Wang Ma nodded in confusion and smiled embarrassingly. She could sense that Sun Hai and his son were not here for a nice visit so she looked into the house helplessly.

“Young lady, it’s President Sun and his son from the Bainian Department Store, they are here for you, and they aren’t willing to come in…”

Lin Ruoxi was dazing off, but after hearing that she immediately turned back and said in a cold manner, “Let them be, I have nothing to say to them.”

However, Guo Xuehua was taken aback and asked, “Is it President Sun?!”

“Mother, do you know him?” Yang Chen asked, as Lin Ruoxi looked over in confusion.

Guo Xuehua tidied herself and glanced at Lin Ruoxi with an unpleasant expression, “How can you treat the guests like this? Of course I know President Sun, we have been friends for more than ten years.”

Guo Xuehua hurried to the door as she spoke.

Sun Hai and his son were baffled when they saw Guo Xuehua appearing.

“Madam Guo, what are you doing here?” Sun Hai asked in surprise, as he eased into a friendly manner.

Guo Xuehua walked up smiling and shaking hands with Sun Hai, “Why not? I’m currently staying here with my son and daughters-in-law.”

Sun Hai and his son stared into each other’s eyes in confusion.

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi then walked out from the house. Yang Chen had some thoughts running through his mind and he had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. This incident about Bainian seemed to be getting worse.

Lin Ruoxi on the other hand had an unpleasant expression and bit her lips. She was meant to meet both of them, but was hesitant as she felt that things would get complicated.

Sun Hai in shock, pointed at Lin Ruoxi with his hands trembling as he saw her and Yang Chen walking out, “Madam Guo, you are saying that President Lin of Yulei International is your daughter-in-law?!”

Guo Xuehua nodded, “Ah, correct. President Sun, is there any misunderstanding between you and our Ruoxi?”

“Misunderstanding?!Hmmph…” Sun Hai sneered. He seemed to be pretty mad as he started coughing heavily.

His son quickly helped his father whose eyes were turning red by patting his back, “Father, calm down. I’ve told you not to come here, your health…”

“It’s alright,” Sun Hai pushed his son’s hands away, his face was red with pallor beneath his skin, “Madam Guo, I didn’t know President Lin is your daughter-in-law. Since I know it now, then I guess it’s easier to talk about some things.”

A menacing gaze flashed through Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, she knew what he was going to talk about and quickly interrupted, “President Sun! I respect you as an elder in the business industry. Let’s talk about work in the office, this is my house and I don’t want you to drag this into my family.”

Sun Hai sneered, “President Lin, Lin Ruoxi, you still know that I am your elder huh?! I am old enough to be your grandfather and this is the kind of respect you are paying me!? Working fair and square!? Haha, all these despicable actions you’ve done heind my back and you're asking me to do things fairly!? I’ve sent multiple people to your company and they got kicked out every single time! I’ve even personally gone there myself and you were in a meeting for the entire day? Is it that hard to meet you for once? If I hadn’t come here early in the morning, would I still be able to see you!?”

Witnessing Sun Hai go mad, Guo Xuehua’s face turned grim as she looked at Lin Ruoxi, “Ruoxi, what actually happened? Why did you make President Sun this angry?”

“Mother, this is related to the company. I’ve sent someone to settle it. Just trust me and don’t bother about it,” Lin Ruoxi tried her best to force a smile.

Guo Xuehua sighed, “I know this is about the company, but it’s related to President Sun and I’ve never seen him this mad, I can’t afford to stay out of this.”

“Mother, what is the relationship between President Sun and you?” Yang Chen asked.

