Since the appointment with Absolute Sword Taoist was already set, Yang Chen was not in a hurry to deal with the problems at home. After waking up the next day, he went to work as usual.

It was more fun watching the news, surfing the internet and playing games with his cousin Yuan Ye.

Yuan Ye also had a lot more free time after Tangtang went to college. After all, college life was very attractive to the active Tangtang.

What made Yang Chen a little depressed was that Tang Wan had the similar workaholic temperament just like Lin Ruoxi and he didn’t get the chance to be intimate with her. Fortunately, Tang Wan paid more attention to cultivation matters, after all, she was able to extend her lifespan. The temptation to stay beautiful was irresistible, so she would not slack off.

When it was almost time for lunch, Yang Chen planned to call Zhao Teng and a few subordinates of his to have a meal together. Yet, he got an unexpected call from Liu Mingyu.

Yang Chen picked it up and asked with a smile, "My dear Mingyu, it's rare for you to call me when you have work in broad daylight."

Liu Mingyu hummed, "I don't want to, but I have to extract some of my time out for today. I know you must be free so come and pick me up.”

“Pick you up? To where?”

“Don’t ask, just come.”

“Tsk tsk, playing mysterious huh…”

Yang Chen smiled helplessly and hung up the phone. He sprinted downstairs, drove to the opposite Yulei, and picked up Liu Mingyu who was already waiting.

Liu Mingyu was in a black professional suit with long legs in white stockings and a bright red silk scarf. Instead of feeling cold this winter, she looked bright and moving.

After one had cultivated to a certain level, it was completely fine to resist this slight cold, and it was convenient for women to wear all kinds of cool outfits.

What made Yang Chen even curious was that in the hands of the woman, there held big red packaging bag that seemed to be carrying clothes or something similar.

After the woman entered the car, Yang Chen helped her to buckle her seatbelt like a gentleman and took the opportunity to snuck his face through her mounds. An evil grin was written on his face, "Mingyu dear, you smell amazing."

“Cut it off, let’s go,” Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes at him.

“Where to?”

“To my home, my parents have been calling and urging me,” Liu Mingyu said.

Yang Chen was stunned, "Your parents? Are they looking for us for something? Why did I not hear anything?"

This was not the first time that Liu Qingshan and his wife invited them to go to their house, but recently it was. However, this pair of in-laws was the least important one as they did not have much interactions in normal days.

After all, Liu Qingshan was now busy leading his only son, Liu Minghao, to take over the Green Dragon Society. He would have no time to chat with his son-in-law.

"I knew that you have no conscience. Get the car moving. Quick. You will know when you arrive," Liu Mingyu urged, still not telling the details.

Yang Chen curled his lips, stepped on the accelerator, and drove towards the seaside villa that Liu Qingshan bought.

Most of the time, Liu Mingyu stayed in her own single luxury apartment and did not go home often. It was definitely rare going back for lunch between work during such a day.

Along the way, Yang Chen asked the woman what happened, but she ignored him by listening happily to the music, which made Yang Chen want to ‘stop his car and do some business’.

More than half an hour later, the car stopped outside the beach villa. Yang Chen was slightly taken aback as soon as he got off the car and smelled the fresh smell of sea water.

“Mother, what are you doing here?”

Yang Chen was surprised to see that the beautiful woman who had just walked down from a white Audi car next to them was Guo Xuehua wearing a black coat with a fur collar.

Guo Xuehua dressed up specially, carrying a Hermes handbag, and a red gift box in the other hand.

After hearing Yang Chen’s question, Guo Xuehua sighed helplessly, "You silly son-in-law, Mingyu really got it right. Don't you know that today is Mingyu's mother's 50th birthday?"

Yang Chen was mune. After a long while, he touched his forehead, shook his head and said, "So this is what happened, I really don't know. Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Of course you must have the intention to know the birthdays of your elders and memorise them. This is to teach you a lesson and to remind you in the future," Liu Mingyu smiled and handed the red gift bag over. "Hey, this gift is said to be bought by you yourself. It’s a Burberry trench coat for my mother. Don’t show any traits, my mother is not a generous person. If she knows that I even prepared the gifts for you, she will definitely feel unsatisfied.”

Yang Chen held the gift in a daze and followed the two women into the house.

