Yang Chen heard it and quickly waved his hand, “Oh no, that’s not what I mean, my mother-in law is there as well, I can’t be saying that she’s embarrassing me.”

Guo Xuehua gave a meaningful smile and took a look at the silent Lin Ruoxi in the corner. She said, “I know, in terms of manners, culture and others, those old sisters are no match to you as they aren’t that educated indeed. They don’t even know the rules of the upper class. Maybe in the eyes of you youngsters, they are the ones that can be ignored. But in these few recent years, mother travelled to the north and the south to manage the orphanage and sponsor funds. I have seen all kinds of people and encountered all kinds of situations. When I was young, I also thought that the aunties have no manners, the way they talk is more like yelling, drinking tea just like a man, very vulgar indeed.”

Speaking of that, Guo Xuehua asked Lin Ruoxi, “Ruoxi, you think so too right?”

Lin Ruoxi who was drinking porridge stopped with a spoon in hand. She smiled unnaturally, not knowing whether to nod or to shake her head.

Not hoping a reply from her, Guo Xuehua continued, “But the older one gets, I realised that the ones I got to know in Beijing, those women that married the rich; although they  are better mannered and cultured, considering every word before speaking out and whispering every word softly, but on the contrary, they don’t have much sense of humanity which makes me felt very tired. While I am with the rich ladies, I need to think very carefully about what I speak. By simply saying something, they would think that I’m passing on your grandfather and father’s opinions and they spoke to me gently when they needed my help. Living a life like that, having friends like that is tiring. That’s why I chose not to stay in Beijing, except for visiting your grandfathers. Usually, I would be running everywhere to get to know more people. Although they like money and status as well, they aren’t pretentious. If I ask them to donate to our foundation and charity homes, they will usually reject me but they are willing to perform some physical work and buy some snacks for the kids. They won’t think much before speaking. On some occasions, they would even have their hands-on, patting me from time to time and laughing like nobody’s business; they would get mad right after they lost a game of mahjong. They might look vulgar and uncultured in the eyes of you youngsters, but to me, they are the sincere and cute ones in this society. Ruoxi, if you can’t accept me bringing them home to play then I’ll go out with them instead. However, I don’t want you to look down on them, okay?”

By the end of the day, the only person Guo Xuehua asked directly, was Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi opened her mouth slightly and felt a little guilty. She didn’t know why Guo Xuehua was directing the question to her.

Did her mother-in-law know that she was the one who asked Yang Chen to talk about all these?

Yang Chen, on the other hand, was dumbfounded as he did not expect Guo Xuehua to say such words.

Ever since they started living together for more than a year, Guo Xuehua rarely lectured them as an elder. But this time, Yang Chen was touched.

After listening to her words, those noisy aunties seemed to be quite cute.

Wang Ma also smiled and said, “Xuehua is right. I often go to the market to buy vegetables and those aunties there know me as well. Being with them makes me happy. If there’s no emotions and feelings between people, it’s useless to be elegant and graceful. I am actually quite fond about having those aunties over to play, they’re very joyous.”

Yang Chen gave a wry smile, “Mother, I didn’t look down on those aunties, it’s just that it’s a bit noisy to have them at home, if possible do reduce having activities at home.”

Guo Xuehua snorted lightly and looked at her son helplessly, “I know, these words are not from you. Ruoxi told you to talk to me right?”

Lin Ruoxi looked at her mother-in-law in shock as her face was flushed in red.

“Mother, you…” Yang Chen was confused. Did Guo Xuehua eavesdrop on us last night?

“Oh you,” Guo Xuehua shook her head and sighed, “My child, you were able to sell lamb kebabs for half a year in the market, how would you be annoyed with having a few aunties at home? If it wasn’t for your wife, would you even say anything?”

Yang Chen suddenly realized it actually didn’t make sense for him to say such words.

Lin Ruoxi understood the context and felt more embarrassing. Her eyes wandered around and didn’t know what to say.

Guo Xuehua finally showed some dissatisfaction and said coldly, “Ruoxi, using your husband as a gun and pulling the trigger towards your mother-in-law, is not a good move.”

“I...mother...I didn’t mean it that way…”Lin Ruoxi was completely messed up.

“Am I such an unreasonable mother-in-law? Will I beat you or scold you if you tell me directly that the house is too noisy and it may affect Lanlan?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head sadly, “No…”

“We are a family, just say anything as you wish. I can even accept you adopting a child, why are you still taking me as an unreasonable mother-in-law?” Guo Xuehua couldn’t hide her disappointment.

Yang Chen saw Lin Ruoxi was about to tear up and felt his heart aching, “Mother, stop it okay. I’ll not be Ruoxi’s messenger anymore. She respects you, that's why she didn’t dare to speak up…”

“Alright alright, I’ll listen to you. Besides, your wife is the most important person in your heart,” Guo Xuehua ranted and continued peeling her egg.

Yang Chen looked at his wife then his mother complicatedly and finally turned to Wang Ma helplessly. He was hoping that she could say a few words to moderate the atmosphere.

But Wang Ma showed her hands and smiled speechlessly.

On the other hand, Lanlan ignored whatever the adults said. The chubby girl was not interested in these messy stuff as nothing was more attractive than the breakfast in front of her.

Continuously eating until she finished drinking the bowl of porridge which was bigger than her face, Lanlan finally felt full and touched her round little tummy.

“Nanny! Lanlan wants to go to the kindergarten!”

Long prepared, Ming Juan got up, grabbed Lanlan’s pink Kitty bag, held her hand and said goodbye to the rest then left.

After Lanlan had left, Guo Xuehua sighed, “Acting like a joke in front of the child early in the morning.”

Lin Ruoxi said softly, “Mother...I’ll never do it again, it’s my fault…”

“What you say is correct, mother didn’t think thoroughly. But you must tell me directly instead of letting Yang Chen do the work, alright?” Guo Xuehua tried to speak calmly.

Lin Ruoxi nodded and pursed her cherry lips.

At that moment, the sound of cars came from outside of the house. Since the house was quiet, it was very clear.

“Oh, what’s wrong, did Lanlan forget something?” Wang Ma asked.

Yang Chen raised his brows, “No, it’s another car, seems like we have guests.”

After a while, someone rang the bell as expected.

“Who is it in the early morning,” Wang Ma was confused and got up to open the door.

After opening the door, two men stood outside, it seemed like they were father and son.

The middle aged man was fully suited up, frowning tightly while holding his father.

The old man looked like he was in his seventies, white hair, tall and thin body, wearing gray sportswear with a dull face.

“Big brother, who are you looking for?” Wang Ma asked nicely.

The old man said, “I’m Sun Hai, the President of ‘Bainian Departmental Store’. Is this President Lin of Yulei International’s house?”

Wang Ma was lost, “Oh, President Sun of Bainian, I’ve heard about you long ago. Your store was already here when I first entered this city. Indeed it’s President Lin’s house, please come in.”

Wang Ma invited them nicely, but Sun Hai and his son had their foot rooting to the ground.

“It’s alright, we aren’t qualified to enter the house of the President of Yulei International, I’m afraid that we might dirty the place. Why don’t you just invite President Lin out to meet us,” Sun Hai insulted.