Lin Ruoxi too realised that her tone wasn’t good but she couldn’t help it whenever Ning Guangyao’s name was mentioned. 

Bitter feelings welled up in heart and she forced a smile out to apologise, “I’m sorry, I…I’m not mad at you, I know you’re worried about me. Thank you, but I…I don’t want to talk anymore goodnight…”

Having said so, Lin Ruoxi shut the door at him.

Yang Chen stood by the door with a dazed expression for a short moment. He bit his lips and showed a mocking grin before walking back to his room.

Minutes later, Guo Xuehua knocked on his door and walked in with a tray. Hot steam was rising from the two bowls and it smelled delicious.

“Mom, what’s this?” Yang Chen was planning to take a shower when she came in.

Guo Xuehua looked at Yang Chen with a loving gaze, “I made you chicken soup and lotus seeds soup. You came back late so I heated it for you.”

Yang Chen’s heart warmed at her gesture. Because of his abilities, it was hard for Guo Xuehua to do anything for him since he could take care of it by himself.

But that didn’t stop her from making food or drinks for him. The snacks or suppers might be simple but it showered him with love.

Having lived for so many years, he had finally understood that maternal love was irreplaceable; no matter how powerful he was.

Yang Chen took over the chicken soup and started gulping it down. 

“Mom, what kind of herbs did you use?” Yang Chen asked when he realised the soup tasted different from usual.

“Nothing much, just some deer antlers from the northeast, caterpillar fungus from Tibet and some other herbs. The tonics are good for your body.” Guo Xuehua said gently.

“I don’t need it, I just like to eat.”

Ya knew the tonics given by the Yang clan was different from the false ones that were being sold in the market.

These tonics would cause a nosebleed for other people but Guo Xuehua was willing to cook it all for Yang Chen since he could take it.

“Of course you need it. There’s no harm in eating tonics even if you’re strong enough. I still want a grandson, so I asked an old doctor for a Chinese medicine recipe for kidney invigoration.” 

Yang Chen almost spat the soup out when he realised what the soup was for, “Mom, other men might need it but I don’t need it all. Besides that, I told you that I can’t impregnate them because my cultivation level and body is much stronger than them. It’s useless.”

“I know,” Guo Xuehua patted his shoulder, “But Rose’s in the Soul Forming stage right? She’s improving so quickly, maybe it would work with her?”

“Rose?” Yang Chen was taken aback. No wonder she had been paying more attention to Rose. Rose would be speechless if she ever heard this.

Yang Chen sighed, “Mom, even though she’s improving quickly, she’s not moving as fast as me. Besides, I’m already in the Tribulation Passing stage, her improvement wouldn’t affect her much. The chance of her getting pregnant is still too low.”

“She still has a higher chance than Ruoxi.” Guo Xuehua rolled her eyes and snorted with resentment.

Yang Chen was startled. He wasn’t expecting her to relate this to Lin Ruoxi. It seemed like she had a lot of complaints about her daughter-in-law.

Yang Chen couldn’t stop himself from asking her, “Mom, how can you say that about Ruoxi? Cultivation relies on luck, talent and experience. It’s different for everyone, cultivation can’t be forced. I can’t be biased just because Rose is faster. It’s unfair to everyone else.”

“Hmph, I don’t want to be biased too, but her actions and attitude aren’t helping!”

Guo Xuehua seemed to have held this in for a long time, “You went to Ruoxi’s room to comfort her right?”

Yang Chen nodded with a blank expression, “You saw everything from downstairs?”

“Of course, I can tell from your worried expression. What else can it be? But what did she do? She didn’t even want to talk to you, making you stand outside the room and shut the door on you! Why must you two sleep separately when you two are already together? The chance of her getting pregnant is already low enough and yet she keeps locking you out of the room. I’m infuriated whenever I think about it! My son is liked by so many girls, why must he have such an immature wife? She should contribute to the family now that she has married into a rich family. Other women dream for this their whole lives! I’m not hoping for her to do anything for us, but at least do something that tells me that she loves my son?!”

Guo Xuehua got agitated and her eyes got watery at the end.

Yang Chen smiled foolishly with the chicken soup in his hands, “It can’t be that serious…that’s how her personality is, she cares about me. Lanlan likes to sleep with her mom so I think it’s fine for them to sleep together. Besides, this works well too. I can sleep at other places too so the other ladies don’t feel neglected. As for our child…there’s no point in rushing it.”

“You’re still helping her?” Guo Xuehua was upset, “It’s only logical for her to give birth first or else it will be difficult in the future. Who will you help then, your child’s mother or your wife? Wouldn’t you be annoyed? If Qianni, Rose, An Xin or even Mingyu become your wife, no one would sleep separately from you, let alone adopting a child before giving birth to one. People would think that your marriage is fake if this gets spread out!”

“Mom,” Yang Chen’s expression was stern, “That’s wrong of you to say. Lanlan may be adopted but I see her as my daughter. She’s our first child and that will never change.”

Guo Xuehua nodded, feeling frustrated, “Fine fine fine, I know she’s a good kid. I like her too and I treat her as my granddaughter but she’s a girl and she’s not part of the Yang clan. Your grandfather doesn’t have much time left, do you have the heart to make him wait long for his great-grandson?”

Yang Chen’s heart wrenched at her tear stricken face, “I understand, mom, I promise you that I’ll do my best to improve their cultivation as fast as possible.”

Guo Xuehua looked at Yang Chen deeply and patted his shoulder, “Son, I know you like Ruoxi the most. Even though I don’t know the reason behind it, I’ll do my best to accept her since you like her the most. But, all mothers are selfish. Daughter-in-law isn’t my daughter but you’re my son, I can’t stand to watch you being treated like that…you might not feel anything from it but it pains me as your mother…you’re so capable and you are liked by many women, why must you get the cold shoulder from her?”

“Alright mom,” Yang Chen stood up. He didn’t want to hear it anymore. It felt as if she had thrown stones into his heart, creating ripples in it, “Let’s stop here, I know you care about me. I’ll talk to Ruoxi about this. It’s late now so go to sleep or you’ll get wrinkles easily.”

Guo Xuehua wanted to say something else but Yang Chen stopped her by pushing her out of the door.

Once his room became peaceful again, Yang Chen let out a breath and finished the soups before lying on the bed. He no longer felt like showering.

Even though he did his best to smoothen things out between them, the gap between them continued to grow. Looks like it was time to talk to Lin Ruoxi about it.