“Sheesh, what do you mean about that? President Sun and I are friends despite differences in age and we’ve known each other for decades. He is also heavily connected to mother’s charity foundation,” Guo Xuehua said, “Back in the days when I first built up the charity foundation for old folks home, we lacked funds, resources and manpower. The Bainian Department Store was already in shape at that time and he was the first man in Zhonghai to donate money and resources to us, he also helped us find partners. It can be said that more than 50 charity organizations in Zhonghai are related to him. Few years ago, Bainian Department Store’s revenue was decreasing, but the money he donated did not reduce at all. He didn’t even have his own house and was staying in a commercial house. President Sun is the true definition of a good entrepreneur and I’ve learned a lot from him. He is a person of good temper, but now he rushed to our house in fury saying that Ruoxi has played dirty tricks on him? How can I stay out of this?”

“What does it have to do with mother?” She added, “President Sun and I have been friends for many years.”

Yang Chen, astonished, once again looked at Sun Hai, this old man was wearing a simple and old sportswear, his shoes were made of dull leather. His forehead wrinkled indicating that he had been through a lot in life and he did not look like a president of a company, at least not like one who was an old entrepreneur in Zhonghai for decades.

It’s nothing for a person to do good deeds a day or two, a year or more. What’s valuable is that the person was doing charity and good deeds for his entire life without sparing a sweat.

A person like this is deemed to be respected, no wonder Guo Xuehua was happy to see him coming.

Sun Hai waved his hands and said, “Madam Guo, don’t make it sound so good. I don’t pursue these reputations anyway, it’s what I should do since I can’t bring money into my coffin. I am here today to look for justice and I wish Lin Ruo Xi, President Lin is able to apologize and compensate for what she's done, to clear up this old man’s name!”

Lin Ruoxi continued holding her expressionless face, feigning ignorance.

Guo Xuehua saw her expression and got irritated, “Ruoxi, what happened? Tell your mother now!”

Lin Ruoxi looked away, “I don’t have anything to say.”

“You…”Guo Xuehua’s face turned pale, “What is this attitude! The elders are questioning you and this is what we get!?”

“Mother, calm down, Ruoxi must have her reasons,” Yang Chen was sweating in fear as he held his mother's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.

“Reasons?! I couldn’t see any,” Guo Xuehua turned away and asked Sun Hai’s son, “Sun Peng, you father is not feeling well, you tell us what happened!”

Sun Peng looked at Lin Ruoxi with a complicated expression, he only proceeded to speak after seeing his father nodding, “Madam Guo, it’s like this. Yulei International wanted to acquire our Bainian Department Store but my father insisted on not selling it. Last week, the TV station broadcasted a video clip about a journalist investigating our store and had found fake products. They even repeated the stream everyday. Although our stores have been selling affordable products to the citizens, we abide by our original products, that’s why we are famous. This news has caused our stocks to collapse and we are severely suffering in cash flow, even the banks are chasing us for loan repayment! How are we supposed to survive now!?”

Lin Ruoxi’s expression looked as cold as ice, her complexion dimmed unlike during breakfast, and as if she was looking down on a group of weak creatures atop the glacier, she said in a callous tone, “If you have evidence, feel free to sue me at court, if not, please leave.”

“Evidence?! Haha,” Sun Hai laughed in anger, “As long as the person has a brain, they will be able to predict who’s the one behind all these! What is it now Lin Ruoxi?! Last year you consumed half of the Xu Family’s properties with your tricks and this year you want mine as well? If you really wish to target my small company then talk to me directly. Using despicable means to destroy my lifetime reputation?! How ruthless of you!”

Guo Xuehua couldn’t stand hearing all these, “President Sun, please calm down. Let me ask first, maybe it’s not related to my daughter-in-law?”

“Madam Guo, I know you are a kind person, but how did you end up with such a vicious daughter-in-law like this? Do you know that she’s like a poisonous scorpion in our Zhonghai business industry? She takes over different companies no matter the size each year and everyone is scared of her…” Sun Hai said anxiously.

Guo Xuehua was trembling and forced a smile. She then pulled Lin Ruoxi closer and asked, “My child, tell your mother the truth. This is not a court, I only want to know, are you the one who instructed whatever happened to Bainian’s Department Store?…”