt surprised and worried. She had to be cautious since things were awkward between the Yang and Ning clan. “Premier Ning, may I know why you are here?” 

Ning Guangyao looked at Lin Ruoxi deeply before smiling gently. “Xuehua, you’re here too. It’s been a long time since we last met. Please drop the formalities, keep it casual with me. I just wanted to see Ruoxi since I had some free time in Zhonghai…”

See Ruoxi? Why did he say it so directly?

Guo Xuehua glanced at her daughter-in-law, who was silently biting her lips.

Wang Ma knew that Lin Ruoxi was Ning Guangyao’s daughter, but the others were unaware of it. However, from the looks of it, this secret would be exposed soon.

Ning Guangyao ordered his bodyguards to stay outside, whereas Ning Xin and Ning De walked into the living room while glancing around before checking out Rose and Lin Ruoxi with an intrigued gaze.

The ladies became overcautious when Ning Guangyao came in, and they didn’t dare to speak loudly.

After all, Ning Guangyao was their premier, someone they could only see on television. Only a rash person like Yang Chen would ignore his identity.

“There’s no need to be nervous, have a seat. I’m really here just to see Ruoxi.” Ning Guangyao repeated his sentence and stopped in front of Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi turned around, reminded of the time Ning Guangyao refused to acknowledge her as his daughter. It felt as if someone was rubbing salt into her wound, and she clenched her hands so tightly that she almost cut herself with her fingernails.

Ning Guangyao wasn’t weirded out by her silence and continued to smile at her, “Ruoxi, I came here with a sincere heart. Can I talk to you in private?”

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath with a trembling body.

“I have nothing to say.” Her chest felt stuffy as she forced those words out of her mouth.

“I have.” Ning Guangyao sounded so sincere that it freaked out everyone else.

Why did it sound like he was begging for a chance to talk to her privately?

Lin Ruoxi looked up, and her heart softened at his pleading gaze.

“We can talk over there,” Lin Ruoxi said while turning to the other room.

Ning Guangyao followed her closely with a beaming face. 

The ladies didn’t dare to follow them, staring at Guo Xuehua with puzzled expressions instead.

“Mom, what’s going on? Is Premier Ning related to Sister Ruoxi?” An Xin couldn’t hold back her confusion.

Guo Xuehua sighed before telling them about their past.

“What?! Ruoxi is Premier Ning’s daughter?!” Rose exclaimed. 

“It feels like a dream.” Xiao Zhiqing muttered.

“We’re family so you guys will come to know of it anyway, but you can’t mention this in front of Ruoxi. She doesn’t like it,” Guo Xuehua warned them.

The ladies nodded. They felt sorry for Lin Ruoxi. Even Mo Qianni couldn’t imagine that Lin Ruoxi had led such a rough life, even though she knew Lin Ruoxi the best. 

At the same time, Lin Ruoxi had her back faced towards Ning Guangyao as she stared at the night sky.

“Premier Ning, please be quick. It’s already late.” Lin Ruoxi’s voice was ice cold.

Ning Guangyao wasn’t bothered by it. He then spoke with a voice filled with emotions, with a hint of remorse audible, “My child, I know that you resent me. I’m ashamed to say this, but I struggled for days before I could muster the courage to come here. I’m here to apologize to you and your mother…”

“Apologize? Hah…” Lin Ruoxi sneered when she heard this. “Please don’t joke around, Premier Ning. I come from an ordinary family and I’m just a businesswoman. I’m not worthy of your apology.”

Ning Guangyao sighed, “I have to admit that greed blinded me. I’ve sinned for my reputation… I admit it… But! Ruoxi, you’re a smart girl, just like your mom. I’m sure you can understand my situation. As a man of status and power, I… I have to consider so many things and assume so many responsibilities! My days have never been easy, having to live with pressure from all sides. I didn’t have the freedom to do as I please. I wouldn’t have refused to acknowledge you if I was a free man. I have to answer to my clan members, loyal colleagues, and subordinates. They’d be disappointed if I burdened them with my personal matters. Taking the big picture into consideration, I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.”

“Regardless of my choices, I’ve been watching you and protecting you secretly. I might not be the best at it, but I’m glad to witness your growth. You have overcome many obstacles and grew to be an excellent adult. I’m not trying to take credit, but even though I never acknowledged you, I gave my best to help with your business. I’ve done the same things as Lin Zhiguo. I’m not expecting to earn your gratitude… But I really hope that you can put yourself in my shoes and consider it. I hope that you can give me a chance to redeem myself and forgive me. I used to be foolish, and now I’m here shamelessly begging for your forgiveness…”