Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi both kept quiet. The paper in her hands was the marriage agreement they both signed at the cafe from the start!

As time flew, Yang Chen forgot about signing this agreement in the cafe!

He never expected her to keep the paper!

“Are you being serious…” Yang Chen’s face turned green as the anger rushed to his face.

He initially thought that she was just  throwing a tantrum and was thinking of ways to please her. But he never expected her to do something so hurtful.

The content in the agreement didn’t matter anymore, be it the couple’s privacy or their assets and properties. 

Everything was meaningless to the two now.

However this agreement was what decided their relationship is right now.

The meaning behind her actions was what made Yang Chen mad!

“You’re wrong, I was never serious,” Lin Ruoxi started to tear up and sneered, “ I’ve asked you to read the agreement before signing it. You were confident that you knew what was written in it. Now I shall show you, it’s stated that I can break this marriage anytime as I wish.”

“That means...you want a divorce?” Yang Chen laughed despite being mad.

“Yes, I’ve had enough of this! I don’t need a man who doesn’t believe in me, a man who shares traces of feelings everywhere as my husband. I’ll give you the house as stated in the agreement for breaching it, I’ll leave!”

“Lin Ruoxi! Just for such a small matter and you are making this decision, have you gone insane!?” Yang Chen yelled furiously.

“Don’t shout at me! I’ve always been a fickle, vicious and insane woman! Even if I have really gone frantical, it’s none of your business! You are not worthy!” Lin Ruoxi refused to take a step back.

Seeing the two arguing and that sheet of agreement, Guo Xuehua was so mad that she lost her breath and her legs became weak. She hasn’t staggered to her feet, thanks to Wang Ma who was holding her.

“Oh my, Xuehua calm down, this...what’s going on?…”

Wang Ma didn’t know where to start and could only be anxious.

“You-...both of you!? What is all this marriage agreement!? Is marriage a joke to you!?” Guo Xuehua’s tears crept through, her deep sense of being deceived made her heart tremble.

“What else? Do you really think I’ll give the rest of my life to a man that I’ve known for a day because of one night’s mistake?” Lin Ruoxi answered coldly.

“And you’re still talking back!?” Guo Xuehua was extremely angry, “The daughter-in-law of our Yang family can be just a commoner, or a business person, but not a female scammer! Alright then...since you are acting like this, leave as you wish, but take off the Fengxiang bracelet on your hand now!”

“As you wish!”

Lin Ruoxi removed the green Fengxiang bracelet without hesitation and left it on the stairs.

Looking at her actions, Guo Xuehua’s lips turned pale.

Lin Ruoxi glanced at Guo Xuehua with a complicated expression and took a deep breath, she then turned around and walked out with her luggage.

Yang Chen stood still with a dull face, clenching both his fists tightly and ignored the woman completely.

“Young master, you...stop the lady!” Wang Ma shouted,

Yang Chen was completely unfazed, “Huh...Since she wants to trample on my heart, I shall not force myself as well. Be my guest if she wants to leave, I can easily get whatever woman I want, why do I need to kneel down and give her kowtows.”

“Oh my, wha-....” Wang Ma was panicking. After helping Guo Xuehua to the sofa, she quickly ran out to chase Lin Ruoxi.

Blocking Lin Ruoxi’s way, Wang Ma spoke while panting, “Young lady, calm down, this is your home, where are you leaving to?!”

Lin Ruoxi turned over and wiped her tears, “Wang Ma, you don’t have to stop me. I might not have anything, but I have lots of money, I can just randomly buy a house to stay anywhere.”

“That wouldn’t work too! This...it’s been two years, how does the paper agreement matter? We’ve been living together sincerely, you can’t break your relationship just like this right!?”

“If I stay, it’ll only give them disgust and suspicion, it's meaningless,” Lin Ruoxi.

Wang Ma placed her hands on her chest emotionally, “How about me!? Young lady, me! I’ve watched you grow since you were young, how can I leave you like this!? How about Lanlan, if she can’t find her mother when she returns, what would she do!? She just got her mother and now you are leaving her behind!?”

Hearing the words ‘Lanlan’, Lin Ruoxi shivered slightly, “I’ll pick her up soon. Just tell Lanlan that her mother went for a business trip very far away. Wang Ma, I am very messed up right now, I can’t even manage myself, not to mention taking care of a child...Don’t worry, I am not a little girl anymore, I can take care of myself. You still have Zhiqing to look after, she can’t cultivate, she’s just an ordinary girl, so don’t worry about me.”

Wang Ma sighed sadly, she could only beg Lin Ruoxi to tell her the new address since she insisted on leaving.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t decline Wang Ma and nodded instead...

In the house, Yang Chen stood by the stairs for quite some time, then walked to the sofa with a blunt face.

Seeing Guo Xuehua wiping her tears and looking haggard, Yang Chen sat beside and placed his hands on his mother’s shoulder.

“I am sorry...mother…”

She looked up with teary eyes, “Silly child, there’s nothing to be sorry of. I know you signed that agreement because you felt sorry for her.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly in his heart. As usual, mothers in the world would always think of their children as the best.

He had done many bad things as well, but Guo Xuehua would always put the blame on Lin Ruoxi as much as possible.

But this time, he didn’t want to help her anymore. The woman’s coldness gave his heart chills, he even began to question if the emotions he felt from her was considered true love between husband and wife.

The two of them were still cuddling in bed yesterday, and suddenly they are parting ways.

He suddenly felt that she had a way more ruthless heart.

At least he couldn’t bring himself to do such a heartbreaking move to his own woman.

Guo Xuehua cleared her thoughts, seeing Yang Chen sitting beside her blankly and felt that he was in pain. Her feeling of sympathy gushed out and she grabbed his hands and tried her best to smile, “Son, don’t feel angry or sad, since she wasn’t satisfied with what you did for her then you should cherish yourself even more. You are the eldest grandchild of our Yang family, you are smart and talented, you will be able to find a better wife! In my opinion, Qianni, An Xin are more suitable to be your wife! If you are willing to, mother will go back home and tell your grandfather. It’s just replacing the fake granddaughter-in-law, we Yang family are not that stubborn!”

“Mother, everything just happened, why are you thinking about all these? Ruoxi only said to divorce verbally, but we are still husband and wife by law. Besides, the incident about Bainian Department Store might not be related to her as well,” Yang Chen showed a wry smile.

“Hmmph!” Guo Xuehua sneered, “You are still thinking of her and saying good words about her! Why are you still helping her when she treated you like this!?”

“I am not helping her, I am just mad at her. Handling things in such an emotionless manner, but I don’t want to cause misunderstandings as well.”

Guo Xuehua’s eyes turned red, “If she wasn’t Zijing’s daughter, I’d never tolerate her until now. She can’t be lectured nor scolded, she should be grateful about her life as she never had to experience what your grandmother did to me! I understand that she needs to work and support her business. That's why I didn’t force her to do housework, but she didn’t appreciate it at all. She doesn't know how to respect her elders, neither does she take care of her own man…”

Yang Chen patted Guo Xuehua’s thigh, “Alright mother, stop it, I’ll go out for awhile.”

Seeing him getting up, she was anxious, “Going out? Where to?

“I need to look for Qianni, she might know something about Bainian,” Yang Chen said.

“Not lying? You are not going to please her and beg for her forgiveness right?” Guo Xuehua asked worriedly.

Yang Chen said embarrassingly, “Don’t worry, this time no matter what, I’ll never beg for Ruoxi’s forgiveness anymore, I have my own dignity too…”