After comforting Guo Xuehua, Yang Chen left the house and went to Rose and Mo Qianni’s residence.

As it was still early, Mo Qianni bumped into Yang Chen as she was about to go to work after breakfast

His sudden entrance gave her a shock. But after seeing it was Yang Chen, she said annoyingly, “Honey, what are you doing in such a hurry?”

Yang Chen took a glance and saw only Ma Guifang in the kitchen, he asked, “Where’s Rose, there’s only you and your mother here?”

“Didn’t you give Rose some mid-rank elixirs? She’s been cultivating hard these few days. I don’t get it, is it so addictive like taking drugs?”

“Rose is still the most sensible one and knows how to share my burden,” Yang Chen smiled in satisfaction. Based on what he saw, currently Rose was the one who had the greatest chance to enter the Soul Forming Stage or even pursue the Tribulation Passing Stage.

But of course, given that he continued providing her elixirs. A strong ‘logistics resources’ was also something Hongmeng and the Ancient families did not have.

“You haven’t told me why you came over this early,” Mo Qianni asked.

Yang Chen didn't waste any time and dragged her to the sofa, “You’ve heard about Bainian Department Store right?”

“Yeah,” Mo Qianni nodded, “Their workers have been protesting out there, of course I know. What’s wrong?”

Yang Chen asked seriously, “Little Qianqian, I know you’ll never lie to me. Tell me  honestly, the person manipulating this, the one who created the fake news, is it from Yulei?”

Mo Qianni was slightly stunned and looked at Yang Chen with a complicated expression. She turned around and thought for awhile then asked, “Honey, are you trying to ask me....if this was Ruoxi’s arrangement?

“I guess you could say so…”

Mo Qianni was confused, “Why are you asking suddenly? Can’t you ask Ruoxi at home?”

Yang Chen sighed, he didn’t plan to hide anything so he told her everything including Sun Hai and Sun Peng paying them a visit and causing a huge argument with Lin Ruoxi; now, she’s using the marriage agreement to leave home.

Mo Qianni kept her mouth open in shock, her eyes started to tear up and she started continuously knocking on Yang Chen’s chest hard anxiously!

“You are in deep trouble! Why did you act so recklessly!? How could you do this to Ruoxi!! You are so mean!!! Ruoxi is already pitiful enough, how can you and your mother treat her like this!?”

Yang Chen quickly grabbed her head, “Little Qianqian, why are you so anxious, tell me what happened! Why is it my fault now?”

Mo Qianni murmured angrily, “I should’ve known something would happen...but I didn’t expect it to be this bad…”

“Gosh, dear Qianqian, you are making me anxious now, what’s going on? Just tell me, is Ruoxi the one behind all this!”

Mo Qianni reached out her hand and twisted Yang Chen’s ear and scolded him, “Of course it’s not Ruoxi! President Sun is an old friend of the former president, Ruoxi has always respected him! Don’t you know that Ruoxi often visits the children in the orphanage and donated a lot of money to the charity homes. President Sun was someone she highly respected, why would she plot against the Bainian Department Store? Yulei has already announced their acquisition to the public even if she wanted to use tricks, she wouldn’t use such disgusting ones right? Wouldn’t it be too obvious?

Yang Chen listened in a daze, despite his ears being twisted by Mo Qianni.

Right, why didn’t he think about it. The tricks and plans that Lin Ruoxi normally used were mostly silent and unpredictable.

In comparison, this time, it was more awkward, everyone could guess that Yulei was the one who did, it would be too blatant.

Unfortunately, the person in the play would never be clear.

Yang Chen saw Lin Ruoxi using tricks to defeat her opponents too many times. Preconceived, he didn’t believe that it was not her doing this time.

“Then...who did it?” Yang Chen asked.

Mo Qianni wiped her tears and sighed, “Ruoxi asked me to investigate in person, I went to the TV station and used some money to find out the truth…”


She nodded, “It wasn’t anyone else who did it, it was the person you’ve met this morning, President Sun’s only son, Sun Peng.”

“Sun Peng? His son!?” Yang Chen was shocked.

“Correct,” Mo Qianni said seriously, “I couldn’t figure out the reason at first, after telling Ruoxi, she explained to me…”

Yang Chen said blankly, “How did Ruoxi say it…”

“She said, the Bainian Department Store is running the civilian route, but Zhonghai’s economy is getting better. International malls like Walmart are entering the market, their logistics chain is much more advanced and they won’t be able to compete in terms of price and stock supply. 

Their main business is facing more and more challenges and it can be said that they are walking to the end of their road. This is because President Sun changes too slowly and he refuses to give up the inherent strategy, insisting on staying close to the people, but he will end up being eliminated. Only Yulei is willing to take over and restructure a business with their business framework. Meaning, if President Sun insists on not selling, bankruptcy will be waiting for them. However, he takes Bainian as his life and didn’t want to sell it, but his son Sun Peng couldn’t bring himself to stay out of this. He knew that his father wouldn’t agree in selling that’s why he didn’t want to wait anymore after seeing Yulei giving 15 billion. He didn’t want to take over a bankrupt company, so he must force his father to sell it…”

Yang Chen finally understood, “So it means that because Sun Peng wants to inherit the family’s properties, he secretly contacted the journalists and easily mixed in some fake products? Also, the outsiders will never think that it was a member of the Sun family who did this.”

Mo Qianni nodded, “Yes, actually if you went and investigated it in detail, anyone could figure out the truth. But so far, only me and Ruoxi knows the truth and now I am telling you.”

“Little Qianqian...what you’re saying, is all true right?” Yang Chen sobbed.

Mo Qianni frowned, “What now? You aren’t believing in me as well? Have I, Mo Qianni, ever lied to you?”

“No no....” Yang Chen smiled embarrassingly, “I am just wondering, since Ruoxi already found out that it was Sun Peng’s doing, why didn’t she clarify it? If she said it earlier and called you over as proof, me and my mother wouldn’t suspect her and none of this would’ve happened.”

Mo Qianni heard this and said sourly, “This is the reason I feel bad for're being so bad, she’s so pitiful…”

“What do you mean…” Yang Chen was confused.

“Didn’t you realize that President Sun Hai’s health isn’t that good?” Mo Qianni said sadly, “His health hasn’t been stable these past few years so he should not be agitated too much, and he has high blood pressure as well…”

Yang Chen recalled that Sun Peng brought Sun Hai to the hospital and nodded.

Mo Qianni sighed, “Actually, I really admire Ruoxi. I was planning to make a public announcement that Sun Peng was the one who did all this and that it is not related to Yulei at all to save our reputation. But Ruoxi told me, President Sun is aging and he won’t have much longer to live. Besides, he had been proud of his own son and thinks that everyone in the Bainian Department Store is a harmonious family...If he were to find out that his only son was the one who did all these to his store that he cherishes more than his life, what would he think? How much impact would that give him? He will definitely think that he has failed all his employees and fall into despair, and his last strand of hope will vanish. If anything goes wrong, and his blood pressure increases, he might lose his life…”

Yang Chen’s heart seemed to have set off a huge wave. Hearing these words, he then thought about the despair in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes earlier...

“She...she was afraid that Sun Hai couldn’t take it...that’s why she didn’t clarify herself?”

How foolish could this woman be to do something like this for an outsider?

Yang Chen felt that his brain was about to be torn apart, thinking of Lin Ruoxi’s shadow as she left, it was too suffocating!