Yang Chen immediately stopped his mother as she questioned Lin Ruoxi, “Mother! How could you ask Ruoxi like this face to face? Isn’t it hurtful?”

“Why not?! Is there anything to be covered up? A person should be honest about what they do or say, if we talk about it in private, what would people think? If she didn’t do it just say it out, I don’t need any evidence, I just want to hear my daughter-in-law telling me that she did not do it!”

Lin Ruoxi laughed while her voice trembled, her eyes were on the verge of tears. She then asked, “Mother, do you think I did it?”

Guo Xuehua kept quiet, confused, she didn’t know what to answer.

“Honey, just say it... no matter what I’ll accept it,” Yang Chen said anxiously.

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath and stared at Yang Chen deeply, “You also think that it’s my doing… right?”

“I…” Yang Chen looked into his wife’s teary eyes. He wanted to say no but recalling about what happened in the past and about the incident with Li Jianhe, he suddenly froze.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes flowed through a moment of bleakness, reflecting a sense of disappointment, but it disappeared in a flash. She then turned to Sun Hai and his son, "There is no evidence, and I will not answer your question. In this matter, I have said everything that should have been said. I will be waiting for President Sun to pay Yulei International a visit to sign the acquisition agreement."

As soon as those words were spoken, Guo Xuehua and Yang Chen lost every bit of hope.

Lin Ruoxi’s expression and tone didn’t seem to match and she didn’t even want to defend herself. Although she did not directly admit a single thing, her responses showed otherwise.

This attitude fanned Sun Hai’s anger, “So you are admitting your faults! What a generation! Back in the days, even though the former president of Yulei International was a woman, her behaviour was inspiring as she built and expanded the company's foundation all by herself. Everyone in Zhonghai's business industry admired her. Who would have known that her successor was someone acting like a starving lion, biting and hunting down everything! Do you still have any ethics as an entrepreneur?! You’ve earned so much, live in a big house, own luxurious cars, but you still want to cause ordinary families to suffer. Are you not scared of the consequences or retribution lashing back to you!?”

With a cold expression Lin Ruoxi solemnly said, “President Sun, I respect you as an elderly, but do mind your words, do not drag my grandmother in.”

“I’m going to say it!” Sun Hai burst into tears and grabbed Guo Xuehua’s hand, "Madam Guo, you don’t know how bad this would be for nearly a thousand employees in our department store! We have been making honest and affordable products and Yulei International only does fashion products. They have such different prices and positioning! If the company gets taken over, it doesn’t matter for an old man like me who won’t have many years left to live, but my employees who have gathered from all around have no educational background. They have little to no idea about these industries, wouldn’t they all have to be cleared out of the company by then! These are ordinary households, one after another! They finally managed to settle down in this city, so by doing that, it’s like breaking their stems, how cruel would that be!”

Guo Xuehua felt sorrow when she heard those words and turned to Lin Ruoxi, “Ruoxi, must you be so cruel, do you really have to take over Bainian Department Store!?”

Lin Ruoxi replied mechanically, "The market value of Bainian is only 13 billion. I am offering 15 billion to take over the company, which is already much higher than the market price. Based on President Sun’s management methods and philosophy, our company’s audit department has calculated that Bainian can only last for about five years at most, and it will go bankrupt due to the lack of capital funds. At that time, those employees will leave empty-handed. Instead of that occurring, isn't it better to receive the money so that you can distribute it to your employees, hoping that they can change their directions?"


Sun Hai pointed at Lin Ruoxi while heavily breathing, “What do you know! It’s been forty years since I have founded Bainian! It’s my life and my soul! Do you really think that money can buy everything!? You think that money can replace the feelings and relationships between me and the employees who’ve worked for me for decades!? By being rich and you are able to step across us elders heads and continue climbing up!? Listen up Lin Ruoxi, even if Bainian goes bankrupt tomorrow, I will not give in to you! I will never sell my soul to a devil like you!!!”

Lin Ruoxi's eyes sparked, as she sneered, "Well, since you said that, I am determined to fight with you then. Let's see, if 15 billion is not enough, I will offer you 16 billion, if it still isn’t enough, 20 billion then! I shall see if your soul is more worthy than the price that I’m offering!"

