"Yang Chen, what are you trying to do! Are you going against me(Hongmeng)!?”

Carrying the snort of True Yuan, Hongmeng stomped into the house. Yang Chen chuckled, put down the tableware and signaled the family not to worry. He then left his seat and walked out slowly.

Under the night, Absolute Sword Taoist stood on the lawn not far away, with flying swords on his back.

Although he was no match to Yang Chen in terms of cultivation level, relying on Hongmeng's big backing, he was not afraid of Yang Chen.

"You came so early, Taoist. Do you want to come in for dinner?" Yang Chen smiled invitingly.

"Dinner?" The Taoist frowned slightly, "You are already in the Tribulation Passing Stage, and you can already use Heaven and Earth Energy for your vitals. Why are you still eating those turbidity grains ?"

Yang Chen spreaded his hands, “There are so many reasons to eat, you can do whatever you like, eat as you like, and you are free to not eat. How can there be so many reasons to find?"

"Don't change the topic," Absolute Sword Taoist said solemnly, "Why hasn’t that woman left China yet and I knew that she’s still in the residence!”

Yang Chen glanced at the direction of Rose's house, and asked, "Why does she have to  leave China?”

"This is the rule set by Hongmeng! The cultivators above the Soul Forming Stage within China, except for the four big families and the people of the ancient families who are not under the jurisdiction, must be controlled by Hongmeng!" Absolute Sword Taoist said straightforwardly.

Yang Chen couldn't help asking, "Taoist, there’s something I must know. Why does Hongmeng have to bring all the cultivators above the Soul Forming Stage into their own jurisdiction and enter the realm of fantasy? Is it really because of the fear of affecting the balance of the world?"

Yang Chen also asked Xiao Zhiqing this question as the woman grew up in the ancient family and didn't know much about Hongmeng. She roughly knew that it had something to do with ‘the great ancient formation’ that sealed Zeus.

"It's not a secret so it doesn't hurt to tell you. Do you know our Hongmeng exists to protect the foundation of China?"

"I’ve heard about it, isn't it just the last link of life preservation.”

"Not just that", The Taoist said, "What you know is only the rough surface. The most important foundation that our Hongmeng defends is the great ancient formation within Hongmeng. In that great formation, Zeus, the first master of the Gods is sealed. Our cultivators above the Xuan Stage, more or less, will regularly provide True Yuan for the great formation to maintain the power for generations. Therefore, in order to prevent the number of cultivators from being insufficient, our Hongmeng will continue to recruit the ones above the Soul Forming Stage. They are trained here, striving to constantly appear at high-level cultivation bases to maintain the power of the great formation."

Yang Chen was stunned as he did not expect that it would be related to Zeus!

No wonder Hongmeng was so determined to recruit the cultivators of the Soul Forming Stage. If the big formation was really unable to sustain due to insufficient True Yuan and  Zeus, a master like Athena, got released, he might really finish all cultivators! After all, the Chinese cultivators today were far worse than the ones 20,000 years ago.

However, there was another question that made Yang Chen wonder...

Could the great ancient formation really rely on these cultivators who were getting weaker to keep Zeus sealed?

And with the means of Athena, would she really be afraid of those in Hongmeng?

Athena was never a timid person, she must have had a valid reason not to rashly do it, that’s why she had been enduring secret plans.

This series of things seemed to be suspenseful. 

"I know that you have the divinity of Pluto, but since you have returned to the Yang family, you are also considered to be our own people. If you want to tell your friends of the gods, it is also your freedom, but it’s meaningless,” Absolute Sword Taoist proudly said.

Yang Chen waved his hand, “I’m just asking out of curiosity. I didn’t mean anything else.”

"Then, it’s fine..." The Taoist said, "Initially, I would’ve let that woman go as an exception if she left China, for the sake of her relationship with your Yang Family. She is just at the early stage of Soul Forming, and the True Yuan she can provide is limited. Hongmeng will not be affected with losing one or two cultivators. However, if she stayed in China forever, and I as the ambassador of Hongmeng, did not bring her back, wouldn't it break Hongmeng's rules for thousands of years!? I can't bear such a heavy responsibility. Today, I must bring her back to Hongmeng!”

Seeing that the Absolute Sword Taoist was about to go to Rose's residence, Yang Chen immediately shouted, "Wait a minute, Taoist, how about we make a deal?"

