Mo Qianni mourned, “It hasn’t been easy for Ruoxi, this incident has caused a great impact on Yulei’s reputation and our employees' pride. But she still considered the impact and told me to keep it a secret...she is afraid that President Sun will find out about the truth…”

Yang Chen tightly grabbed onto his own hair, not knowing to laugh or to cry, “I am so done...Even if she can’t say it infront of Sun Hai, she could’ve talked to me in private. Besides, why did she have to speak in such a mean manner and irritate everybody. She spoke in such a way when she knew old man Sun’s health wasn’t stable, how would mother believe in her and how would I not think about all these…”

Mo Qianni snorted, “Anyone would have spoken words of anger after being accused like this, why would they consider how others feel. Even I can feel empathy for Ruoxi from what you’re telling me. Others can doubt her, but how could you not believe in her?”

“Hey, how is it all my fault?!” Yang Chen couldn’t help but raise his voice, “If she hadn’t destroyed so many people in the past without me knowing, it wouldn’t have been difficult for me to believe her. Besides, this situation feels like something she’d do. She always thinks that emotions and feelings shouldn’t be discussed in the business world. How would I have known about this then?”


“Alright that’s it!” Ma Guifang came out from the kitchen and interrupted what Mo Qianni wanted to say.

She glanced at the two helplessly and said, “You aren’t coming here for an argument early in the morning right? Communicate nicely and calmly, we are a family, what’s the rush.”

Yang Chen nodded embarrassingly to his mother-in-law, “Mother is right, I was too anxious…”

Ma Guifang sighed and patted Yang Chen on the chest, “Yang Chen, I’ve heard most of it in the kitchen. I am not a cultured person and I don’t know much, but I believe that we are a family, and there will never be knots that we can’t untie. Like what they used to say, the trouble can only be ended by the person who caused it. Besides, a man should be more generous when facing relationship problems, take a step back, and since you are the one who’s wrong and President Lin is not fully at fault, just compromise a little bit.”

Mo Qianni nodded, “Exactly. Honey quickly go and find Ruoxi, she must be crying alone now.”

“You’re the one telling me huh...I thought you would be happy if we divorced,” Yang Chen pouted.

Mo Qianni pinched his thigh hard and widened her eyes, “What are you talking about! I’d never do something like that!”

“Just kidding,” Yang Chen touched her hand and said bitterly, “I can’t bring myself to face her now, I’ve said so many bad things to her. I’ve always been the one to beg for forgiveness, I can’t throw away all of my dignity now…”

“Then wait for a few days. Wait until Ruoxi calms down and is in the mood to listen to your explanation, then only should you ask for her forgiveness,” Mo Qianni suggested.

Yang Chen thought for awhile and agreed, he still had to tell his mother everything and quickly ran back home.

Right after he left, Ma Guifang stopped Mo Qianni and said, “Little Ni, I suppose...based on President Lin’s character, she had already left home, meaning that she wouldn’t be able to calm down for now. It’s not that easy.”

Mo Qianni nodded worriedly, “Mother, I know, but...why are you saying all these? Do you have any thoughts?”

“Silly girl, why should I have unnecessary thoughts. I want you to accompany Xuehua more during this period and showcase yourself. You can either help her in housework or talk to her more, anything will do, just be natural,” Ma Guifang squinted her eyes and smiled.

Mo Qianni frowned, “Mother, I get what you are trying to say. But aren’t you making me evil then, you were just asking Yang Chen to find Ruoxi back, why are you…”

“Oh my, my dear daughter, how can your mother tell Yang Chen not go, in front of him? It will make us look petty right? Letting him go will make him think that you are worried. But if Yang Chen and President Lin decided to divorce, you and Rose are the closest to Xuehua. You come from a clean background, obviously your chances are higher!” Ma Guifang caressed through her daughter’s hair.

Mo Qianni stared at her mother in shock as she found it unbelievable, “ could you say such a thing, I never wanted to replace Ruoxi’s place. Besides, how can I betray her when she’s upset? I’ve done it once and I’ll never do it twice. After all, you taught me to be grateful, right?”

Ma Guifang lowered her head, “Little Ni, mother knows that this is not right, but just like Xuehua didn’t want her son to suffer, all parents in this world wouldn’t want their children to receive unequal treatments. I wouldn’t want my daughter to be a lover of a man without getting any recognition forever. Even if Yang Chen is treating you all well, giving everything you all want, it's always a sad thing for a woman to just be a lover. I know that you are loyal to Ruoxi, but since you have made a step forward, might as well make another and just play dumb, it’s not a big deal.”

Mo Qianni’s face turned cold, “Mother, I am not interested in listening anymore. If you continue talking, I’ll get really mad...That’s it, I am going to work.”

She stretched her legs and walked out after finishing.

Ma Guifang sighed and murmured to herself, “Silly child, even if your mother becomes the bad person, it’s all for your own good…”


Yang Chen clarified the situation to his mother who was still mad after he got home.

After listening, her expression became complicated. There were regrets in her eyes along with a hint of self-blame, but at the same time some dissatisfaction and anger, that turned to exhaustion at the end.

“I didn’t expect things to be like this, I’ve wronged Ruoxi,” Guo Xuehua shook her head and sighed, she put her hand on Yang Chen’s thigh, “Yang Chen, your mother is so sorry.”

“What is there to be sorry about? I’ve wronged her as well, I can only say that I do not know own woman as much as I thought,” Yang Chen smiled at Go Xuehua, “Mother, you don’t have to blame yourself, I’ve thought about it already, I’ll apologize to Ruoxi after a few days after she calms down. Clarifying things will always solve the problem.”

“But aren’t you two in a contract marriage? Ruoxi has made things so difficult by saying such cruel words, will she still be willing to recognize the marriage?”

Yang Chen said seriously, “She can’t decide on this alone. I may have let her get her way in other matters, but I treat this marriage seriously. Although I took it lightly at first, I wouldn’t be going across the sea for her if I didn’t want to.” 

“So you are saying that Ruoxi will be your only wife?” Guo Xuehua asked.

Yang Chen nodded without hesitation, “After going through so much, I am clear on who I would never want to give up. Besides, our marriage is known to the public, we can’t just divorce like this, it would affect her reputation as well.”

Guo Xuehua’s eyes were filled with worry, but she still nodded helplessly.

Yang Chen was also dull at home, after mentioning everything, he went straight to the office.

When the house finally went back to silence, Guo Xuehua went to the telephone and called the Yang residence in Beijing.

Beijing, the backyard study room of the Yang Residence.

The weather was humid and cold, Yang Gongming didn’t spend much time on outdoor activities. Although his health improved after eating the elixirs Yang Chen gave, he was still aging, so he wasn’t willing to walk around much.

Sitting comfortably on the chair, Yang Gongming was holding a book in his hands and reading it silently. A steaming cup of tea by his side, apparently it was made by his servant not long ago.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged maid was standing quietly at the entrance of the room, holding a vibrating cell phone. She went inside and bowed, “Old Master, it’s a call from Young Master Chen’s residence in Zhonghai.”

Ever since Yan Sanniang left, Yang Gongming could only find new maids to serve him. Although the new ones were doing well, he was still not used to it.

“Bring it over.”

Yang Gongming took over the phone, “Hello, it’s Xuehua I suppose?”

Guo Xuehua was a little shocked, “Father, how do you know it’s me?”

“Haha, Yang Chen won’t be so nice to call and he would just directly come to Beijing if he had something to say. Ruoxi is not daring enough, so only you would properly call me.”

Guo Xuehua smiled on the other side of the phone. She pursed her lips and said, “Father...I suppose… there’s something that you should be aware of…”