Yang Chen talked about meeting Ning Guangyao and his group of people.

Back when he decided to be cold-blooded and severed all relations with Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen had never acknowledged him as his father-in-law.

To him, Ning Guangyao was just a nuisance, someone he wanted to kill but couldn’t do so. Yang Chen had to be careful around him, considering the previous incident.

Especially now that Yang Chen could sense that Ning Xin and Ning De were also in the Soul Forming stage.

He knew the Ning clan of the great ancient clans sent them since they overtly showed up in the mundane world.

Now that he thought about it, the Ning clan must have been supported by the great ancient clans. Thus, there was a need to reassess the Ning clan’s abilities now.

Once they got down the hill, Guo Xuehua and the ladies came up to them.

Guo Xuehua was extremely worried about Rose’s condition, checking her body, and asking if she was injured with a gentle voice.

Rose shook her head with a grateful smile. She never expected Guo Xuehua to care about her so deeply since she was just a lover. However, after today’s incident, she became closer to her so-called mother-in-law.

Resentment flashed across Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, but she refrained herself from thinking about it since it was perilous for Rose.

Yang Chen sighed at its sight, but he still motioned Guo Xuehua to bring the ladies back home first.

He stayed behind and called Ning Guangyao with an icy voice.

Ning Guangyao had been standing quietly at the side with Ning Xin and Ning De as if he knew Yang Chen wouldn’t let him go smoothly.

After making sure the ladies were far away, he told Ning Guangyao with the same icy tone, “I remember you told me twice that you will never acknowledge Ruoxi as your daughter. Am I right?”

Ning Guangyao smiled meekly. “Yang Chen, I admit I’ve said some wrong things, but you can’t deny that my blood is flowing in her.”

“Drop it, I might not be sure what you are trying to do, but you’d better stay away from my woman! You’ve hurt her, and now that she has a new life and is smiling, you’ve come to torture her again. If you have any conscience left and want to take up the responsibility as her father, you shouldn’t have challenged her limits and let her live peacefully.”

Ning Guangyao shook his head, “I disagree with you. I’m her birth father, and I may meet my daughter. I know you’re strong, but you can’t deny my resolution as a father. Besides, our clan isn’t afraid of you and your clan. Don’t think I’m terrified of you because you’re strong. I’ll not give up on my child!”

Ning Guangyao sounded righteous. He wasn’t backing up and was using his relationship with Lin Ruoxi as his defense.

Yang Chen glanced at Ning Xin and Ning De. His gaze was sharp like a leopard who was aiming for its prey.

Ning Xin and Ning De’s heart thumped at his gaze, knowing that their cultivation levels were inferior to Yang Chen.

However, with the Ning clan as their pillar of support, they met Yang Chen’s eyes with their backs straightened.

“Young man, you’re talented, and you have high cultivation but you shouldn’t be too arrogant. Your wife, she may be your wife, but she’s still part of our clan. Even though she’s from the mundane world, our clan won’t ignore it. Guangyao has made mistakes, but we’ll still support his decision. If you insist on being rude to us, we are not pushovers either…” Ning Xin sneered.

Yang Chen was dying to use his Chaos Cauldron to turn them into pills, but he wasn’t yet a match for the great ancient clans.

The people who tried to take his Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture must have come from the great ancient clans. Unfortunately, he wasn’t sure if they were the same person or if they all came from the Luo clan.

It would’ve been fine if he was alone since he could just run away. However, now that he had a family, he had to think about them.

The thought of this made Yang Chen grit his teeth. His current cultivation wasn’t sufficient to face future foes. Hongmeng and the great ancient clans had centuries’ worth of foundation; he couldn’t fight them alone.

The only way out of this was to pass the second wave of the Nine Heavenly Lightning - the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning.

However, it didn’t seem like it would happen anytime soon. Besides, if it really happened, can he survive past it? Past cultivators weren’t any weaker than him, and yet they all burned down to ashes. Would he be able to withstand it?

Yang Chen felt anxious and helpless.

After letting out a sigh, Yang Chen told Ning Guangyao, “You’d better be telling the truth or else I will kill you. No matter how strong your support is, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash to kill you.”

Yang Chen ignored his angry eyes and disappeared from the spot with a flash.

Ning Xin muttered as he stared at the direction Yang Chen was headed to, “It’s bizarre for a young man like him to have this level of cultivation. The hostility he has towards our clan is obvious, and I have to tell this to our patriarch. We have to watch out for him.”

Ning Guangyao’s gaze was filled with venom. “Elder Ning Xin, can’t you send our two masters to cripple him?”

“Hmph,” Ning Xin grinned, “Guangyao, you’re really heartless, huh. He’s still your daughter’s husband.”

“He can stay alive, but his cultivation will only cause trouble.” Ning Guangyao seemed anxious.

“Nah, you don’t know this, but progression in the Tribulation Passing stage isn’t as simple as in the Soul Forming stage. Cultivators in the Soul Forming stage can advance easily as long as they have time, but for those in the Tribulation Passing stage, they need lots of True Yuan. If he isn’t lucky or doesn’t have large amounts of high-quality pills to support his cultivation, he wouldn’t progress far even when you have died. Besides, his background is odd, and we might not win if we send a master out to hurt him. This would also go against the Border rule, where we’re not allowed to interfere with the mundane world. The other two clans and Hongmeng will think we’re getting too ambitious. Our position as the top clan amongst the great ancient clans might be forfeited too, so we just need to watch him. I doubt he can do anything to us.” Ning Xin said.

“That’s right. Besides, with Miss San in our clan, we can take him down whenever we want.” Ning De sneered.

Ning Guangyao nodded in agreement as if he believed in ‘Miss San’ too, but it could not mask the worry in his eyes.

Yang Chen went to Rose’s place first to tell her about tomorrow’s plans before going back home.

Yang Chen felt proud when he was reminded of Rose’s dazed expression. If his plan worked, it would be easy for him to deal with Hongmeng.

Guo Xuehua was the only one left downstairs when Yang Chen came home, “Son, did the Ning clan trouble you?”

Yang Chen smiled, “I went to them so they wouldn’t dare to do anything. Relax, I only warned them not to harm Ruoxi.”

Guo Xuehua sighed helplessly. “I don’t know what’s in Ruoxi’s mind. I’m half a century year old, and I still can’t read her mind.”

Yang Chen thought to himself, I wouldn’t have been fooled by her if her mind could be read that easily. 

He shook his head while laughing and walked upstairs to Lin Ruoxi’s room.

Yang Chen knocked on the door, and Lin Ruoxi opened the door a few minutes later. Her face was pale when she asked him with a soft voice, “Talk softly, Lanlan is asleep. Do you need anything?”

Yang Chen’s heart wrenched at her pale face. “Dear, are you alright? Did he say anything hurtful?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, “No.”

“You don’t look well. Tell me if Ning Guangyao forced you to do anything, I’ll lock him out of the door.”

“I said no! Don’t mention his name again!” Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brows and glared at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was taken aback. He had angered her somehow, but he didn’t know the reason.