No one would pay much attention to her even if she snuck into the kitchen since she was just an ordinary woman. 

After telling her that curtly, Xiao Zhiqing pretended as though nothing had happened.

Wang Ma was a quick-witted person. She cast a confused gaze at everyone before leaving to the kitchen silently, pretending to make tea for their guests.

Absolute Sword Taoist didn’t even glance at them. His attention was drawn towards Ning Xin and Ning De.

“The Ning clan is getting bolder, huh, coming to the mundane world so overtly. Aren’t you afraid of condemnation by the other two clans?” Absolute Sword Taoist sneered. 

“Absolute Sword Taoist, you think you can act mighty just because your cultivation is higher than us? The great ancient clans have always sent descendants out to the mundane world for training. There’s nothing serious about it. You’d better not die early like your predecessor, the Tianyin Monk, hehe… A Hongmeng Messenger being killed by a mundane, now that’s groundbreaking news.” Ning Xin mocked him. 

The great ancient clans and Hongmeng had never been on good terms with each other. Thus their encounters had always been filled with mockery and insults.

“Hmph, I don’t have time for you two.” Taoist turned to Rose and said with a smile, “Fellow cultivator, you’re no longer a mundane since you’ve entered the Soul Forming stage. There’s no point in staying in this world. Follow me back to Hongmeng.”

Rose’s heart dropped as she was reminded of something. Xiao Zhiqing mentioned that cultivators who have entered the Soul Forming stage would have to go to Hongmeng.

It turned out this Taoist was here for that!

Rose couldn’t accept it. She shook her head and refused his offer, “Priest, I have no intention of entering Hongmeng.”

“Hmm?” Absolute Sword Taoist chuckled when he heard that. “I bet you don’t know the benefits of entering Hongmeng. You’re probably a wandering cultivator who got lucky, huh, judging from your young age. You probably have no idea, but once you enter Hongmeng, you can obtain richer spiritual energy from Heaven and Earth. Besides, we’ll also give you medicinal pills and artifacts. If you want to improve your cultivation as fast as possible and break through the Tribulation Passing stage, Hongmeng is your path. Staying in the mundane world will only hinder your progression.”

Rose still shook her head with a smile, “It’s fine, priest. I’m not interested in those things.”

Absolute Sword Taoist’s patience had come to a limit, and the corner of his lips drooped. “Even if you’re not interested, you have to follow me back to Hongmeng! The existence of a cultivator in the Soul Forming stage has disrupted the balance in the mundane world. If you wish to stay in the mundane world, you still need to obtain the elders’ approval before you are allowed to train at designated locations. If all cultivators were the same as you, the mundane world would be a mess. If you still plan on resisting, I’ll have to take you back forcefully!”

“Why must she go to Hongmeng? Rose entered the Soul Forming stage because of her perseverance and abilities. Hongmeng didn’t help her, so why should she listen to them? They’re also in the Soul Forming stage, so why can they linger in the mundane world?” Mo Qianni couldn’t stand it and questioned him while pointing at Ning Xin and Ning De.

“How dare someone like you who’s only in the Houtian stage question me? Hmph! I’d hate to kill anyone, but if you continue to be rude, I wouldn’t mind breaking my oath!” Absolute Sword reprimanded her.

Rose pulled Mo Qianni to her back, motioning her to keep quiet.

Ning Xin chuckled. “Hongmeng can’t do anything about us since we are from the great ancient clans. Say, young lady, just listen to him. He is at the peak of the Soul Forming stage, and he is skilled in swordplay. You won’t stand a chance against him.” 

At this moment, Lin Ruoxi walked out of the room and was flustered to see what was going on. However, her heart was already a mess, and she couldn’t say anything.

Ning Guangyao silently watched from the side. His eyes flickered with various emotions, as if he was contemplating something. 

Absolute Sword Taoist looked at Ning Xin and Ning De in disdain before telling Rose, “Hongmeng Messengers travel around China, and we are ordered to bring back cultivators who are in the Soul Forming stage. No one is allowed exemption from this unless you are from the four major clans or the great ancient clans! This is the rule. You have to obey it!”

“What kind of rule is this? Hongmeng isn’t God! Rose is my daughter-in-law, she’s part of the Yang clan!” Guo Xuehua couldn’t stand it anymore and refuted him loudly.

