Yang Chen forced himself to stop and turned around to look at his phone. It was a rare caller. 

Why did Wang Ma call him so late at night?

It worried Yang Chen, and he reluctantly let go of Li Jingjing. His right hand left her chest to grab the phone.

Li Jingjing was still panting, her eyes filled with relief and disappointment, but she kept quiet.

“Hello, Wang Ma? What…”

Wang Ma cut him off anxiously, “Sir, bad news. Premier Ning is here… there’s a weird Taoist here too… Qing’er told me to call you home!”

Yang Chen’s gaze turned sharp, and sat up abruptly, surprising Li Jingjing still laying on his lap.

“Brother Yang, what’s wrong?”

Yang Chen hung up and tidied Li Jingjing’s clothes before standing up, “Jingjing, help Old Li back to his room. I’ve to go back now. Something urgent happened back at home.”

Li Jingjing didn’t ask him for details, nodding with a stern expression instead. “Be careful, Brother Yang.”

Yang Chen gave her a comforting smile before leaving the apartment.

A chilly wind was howling at the hill at the back of Xijiao Villas, causing the tree branches to rustle loudly.

There were no signs of moon or stars that could be seen under the night sky.

At the base of the hill stood Ning Xin and Ning De. Ning Guangyao was with them too, but he couldn’t see the situation on the hilltop since he wasn’t a cultivator.

The ladies followed Guo Xuehua out to the hill as they were worried about Rose too. Lin Ruoxi stood behind them with an unreadable expression, as if she was caught up in the perplexing situation.

Two silhouettes were seen standing on the platform made by Yang Chen for the ladies’ cultivation.

Rose seemed especially frail with her beige sweater fluttering along with the wind.

Standing right opposite of her was Absolute Sword Taoist with his arms crossed together.

“I can’t believe that I have to fight just to bring a cultivator who’s lesser than me back to Hongmeng. Whatever, since you refuse to come along with me willingly, attack me with all you’ve got. I’ll make you surrender willingly!”

Even though Rose felt nervous, she wasn’t afraid. She knew how to fight since she had done it with Yang Chen a few times.

However, since Yang Chen never fought her for real as he was afraid that he would hurt her, Rose wasn’t sure of her true capabilities.

Now that she was facing someone far stronger than her, Rose grew excited.

“I won’t hold back now since you’ve said that.”

Rose quickly condensed her True Yuan, and the spiritual energy around them started to vibrate to a certain rhythm!

Absolute Sword Taoist frowned. “Eh, what is this…”

Before he could think much about it, a chilly gust of spiritual energy started gushing onto him like a waterfall!


A bright blue current washed down his original spot and ground the rocks into powder!

Absolute Sword Taoist had jumped up in time, and he looked at the dispersing current with a startled expression!

It wasn’t a current, however, but a gust of watery spiritual energy!

This woman had just entered the Soul Forming stage, yet she could already control spiritual energy?! 

Rose closed her eyes when her first attack missed, immersing herself in her own world.

Her surroundings turned dark, with blue sparks twinkling.

Rose knew they were the watery spiritual energy. She could control those that were within a mile from her.

Ever since she understood the origin of her ‘Dao,’ she moved towards the rainstorm.

This was her realization and her nature.

The watery spiritual energy turned into her ‘tentacles,’ allowing her to easily determine Absolute Sword Taoist’s location!

“Right there!”

She didn’t even need to open her eyes, and she could already feel the spiritual energy cornering him. They transformed into sharp blade-like rain droplets, threatening to penetrate him!

The blue lights were breathtaking, like a meteor shower; however, they brought up a rainstorm!

Absolute Sword Taoist was appalled, as he realized he had failed to sense the release of her inscription. The watery spiritual energy felt as if they were connected to her soul, attacking him mercilessly!

However, with a cultivation superior to Rose’s, he built a barrier with his True Yuan, blocking all the ‘rain daggers’ outside!

“You’re skilled. There’s no need for me to show you mercy at all!”

Absolute Sword Taoist growled as he pulled the longsword on his back out of its sheath!

“Take this, ‘Countless Ties’!”

The flying sword circled him at an increasing speed!

“Countless Ties, break up!!”

Absolute Sword Taoist lifted his finger, and a strange-looking rune entered the sword.

Suddenly, the sword formed clones and circled him quickly like a unified entity!

Rose felt the sword aura coming closer, threatening to swallow her!

“Countless Ties, white wolf form!!”

Absolute Sword Taoist pointed at Rose, and the swords followed his command, dashing towards Rose!

Rose didn’t dare to risk it, and summoned watery spiritual energy to form a screen in front of her!

The rain droplets collided with the swords, forming blue and white sparks around her!

The collision between the spiritual energy and the sword aura was mind-blowing, causing the whole hill to shake!

Back at the base of the hill, the commotion stunned everyone.

Ning Xin exchanged glances with Ning De, their eyes filled with shock.

“She has just entered the Soul Forming stage, but she can force the Absolute Sword Taoist to use his ‘Countless Ties’?”

“The ‘Countless Ties’ isn’t a powerful artifact, but it’s still a mid-lower rank sword type artifact. It looks like her inscription is strong…”

“But she has just entered the Soul Forming stage, how can she make him act so cautiously? Is her inscription that mystical?!”

Ning Xin and Ning De discussed among themselves, deciding to report this weird incident to their clan.

The ladies were worried and envious of Rose as they watched the fierce battle.

“Sister Rose… she’s so powerful. Can we become like her too? Is this how the fight between cultivators in the Soul Forming stage goes?” An Xin’s jaw dropped.

Xiao Zhiqing was fascinated by it too. “I didn’t know Hubby’s self-invented inscription would be so powerful. I thought Rose wouldn’t stand a chance against him.”

“Eh, why are you talking about these now? Why isn’t Yang Chen back now?! What if Rose gets hurt?! We can’t let him take her away!” Guo Xuehua yelled anxiously.

Regardless, Yang Chen still hadn’t shown up.

Back at the hilltop, Rose summoned more spiritual energy to fight against the Absolute Sword Taoist.

They were both skilled at using complicated and fatal skills, making it hard for the rest to catch their dazzling movements!

Even though Rose couldn’t actually hurt him with her pouring raindrop-like blades, it could defensively hinder his movements.

Absolute Sword Taoist kept trying to break through her wall of defense with his flying swords, but to no avail!