“Shut up!!!”

This stern shouting was not from Sun Hai, but Guo Xuehua!

Her hand was high up in the air, as she was about to slap Lin Ruoxi.

But at the last moment, she held back, as her hand’s were left hanging mid-air.

Yang Chen then reacted, only because he was immersed in Lin Ruoxi's abrupt and cruel words. He couldn't believe these words actually came from her mouth.

With a look of sorrow and disbelief, Guo Xuehua couldn't help shaking her head, and said in tears, "How can you be such a child... How could you say such cold words?"

Lin Ruoxi was expressionless, as if everything had nothing to do with her, and Guo Xuehua's raised hand did not affect her either.

"When I saw you playing with those children in the orphanage, I felt that although you looked a little bit cold, your heart was warm and kind. But today, why did you shatter my recognition towards you? Ruoxi, do you know that what you are doing feels like a sharp knife piercing my heart!"

Guo Xuehua slowly put her trembling hand’s down, she turned to face Sun Hai, and bowed deeply, "I'm sorry, President Sun, I didn’t expect things to be like this. Your approach was right, you can’t abandon so many employees. Don’t worry, I won’t let her take over Bainian.”

Immediately after, Guo Xuehua said coldly to Lin Ruoxi, "Ruoxi, stop being so obsessed and give up, otherwise you shall stop calling me mother. Our Yang family does not need such a pure cold-blooded person to be our daughter-in-law!”

"Mother! What are you saying? It’s not that out of control yet!" Yang Chen defended Lin Ruoxi in dissatisfaction.

"What’s wrong with you! How are you still protecting her after knowing about her actions!? If she treated you as a husband and me as her mother-in-law, she wouldn’t be showing this attitude!" Guo Xuehua said angrily.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly laughed coldly on her own, "If we don't take it over, others may not be willing to. The acquisition must be executed. Even if you all oppose me, I will not change my mind. If you are not willing to accept me again, I suppose this is our fate. Besides… I am being favored all along..." 

Lin Ruoxi headed towards the house without looking at Yang Chen’s shocked expression.

“President Sun, you may leave now. I welcome you to Yulei’s to sign the contract anytime…”

Sun Hai was so angry, he was passing out and had to lean against his son Sun Peng.

Guo Xuehua gave up being mad at Lin Ruoxi and went forward to help Sun Hai. She told Sun Peng, “Forget about her, send President Sun to the hospital now! He will get worse any later!”

Sun Peng quickly nodded and helped his dad, then drove away.

Guo Xuehua watched the car go and returned back to the door. She sighed as she saw Yang Chen who was still in shock, “Yang Chen, stop dreaming. I know you can’t believe what just happened. Even I hope that it wasn’t true, but you must stay strong and find a conclusion.”

Yang Chen took a deep breath and walked back into the house with Guo Xuehua.

After entering the house, they saw Wang Ma downstairs circling anxiously. Yang Chen asked, "Wang Ma, where’s Ruoxi?"

Wang Ma spoke with a worried expression, “She went upstairs, I have no idea what she's going to do. Young master, I’ve never seen the lady showing such an indifferent expression for such a long time. How did it turn out like this? It was okay just now during breakfast...this-”

“Don’t worry, we’ll talk about it. I think Ruoxi is not in a good mood today, it’s just words of anger,” Yang Chen comforted her.

Wang Ma forcefully nodded but she knew it wouldn’t be easy.

After a while, Lin Ruoxi finally came out of her room. But when she came downstairs, she had her red Tods luggage on one hand and a paper in the other. 

Yang Chen was just thinking about why his wife spoke in such a rude manner, until he saw her standing there and couldn’t help but raise his voice, “Lin Ruoxi, what are you trying to do?!”

“Don’t shout at me, who do you think you are!” Lin Ruoxi replied coldly. She rest her luggage on the ground and held paper in her hands right in front of them.

Yang Chen gave it a glance and stood there like a wooden pillar.

“Marriage agreement?”

After seeing those words, Guo Xuehua shouted in disbelief, “Both of you are in a contract marriage!?”

Wang Ma was also dumbfounded, covering her mouth, she couldn’t believe her eyes!