Shameless bullnose, such a big appetite!

Yang Chen deliberately looked dumbfounded and said, "Taoist, if you are not willing to do me this favor, then I might as well send my woman out of China! I won’t have to be giving you elixirs either! You are being too much! Do you think that these pills of mine fell from the sky?" 

As soon as the Taoist heard it, he knew he could not let the harvest fly away! If Yang Chen really sent Rose directly out of the country, he would lose a lot without even gaining anything!

Besides, he would not dare to threaten Yang Chen. Reason being that he could not beat Yang Chen, and if one less person got to know this, he would have more benefits.

So, he quickly smiled and said, "Brother Yang, kidding! Just kidding! Of course I’m willing to help you."

Yang Chen heaved a sigh of relief as he finally settled the guy in front of him.

He suffered a lot as well. After all, he killed two men from Hongmeng. If he killed the ambassador as well, it would be ridiculous for them to not realize him as the culprit.

Hence, that was why controlling such a sensitive person like the Hongmeng ambassador, was the steadiest way. It was never a bad thing to take a step back and quietly accumulate energy.

At the same time, if any Hongmeng members were to pay a visit, he would be the first to know.

Before leaving, the Absolute Sword Taoist was curious, “Brother Yang, why didn’t you tell me about this good stuff and waited until today?”

This bullnose was already trying to get close with Yang Chen.

Yang Chen rolled his eyes, “Taoist, yesterday… the Ning family was here, did you want them to know?”

“I see, my brother is really thoughtful,” The Taoist suddenly realized the point and bowed at Yang Chen before leaving.

After he had left, Rose walked out from the house to Yang Chen’s side with a smile, “Settled?”

“Of course, he has no reason to turn it down,” Yang Chen was proud.

Rose nodded and glanced at Yang Chen sideways, “I didn’t expect you to be so smart apart from fighting.”

Yang Chen pretended to be mad and pinched the woman’s face. Is she complimenting or insulting me?

After having everything under control for now, Yang Chen was relieved.

He went back home and reported the issue. Guo Xuehua who had been worrying this whole time finally felt like taking off a burden from her shoulders.

After dinner, Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma and Min Juan started their daily routine of chasing drama. Lin Ruoxi, on the other hand, supervised Lanlan in doing her homework.

In fact, Lanlan was a fast learner. What surprised Yang Chen was that she also had a great memory. Things such as poetry recitation, texts, English, as long as she heard it or saw it once, she would never forget.

Yang Chen was even more curious about the chubby girl’s biological parents. It was the gene mutation after being irradiated by the divine light that gave him such an ability. Lanlan obviously would not have been irradiated so was she really a prodigy?

Although Lanlan was highly talented, she had a lazy personality. She was not genuinely interested in doing homeworks, drawing or handicraft activities. If no one was there to supervise her, she would run away and play with her toys or demand to watch cartoons.

This was also one of the reasons why Yang Chen did not want to teach Lanlan how to cultivate too early. The child could not rest her mind and cultivating might harm her instead.

Walking to the mother and daughter, he saw Lanlan copying the texts rapidly, her words were all bigger than the grid.

Yang Chen touched his face helplessly. This little girl had a worse handwriting than himself.

Lin Ruoxi seemed to be distressed as well. Yet, thinking that she would be typing more in the future than writing, she didn’t ask too much from her daughter.

Yang Chen reached out his hand and patted Lin Ruoxi’s shoulder, asking her for a talk at the balcony. Lin Ruoxi was a little confused, but still called Min Juan over to supervise Lanlan and followed Yang Chen upstairs.

Reaching the second floor balcony, it was quiet. Feeling the cold breeze, Lin Ruoxi fixed her messy hair, “What’s wrong? What’s so important that we must talk outside.”

Yang Chen sorted out his thoughts and told what Guo Xuehua told him yesterday, regarding her dissatisfactions toward Lin Ruoxi, but in a more gentle way.

 "...Don't blame mother either, she didn't deliberately target you. Since you are Lanlan’s mother now, you should also be able to experience the feeling of being a mother. I am fine with it and I understand your temper is like this. But mother didn’t think of it that way, so she hoped that we could be more like husbands and wives."