Lin Ruoxi shuddered at the side, staring at her mother-in-law with an astounded expression.

Rose was startled too, but emotions welled up in her shortly after. The word ‘mom’ escaped from her lips, touched by her statement.

Guo Xuehua cast a guilty look at Lin Ruoxi but she still held Rose’s hands, “My child, don’t be afraid. You’re part of the Yang clan!”

Absolute Sword Taoist squinted his eyes. “The four major clans possess the strongest powers in the mundane world, and they hold information about Hongmeng. The eldest daughter-in-law of the Yang clan should be Ning Guangyao’s daughter, Ning Ruoxi…unless, lovers count as wives too?”

Everyone was shocked when he called out Lin Ruoxi as Ning Guangyao’s daughter.

Hongmeng had eyes all over China, and they were extremely familiar with the four major clans, to the point that they knew all their secrets - calling Lin Ruoxi as Ning Ruoxi! 

Ning Guangyao beamed, and he looked at Lin Ruoxi expectantly.

Ning Xin and Ning De smiled at one another. They hoped that this would become a well-known fact.

Lin Ruoxi hung her head low. Her expression couldn’t be read since her face was covered with her long hair.

The ladies felt dispirited. Even though they had resentments, they had to admit it. Even if Guo Xuehua treated them as her daughters-in-law, others wouldn’t acknowledge their positions.

However, no matter what they were feeling, they couldn’t let him take away Rose! 

Rose had grown up in the underworld, and even if she had no way out of this, she wouldn’t just accept it. With firm eyes, she said, “I’ll never follow you back. Fight me if you insist on taking me away.”

“Are you sure?” Anger crept up the Taoist’s face.

“You forced me to do it. I don’t have a choice.” Rose walked out of the house. “We’ll do it on the hill, so don’t ruin the house.”

Rose was aware of her destructive abilities, having fought with Yang Chen a few times after entering the Soul Forming stage.

Absolute Sword Taoist snorted, “Whatever, I’ll make you surrender willingly!”

Guo Xuehua wanted to stop them but was pulled by Xiao Zhiqing. “Mom, it’s useless. We can only believe in Sister Rose.”

Guo Xuehua sighed and followed them out. Even if she couldn’t stop them, she still had to watch the fight.

Ning Guangyao looked at Ning Xin and Ning De to ask about their next move. They, too, joined the crowd, wanting to watch the show.

At a brand new apartment complex in Zhonghai, one unit was still brightly lit even though it was already near midnight.

In the living room, snacks and empty beer bottles covered the coffee table. It was apparent someone had had a good drink.

Old Li had passed out on the couch, his bald head glistening under the light. 

His body couldn’t handle so much alcohol initially, but after reconciling with Yang Chen, his body had recovered from consuming Yang Chen’s lower-ranked medicinal pill.

Filled with joy, both of them drank till late after dinner, and Old Li finally dozed off.

Yang Chen smirked and carried Li Jingjing onto his lap. One of his hands went beneath her bra stealthily, fondling her breast and nipple.

“Oh… no…”

Li Jingjing wrapped her slender arms around his neck, her eyes filled with bashfulness and helplessness. Moans escaped her lips as Yang Chen fondled her.

Yang Chen ignored her words and moved his other hand into her pants, sliding it between her buttcheeks. He prepared to enter her sweet spot from the back…

“You… you pervert… my dad is still here…” Li Jingjing’s face was flushed.

“Hehe, Old Li’s completely wasted. Don’t worry. Your mom is sound asleep too. I can sense it.” Yang Chen licked his lips. “Besides, babe, don’t you think it’s exciting to do it on the couch, right in front of your dad?”

Li Jingjing’s eyes became foggy. “I’ve finally seen your true face. You’re a bad guy… I’ve totally misjudged you…”

“It’s too late. You’re already mine.” Yang Chen said proudly and buried himself in between her chest, taking a sniff of her milky scent.

Li Jingjing just had her first experience in Korea, so she was still sensitive. She lost all strength from Yang Chen’s fingers, and her body became flushed. There was no way for her to resist him.

Just when Yang Chen was getting ready to pull her jeans off, his phone started buzzing on the coffee table.