“Oh,” Zhao Teng smiled embarrassingly, “Those are the employees of ‘Bainian Departmental Store’. They are protesting as they think that Yulei used despicable means to purchase their company.”

"Bainian Departmental Store? That's the one that sells cheap merchandise?” Yang Chen remembered that the department store had a long history of running the civilian route in Zhonghai.

Zhao Teng nodded and said, "Yes, Bainian Department Store is a time-honored private enterprise in Zhonghai. The founder, President Sun is also a small and prestigious entrepreneur. However, in recent years, under the leadership of President Lin, our head office in Yulei has expanded very rapidly, almost 50% of Zhonghai’s departmental stores had already been owned by Yulei. The Yulei street built by her has taken shape, but in the entire fashion industry street, Bainian has been reluctant to be acquired. Not only their brand, including the land, they are not willing to transfer. Bainian is taking the civilian route, which is completely incompatible with the fashion route taken by Yulei, so acquisition and rectification are necessary. Otherwise, it is a thorn in the flesh. Yulei's price has been increasing but President Sun just refused to let it go. It’s already close to New Year. If we don’t acquire them soon, it will delay next year’s integration plan. So... the relationship has always been in a tense stage."

"Then why are they protesting against Yulei?" Yang Chen was stunned.

Zhao Teng awkwardly hesitated for a while, and said, "Since last week, the TV station was continuously broadcasting news about more counterfeit products in Bainian Departmental Store. It took more than three minutes and it was mentioned that the TV station reporters found some fake products in it. President Sun was so mad that he had coughed blood. It was a big blow to Bainian Departmental Store. Originally, they had a problem with the turnover of funds. With such a disturbance, the bank began to rush their loan repayment. Bainian believed that Yulei bribed the TV station and suppressed them insidiously, so these brave old employees came to Yulei headquarters to protest..."

Yang Chen roughly understood the whole thing, but he did not believe that Yulei was not involved in this.

Yang Chen would not be surprised if it was Lin Ruoxi’s instructions. After all, this woman could be very cold-blooded when it comes to business affairs.

He still remembered that in Pingshan Town, Lin Ruoxi confessed to him that she did bribe local officials to buy the factory.

Withdrawing his thoughts, Yang Chen asked, "Zhao Teng, do you think...this is what Yulei secretly bribed the TV station to do?"

Zhao Teng touched his nose embarrassedly, "To be honest, Director Yang, I don't think this has to be suspected. It must have something to do with Yulei. In the TV station, as long as the price is high, it's easy to make a fake report. We can just make a statement after two weeks and say that the report was caused by some people who maliciously targeted Bainian Departmental Store and make them apologize to the public. If the TV station apologizes, the public will not care too much, but during this period of time, Bainian will definitely fall. Yes, instead of completely ruining it, agreeing to Yulei's acquisition as soon as possible is the best choice."

"What do you mean, is my wife bullying others?" Yang Chen squinted and smiled.

Zhao Teng's face turned pale, and he hurriedly waved his hand, "You must be joking, this... the business industry is like a battlefield, and soldiers are not tired of being a fraud. If it’s Director Lin’s plan, I will support her decision."

Yang Chen smiled, “Alright, I’m not blaming you, you may leave.”

Zhao Teng hurriedly backed out like a pardon, not forgetting to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead.

Yang Chen turned his head, looked at the dozens of figures still protesting under the opposite building, and sighed slightly.


In the next few days, Lin Ruoxi finally persuaded Lanlan to sleep in her own room. She would then move to Yang Chen's room to sleep, letting the little girl experience how it was like to be sleeping alone.

All the rooms in the family were equipped with double beds, and Lin Ruoxi's bed was even bigger. Lanlan lying in the center of the big bed, her belly facing up in a "big" sleeping position, looked extremely childish and cute.

When Guo Xuehua realised both of them are finally sleeping together, she was satisfied and the smiles on her face had increased a lot.

However, Guo Xuehua was pretty busy as well. Previously, the tea drinking and mahjong playing sessions with Liu Mingyu’s mother actually happened.

She first went to the Liu Residence to play the entire day. A day after the next day, she brought Mother Liu and a few more women of her age to her house and played mahjong for half a day.

When Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen reached home in the evening, both of them were stunned as they saw a few aunties appearing out of nowhere.

Lin Ruoxi was a lady who liked quietness. Hearing noise around her ears and from the group of unfamiliar aunties, she was irritated.

But in front of Guo Xuehua, Lin Ruoxi kept her smile as much as possible. After dealing with them simply, she quickly ran upstairs.