Lin Ruoxi pursed her thin lips silently as her eyes wandered for a while. She whispered, "I understand. I will comfort Lanlan, let her learn to sleep alone by arranging a room for her. At most one week, let’s sleep in one room after that."

Yang Chen laughed, “It’s right for you to do this, but don’t take it as me wanting to sleep with you that’s why I am happy…”

"I know!" Lin Ruoxi interrupted Yang Chen, "If you sleep with me, it would be inconvenient to go out at night to find other women. Do you think I don't know? I don’t think you will be too happy. Besides, it’s normal for husband and wife to sleep together."

"The point is that you have to be gentle with me, baby Ruoxi, at least in front of my mother, you need to be more caring toward me. Then she’ll be happy and like you even more," Yang Chen advised.

Lin Ruoxi said unhappily, "I admit that I didn’t do enough in many areas but if I am to be gentle with you and care about you, then I am not doing it for mom. Do you think I should be acting to care about you?"

Yang Chen hurriedly smiled and waved his hand, "That’s not what I meant, I just hope you and mom can get along well. She is my only mother and you are my wife. It’s not appropriate for me to help anyone. I can’t let either one of you go, so if you can make peace, please do. You see, my mother has passed on the family treasure like the Fengxiang bracelet to you. That means she still recognizes you in her heart, but there’s just some slight dissatisfaction. No matter what you do to me or say to me, it doesn't matter in private, but in front of my mother, try to pay attention to it, okay?"

Lin Ruoxi felt sour inside seeing Yang Chen’s thoughtful and poignant expression.

He lowered his head suddenly and asked, "Honey, am I too ignorant that made me worry about all these for me..."

Yang Chen smiled indifferently, "What's the big deal about this, I’ve done a lot of bad things as well. It's up to you and it’s okay for you to vent your anger occasionally. I'm just afraid that the house will be upset, and I can't behave like how I did outside, solving problems by killing. So dear, you have to help me, okay?"

Looking at Yang Chen's rascal smile, Lin Ruoxi could not help but chuckled, "It sounds like I am always treating you as my punching bag. It's so pitiful, but obviously you’re the one who made me mad."

Seeing the woman smiling, Yang Chen was relieved. He hoped that in two days’ time, the feeling of disharmony in the house would float away.

The next day, Yang Chen went to work at the company as usual. Hannya was still in Japan, and Yang Chen did not plan to ask her to come to work for him immediately since he would not be leaving Zhonghai in the short term. After all, it was a top priority to improve the women’s strength around him.

Unknowingly, it was already December. Due to the upcoming festivals such as Christmas, New Year, Spring Festival, and New Year's Day, the whole city was extremely busy.

When he drove to Yulei Entertainment Company, Yang Chen found out in doubt that there were a dozen people downstairs at the headquarters of Yulei building opposite, holding a banner and seemingly protesting against something.

However, because of the small number of people, the traffic coming and going did not pay much attention to them. The Yu Lei's security guard stood there motionless, seemingly disdainful to expel them.

Yang Chen was quite curious and so he made a call to Lin Ruoxi after entering the office. The woman came to the company earlier than himself. She must have seen it earlier.

“What is it, Yang Chen…”

Hearing Lin Ruoxi calling out his name, Yang Chen could guess that she was with someone else from the company and she was shy.

"What happened to the protesters under the Yulei Building? Something happened?" Yang Chen asked with concern.

Lin Ruoxi was silent for a while, and said, "Don't worry about them, just let them shout. The weather is cold. They will leave soon."

The woman hung up the phone after finishing her sentence.

Yang Chen had a headache as they were just talking about treating him gently yesterday and now she hung up the phone on him.

Yang Chen could only call Zhao Teng in and asked about what happened.

Zhao Teng was shocked that Yang Chen did not know anything, “Director Yang, didn’t President Lin tell you anything? Aren’t you both husband and wife?”

“Nonsense, will I be asking you if I knew it?” Yang Chen felt a bit embarrassed as well.