In the house, Liu Qingshan and his wife had already prepared their meals and were waiting for the three of them as they wanted to keep the celebration simple.

When Liu Qingshan and his wife saw Guo Xuehua coming in, they were overly enthusiastic, and immediately greeted her to sit down. Mother Liu even served her tea and it made Guo Xuehua embarrassed since Mother Liu was the one celebrating her birthday today.

In addition to hoping that their daughter could live a better life in the future, it also contained some of Liu Qingshan's personal ideas.

A wealthy family like the Yang family was very different from a family with a gangster background like him.

Before the release, he was absolutely afraid to approach them, but now that Liu Mingyu had this relationship with Yang Chen unknowingly, he of course took the advantage and used his wife’s birthday as an excuse to invite Guo Xuehua over for the celebration.

Simply asking Guo Xuehua over would look warm and not too ostentatious to make the Yang family feel inappropriate.

Guo Xuehua understood their intentions, but it did not matter. When Liu Mingyu invited her, she agreed immediately.

In fact, Guo Xuehua was more concerned about maintaining a good relationship with each daughter-in-law's parents.

Her son, Yang Chen did not require much of her attention and taking good care of these women around him would make him happier.

At the dining table, Guo Xuehua, Liu Qingshan and his wife were talking and laughing frequently. Mother Liu was also an eloquent person. She exaggerated while praising Yang Chen, such as how he protected Mingyu, Liu Qingshan and Liu Minghao and that she was extremely grateful.

Of course, parents would always love to hear others praise their children, and Guo Xuehua was no exception.

It did not take long before Guo Xuehua and Mother Liu talked eagerly. Guo Xuehua did not have many friends in her old age, and she lacked such female companions.

Yang Chen and Liu Mingyu didn't expect that their mothers would be so enthusiastic in their conversations.

Seeing his wife successfully integrate with Guo Xuehua, Liu Qingshan laughed constantly. With the support of the Yang family, he was more than relieved to let Liu Minghao take over his Green Dragon Society.

After lunch, Guo Xuehua and Mother Liu had already talked about playing mahjong, dressing up and makeup, as if they were friends for many years.

In the afternoon, when they were about to leave, Guo Xuehua promised Mother Liu that she would gather a few people another day and come to their house for a few rounds of mahjong. She also invited Mother Liu to her own house.

Originally, Yang Chen felt uncertain. After all, he himself and Guo Xuehua were not the only ones at home, Lin Ruoxi might feel uncomfortable too.

However, Liu Mingyu's mother was also his own mother-in-law, and if he opposed it, his woman might feel upset.

Thinking of this, Yang Chen kept quiet.

During dinner, Guo Xuehua was talking to Wang Ma about Mother Liu happily. She said with a smile that this in-law’s mother was also a wonderful person, and she spoke very interestingly and straightforwardly.

Lin Ruoxi then got to know that during the day Yang Chen and Guo Xuehua went to Liu Mingyu's house to celebrate Mother Liu’s birthday.

Unconsciously, a trace of lonely sadness flashed in the woman's eyes.

Yang Chen had been paying attention to his wife’s expression. When he saw this scene, his heart ached. He stretched out his hand and patted Lin Ruoxi’s back then turned to Guo Xuehua and said, "Mom, don’t talk so much and just eat. Ruoxi will miss her mother as you talk about it.”

Guo Xuehua was taken aback. Seeing Lin Ruoxi's somewhat sad look, she smiled apologetically, "Sorry child, mother didn't mean it. Don't be angry with me okay? Mother didn't mean anything else, I am just saying…”

As Xue Zijing passed away early, Lin Ruoxi could not be like Liu Mingyu, having a mother, being able to celebrate birthdays together, even able to be a mother-in-law. It was inevitable that she felt bitter and upset.

When Guo Xuehua apologized, Lin Ruoxi immediately shook her head and smiled, "It's okay mother, I'm not angry with you."

Guo Xuehua nodded with a forceful smile, “That’s good then…”

With that being said, the atmosphere on the table suddenly became cold. Except for Lanlan who was completely immune to the topic adults were talking about and finished the entire roasted chicken in front of her, Guo Xuehua and Lin Ruoxi lost their appetite.

Yang Chen was thinking of some ways to liven up the dying atmosphere at home. He frowned and looked at the night outside the window.

Sure enough, the Jue Swordsman had come.