Guo Xuehua could feel it as well, her daughter-in-law looked down at these women and she had a slight complaint in her heart but she did not say anything.

However, the original plan to keep these women at home for dinner had changed to inviting them to dinner in a restaurant, which was considered taking a step back.

In Yang Chen’s bedroom at night.

There was a mellow voice, which outlined a charming pink memorial.

At this moment, Yang Chen was lying on his lover, with one hand clinging to the more and more abundant snow peaks on the left, gently rubbing it and his right hand stroking the woman's hair.

Both of their lips and teeth intersect, and the mellow voice subconsciously came from Lin Ruoxi's throat, fascinating and moving. A small lilac tongue was teased wantonly by Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi had no way of reflecting what she was doing. It seemed like she was floating in the clouds. The man was so powerful that he could go in and out, and make the perfect shot every time, paralyzing her nerve stimulation to a whole new world.

It was as if the whole body was about to turn into a pool of spring waters, blending into the ground, refreshing into the heart.

Yang Chen also deliberately persisted as long as possible. Although the endurance of nearly an hour or so was beyond the reach of other men, he still felt that it was short.

This was also because Lin Ruoxi's power was indeed much stronger than other women. Yang Chen could feel an irresistible force seemingly tugging at him such that the bulge at his groin continued to grow as if it had developed a mind of its own. Though pressed tightly against the material of his pants, it felt comfortable.

At the same time, Lin Ruoxi made herself clear that this could only be done once a night and nothing more! This made Yang Chen cherish every time he got to enjoy it.

Although Lin Ruoxi was not very repulsive to marital life, she felt that she should be moderate rather than just doing whatever you want.

Therefore, even if Yang Chen endured feeling uncomfortable, Lin Ruoxi asked the man to make sure that only one shot would come, and no more bullets would be allowed.

But the facts had proven that even if it was stipulated to come only once, after each time, Lin Ruoxi still became exhausted and weak as if her bones fell apart.

Finally, after Yang Chen gushed out, the room fell back into silence.

Lin Ruoxi panted softly in Yang Chen's arms and complained, "You can't take a day off, huh? Is this really so fascinating to you?"

Yang Chen smiled evilly, stroking the woman's smooth back, "Dear, aren't you also very involved? I didn’t come as much as you."

"No... don't you mention it... are you that shameless..." Lin Ruoxi blushed as her face was flushed with redness.

Yang Chen patted the woman's buttocks, her flesh trembled, incredibly sweet.

"Mother said previously that you have to buck up and get pregnant with our first child, am I not helping you?”

"It's not something I can decide. Besides, I regard Lanlan as my child," Lin Ruoxi pouted.

Yang Chen touched the woman's face, hands up and down together. It was a great joy, "The elders always want the children and grandchildren to be flourishing, you have to understand their feelings."

"Understand the feelings of the elders, what about mine then..." Lin Ruoxi suddenly complained.

“What about yours?” Yang Chen was stunned.

Lin Ruoxi drew circles on the man's chest and said quietly, "Honey, let’s find a time to talk to mother on not asking people to play mahjong at home. Those aunties have such loud voices and they don’t have much culture. Why is she always playing with them?"

“Hey, mother is feeling bored about life, just let her be happy.”

"Then you should find the right person. Mother Liu is Mingyu's mother, so forget it. The other aunties, I don’t even know who they are. Isn’t it awkward to let them come to our house? And... I think it’s not good to always play mahjong at home. I’m afraid that Lanlan will follow along and play mahjong from young.”

Yang Chen asked, “Why do you want me to talk about it? Can’t you also talk to our mother in person? If you have any comments just speak up, we are a family.”

“I ...... I'm afraid of making mother angry. She has recently started being nice to me and she treated you well right. You can just pretend that you don’t like it and help me…”

Listening to the woman’s gentle pleads, although Yang Chen felt that it was not too appropriate to say this, he had to agree. After all, Lin Ruoxi seldom begged him and it was not good to reject.

The next morning, at the breakfast table.

Yang Chen thought for a while and said to Guo Xuehua with a smile, "Mom, can you please help me with something?"

Guo Xuehua could not help but laugh, "What is this? What's the favor? What are you thinking, you naughty child?”

“No," Yang Chen said embarrassedly, "It’s just that you’ve been asking people to play mahjong at home recently, I think it's a bit messy and annoying and it’s not really a good thing to show Lanlan. Can you stop calling those aunties here in the future?"

Guo Xuehua who was peeling the tea egg, stopped and the smile on her face disappeared. With a sorrowful smile, she asked, "Son, do you think mother is making you feel embarrassed by getting along with those aunties?”