Absolute Sword Taoist felt humiliated to be evenly matched with Rose, who used nothing but the watery spiritual energy. She had just entered the Soul Forming stage too. 

Fueled with anger, Absolute Sword Taoist lifted two fingers on his left and right hand to form a cross. 

“Don’t blame me for my viciousness. You pushed me to it!”

He retracted all the swords and they formed a barrier around him, releasing a blinding white light!

“Vast desert covered by thousand feet of ice, raging form!”

Absolute Sword Taoist roared and the swords merged into dozens of eight-meters tall giant swords!

The swords floated around him obediently. It was a spectacular sight!

These swords were much more intimidating than before!

Even though it was only a mid-lower ranked artifact, it was no lesser than a middle-ranked artifact due to the Absolute Sword Taoist’s exceptional sword playing skills!

Rose could feel the pressing stress since she was already struggling from earlier on. There was no doubt that she wouldn’t be able to withstand this attack with her current cultivation level!

“You’ll now know that no one can defy Hongmeng!”

Absolute Sword Taoist smirked and pointed at her. The swords flew towards Rose under his command!

Rose had no way of dodging them. She could only retreat and use the water's spiritual energy to block them, but they were torn down immediately!

In the end, she had lost because of her cultivation level. If her cultivation had been higher, she would never lose to him!

The swords aimed at Rose like missiles, and they were close to burying her!

Even though Absolute Sword Taoist had no intention to kill her, Rose would still be heavily injured and be taken to Hongmeng.

Will I really be taken to Hongmeng?

Rose couldn’t stand the thought of it but there was no other way to get out of this...

Right at this moment, a silhouette appeared out of nowhere like a shooting arrow and stood in front of Rose!


The minute Rose recognized Yang Chen, the giant swords pierced him like he was a cross waiting to be pinned down!


After a blinding white flash, Yang Chen stood tall and unwavering!

Absolute Sword Taoist’s exceptional sword playing skill was nothing compared to Yang Chen who was facing the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation.

His body was impenetrable, so no protective measures were needed to face the giant swords.

Absolute Sword Taoist’s face turned ghastly, and he looked at Yang Chen in disbelief, fear creeping into his heart!

No one in Hongmeng dared to face his swords directly with their own bodies except for the Heaven and Earth ranked elders.

This young man, Yang Chen, the eldest grandson of the Yang clan... He had heard about him but he never expected Yang Chen’s cultivation level and body to be this strong!

At the foot of the hill, only the Ning brothers saw how Yang Chen received the intimidating attack with his body.

Being overwhelmed with shock, their voice couldn’t even leave their throats. 

Rose let out a breath of relief and landed next to Yang Chen. Her eyes were affectionate as she said, “I thought you didn’t want me anymore. I was so scared.”

Yang Chen ignored the Absolute Sword Taoist and wrapped his arms around Rose’s waist with a grin. “I wouldn’t do that. I came back ages ago but I thought he would be a good match for you to gain some real-life combat experience. How was it? You learned a lot of stuff right?”

Realization crossed Rose’s face and she nodded, “I realized real-life combat still relies on cultivation level but I’m sure I can defeat him if my cultivation was slightly higher.”

“Of course. The inscription I created is far better than their ordinary ones.” Yang Chen sounded proud.

Now that Rose mentioned it, Yang Chen had only realized the uniqueness of his scripture after Rose had entered the Soul Forming stage.

Inscriptions normally required constant increment of True Yuan to understand the heavenly law Thus, the realm could be elevated to obtain more Heaven and Earth’s spiritual energy.

However, with Yang Chen’s inscriptions, even though one could not become one with Heaven and Earth, they still had a higher understanding of the natural laws.

The cultivator would have a specialized understanding of the ‘Dao’ according to their temperament, perception, and luck once they had entered the Soul Forming stage.

When she was in the rainstorm, Rose realized that she was highly compatible with the water type spiritual energy, hence she was able to detect it easily. 