“A deal?” The Taoist frowned in confusion.

"Yes, as far as I know, since Taoist is the Hongmeng ambassador of this term, you will know in advance whether anyone in Hongmeng is out of the fantasy realm, right?"

He nodded, "Actually, unless under special circumstances, the people in Hongmeng will not go out of the fantasy realm. If something happens, to avoid misunderstandings, they will inform me first."

"That's right," Yang Chen smiled and said, "Taoist, can’t you just accommodate me to let my woman stay by my side and make it more convenient for me? Anyway, even if you didn’t take her away, the people in Hongmeng will not know. If one day, the others are out of the fantasy realm, you may just inform me and I’ll take my woman out of China immediately.” 

The Taoist snorted coldly, “I will never do anything secretly that blaspheme the position of the ambassador of Hongmeng!”

Seeing the Taoist’s awe-inspiring expression, Yang Chen secretly smiled. He somehow had already taken out a fragrant pill that emitted a faintly colored halo...

Absolute Sword Taoist who was still raising his head a moment ago immediately lowered and stared at the gorgeous pill in Yang Chen's hand with his eyes widened and gulped.

"This...this is... Afterglow Pill?"

"The Taoist sure has good eyesight. It is the Afterglow Pill, which can help cultivators in the Soul Forming Stage quickly transform their spiritual energy into True Yuan. It can also increase their cultivation speed ten times in just a few days. Last but not least, it can take out the impurities in the spiritual energy, it is the classical mid-class elixirs.”

This Afterglow Pill was a new mid-class elixir recently refined by Yang Chen. It was of no use to himself, but it had a good effect on the cultivators in the Soul Forming Stage.

From Xiao Zhiqing's understanding, these Hongmeng cultivators were much "poorer" than the people of the ancient family, especially the yellow-rank cultivators. It was considered not bad to have the low-class pill, but the mid-class is considered ‘rich and noble’!

High-class pill? Unimaginable!

Yang Chen grasped this mentality, and only took out one Afterglow Pill to attract the Taoist.

"Taoist, I won’t let you do this for me in vain. I’m just a little selfish, hoping to build a friendly relationship with you. Anyway, I didn’t mean to betray Hongmeng, it’s just a small favor between friends... It shouldn't be a big deal, right?" Yang Chen shook the Afterglow Pill in front of the Taoist and asked while smiling.

He stared at the brightly shiny pill, and at a glance, he knew that the refiner was a master-level figure. The pill was restrained in its aura and its effect was absolutely extraordinary.

"How did you... get this mid-class elixir?" Absolute Sword Taoist asked alertly.

Yang Chen was prepared, "There are things that the Taoist didn’t know. I can go in and out of China freely, so I can naturally collect a lot of refining materials. Yan Feiling of the Hongmen Yan family has been in my Yang family for many years. She gave me a refining methodology and a small furnace before leaving. I just practiced it and made some pills out… Otherwise, how did you think that I’ve been improving so fast?"

The Taoist thought for a while. Indeed, before leaving the fantasy realm, I heard that Elder Yan Wuchen, the top master of the Heavenly Realms, whose young daughter Yan Feiling had returned to Hongmeng and she previously was hiding in the Yang Family... With the Yan family's skills, elixir recipes and the mini furnace, it isn’t surprising at all. It seemed like this kid was speaking the truth.

If I help him in hiding Rose away, it is not indispensable. In fact, there was no danger and I can also retrieve elixirs to improve my own cultivation. If I’m lucky, I can even enter the Tribulation Passing Stage from the end of his Soul Forming Stage.

Absolute Sword Taoist thought for a while, and said in a straightforward voice, "It's really not convincing enough for me to do this kind of deception with this little favor."

His words were obvious, one pill was too less.

Yang Chen sneered in his heart. I guess even gods could not escape accepting bribes, not to mention cultivators.

"Taoist, the materials are scarce in the refining of the pill, and it is not easy to get it. It is rare for me to refine such a high-quality pill as well,” Yang Chen looked painful, and took out another Afterglow Pill and a few low-class Spiritual Pill, "Taoist, these are the ones I have now, I will give you a few pills every year from now on, how about that?" 

The Taoist took these pills from Yang Chen and immediately hid them. Remaining calm, he said, "Young Master Yang, don’t treat me like a beggar alright."