Even though it wasn’t as good as Heaven and Earth, she was still more powerful than normal cultivators.

Yang Chen clicked his tongue in wonder when Rose was able to use this ‘Dao’ to create a downpour.

In the end, they named her ‘Dao’ as ‘Rainfall’.

Even though Rose was still a beginner, Yang Chen believed that she would eventually master ‘Rainfall’ as her cultivation increased.

He was looking forward to seeing what kind of ‘Dao’ the other ladies would discover once they entered the Soul Forming stage.

Just when they were getting mushy with each other, Absolute Sword Taoist’s face turned scarlet from being ignored by them. 

“Yang Chen, you’ve come at a great time. This girl has entered the Soul Forming stage, and according to the rules in Hongmeng, those who do not belong to the four major clans have to be brought to the Border. If you're smart enough, you should know better than getting in my way!”

“Hah, rules. Why should we follow the rules of Hongmeng?” Yang Chen sneered and looked at him.

Absolute Sword Taoist squinted his eyes. “Are you trying to go against Hongmeng?”

“Not really. No matter how arrogant I am, I can’t do that. I’m sure there are people in Hongmeng who are superior to me,” Yang Chen said.

“If that’s the case, give her to me!” Absolute Sword Taoist demanded.

Yang Chen smirked. “According to the Treaty of Gods, cultivators from China are not allowed to leave China. As a Hongmeng messenger, I’m sure you know about this?”

Absolute Sword Taoist was puzzled but he still nodded. “That’s right, but you’re an exception because you have the divinity of Pluto.”

“Alright. If that’s the case, I’ll send her out of China tonight. You can’t bring her to Hongmeng anymore, am I right?” Yang Chen chuckled.

Absolute Sword Taoist was taken aback. He didn’t think of this alternative at all.

If Rose was no longer in China, he couldn’t leave China for her. According to Hongmeng, those who were killed by the Gods for leaving China couldn’t blame others.

Besides, Hongmeng only cared about China.

“Hmph, are you sure she won’t be hurt by the Gods?” Absolute Sword Taoist asked.

Yang Chen shrugged. “What else can I do? If she stays in China and you report me to Hongmeng, I’d be the enemy of Hongmeng, but I can’t fight Hongmeng. I might as well send her outside. At least the Gods wouldn’t harm her when I’m still one of the twelve gods.”

Rose wasn’t happy to hear that Yang Chen wanted to send her out of China, but she kept quiet by biting on her lips.

Absolute Sword Taoist thought about it and he figured it wasn’t against the rules. After all, Rose was sent out of China by Yang Chen, so that wouldn't be their fault.

Importantly, as someone who had just entered the Soul Forming stage, Rose’s existence wasn’t a big deal to Hongmeng.

“Alright. If that’s the case, I’ll come over to check tomorrow. You can’t do anything else if she’s still here,” Absolute Sword Taoist said.

Yang Chen nodded. “Sure, tomorrow it is. You can come to Zhonghai for a search tomorrow night. Do whatever you want.”

Absolute Sword Taoist snorted and looked at Rose before retrieving his ‘Countless Ties’. Once they returned to their original form, he flew away by riding on it.

Once he left, Rose punched Yang Chen’s chest.

“I’m not leaving! Why should I hide overseas?!” Rose pouted in displease.

Yang Chen chuckled and hugged her. “Rose darling, don’t be angry. I was just tricking him. I wouldn’t let you go overseas by yourself.”

“Really?” Rose was suspicious of him.

“Of course. I swear I can never get hard if I’m afraid of them!” Yang Chen slapped his chest.

Rose breathed out in relief and nodded with a smile. “I believe in you since you swore on it.”

Yang Chen’s lips twitched and he smiled bitterly. “As for the details, I’ll tell you later. You won’t suffer from it. Let’s go down first, as I need to deal with something.”