Yang Gongming smiled faintly, “Just tell me. You sound uneasy.”

Guo Xuehua hummed as a response and reorganized her thoughts before telling Yang Gongming about the marriage contract between Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi.

After hearing her out, Yang Gongming remained silent on the chair as if he was deep in thought.

“Dad,” Guo Xuehua couldn’t stop herself from saying, “I think it’s a bit too much. We treated this marriage seriously and announced it to the public. How could they make such a contract beforehand, marriage isn’t a game.”

“It’s fine, it’s not like we’re releasing it out to the public. Only our family knows about this. Besides, that contract isn’t legally valid. It’s their marriage certificate and wedding ceremony that are valid. Ruoxi’s only moving out, it’s not a big deal.” 

“Dad, but…but it’s about her attitude. I don’t mind it, but I don’t wish to see Yang Chen being treated this way…it pains me…”

Yang Gongming took a deep breath, “What did Yang Chen say about this?”

“What else can he say? He said he’ll beg for her forgiveness soon. I don’t get it. He’s daring when it comes to other stuff, but he becomes a coward when it comes to women. It’s not like he lacks admirers, why must he stay fixated on one woman?” Guo Xuehua grumbled. 

Yang Gongming chuckled, “It’s a good thing. It means that he has his own principles. He lived overseas for most of his life and his blood is filled with viciousness. He’s capable and he likes to take actions alone. He’s a real man, but these qualities of his won’t be beneficial towards his family and children. Women are his weakness, and this will make him mature.”

“Dad, what do you mean by that?” Guo Xuehua was puzzled.

“Place yourself in his shoes. Back when Pojun disappointed you, you weren’t able to forget about him. It’s not that easy to leave someone you once loved. It’s normal for young lovers to break up and reconcile. You’re their mother and mother-in-law, you can’t take sides. Ruoxi lost her mother at a young age and she hardly experienced parental love. Her feelings towards you are special, care for her more and empathize her. Her family background caused her to have an odd personality but she’s kind. I’m pretty satisfied with her even though her family background brings criticism. Besides that, the other women may love Yang Chen, but they may not be able to have him under control.”

Guo Xuehua’s heart softened at the thought of Lin Ruoxi and the times they had spent together. Even though she had complaints about her, they have had a fair share of warm moments together.

“Then…dad, what do you think I should do? Should I apologize to Ruoxi and beg for her forgiveness?” Guo Xuehua asked.

Yang Gongming sighed, “Silly, why would you get involved with their relationship problems? Yang Chen might look flighty, but he knows what to do. Think about it yourself, I have only one thing to say…they won’t be accompanying you for the rest of your life…”

Guo Xuehua held onto the phone with a dazed expression before smiling, “Thanks dad…I know what to do now.”

Yang Gongming chuckled, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you guys about the kid.”


“That’s right,” Yang Gongming said, “Bring her along on your next visit. I want to meet my great-granddaughter.”

Guo Xuehua chuckled, “Nothing gets past you, I thought you’d be upset about this.”

“Duh, Ruoxi registered her surname as Yang. How can I be uninformed when a new member has been added to our clan? Besides I have approved her request which means I’ve acknowledged the child as one of us. Now that the four generations of the Yang clan are complete, I have to meet her.”

Guo Xuehua’s eyes turned watery, “Thank you dad, I know you did this for me…thank you…”

Yang Chen returned home in the evening with a lethargic expression. He had been meaning to visit Lin Ruoxi, but he was afraid of making things worse.

Once he entered the house, he was greeted by Wang Ma who was getting ready to leave the house with two large suitcases.

“Wang Ma, where are you going?”

Wang Ma looked up and showed him an embarrassed smile, “Sir, I’m not going anywhere. I’m bringing some stuff over to miss. She didn’t pack a lot of clothes with her. I’ve got to bring her clothes since it’s winter.”

“Where did she move to?” Yang Chen asked hurriedly.

Wang Ma smiled through her pursed lips, “Don’t worry, Miss bought a house in Nanshan today. It’s quite peaceful there and the security is good. She’ll be alright.”

Yang Chen nodded. He knew about the mansions in Nanshan. It was far from Xijiao Villas, but it was still a wealthy area. The mansions there were built along the mountain trails, a place that was filled with marvelous mountain views.

Even though transportation wasn’t convenient there, the environment and land area outweighed it.

For someone with a personality like Lin Ruoxi, it made sense for her to move over there.

Yang Chen saw Wang Ma out after she told him about Lin Ruoxi’s new house address and decided to go over to talk during the weekends.

He then went over to the sofa to rest. Feeling bored, he turned on the news channel.

Just as he turned on the television, they were reporting about Yu Lei’s act of purchasing the Century Department Store with a high price. 

It looked like Lin Ruoxi managed to take good care of her company even though she wasn’t doing well emotionally.

Right at this time, Minjuan arrived home with Lanlan.

She was carrying Lanlan’s backpack while Lanlan was holding onto four sticks of fried sausages. 

Her oily lips showed that Lanlan already had a lot of snacks on her way back. Children could never resist the temptation of the roadside’s food stalls.

Lin Ruoxi gave Lanlan lots of allowance as she had a good appetite. Minjuan always lets her eat whatever she wants, so it was a relief that Lanlan’s figure barely changed. 

Yang Chen’s heart warmed at the sight of his daughter.

He waved his hand and motioned her over, “Chubs, come and give daddy a hug.”

Lanlan stuck her tongue out and made a face, but she still jumped and landed on her Father’s thighs.

An ordinary pair of father and daughter would never be able to do movements like that.

Yang Chen held onto her tummy and pinched her calves with his other hand. He could never resist her chubby flesh.

“Daddy, is mommy not home yet?” Lanlan asked.

“Mmh…” Yang Chen hesitated before saying, “Mommy went out to do something, she won’t be back so soon.”

Minjuan sighed softly. She heard about it from Wang Ma but there was nothing she could do other than take care of Lanlan.

Lanlan’s gaze was filled with complex emotions, “Did mommy leave because I’m naughty…”

“Silly girl, what are you saying? You’re so obedient, mommy will never abandon you.” Yang Chen smiled.

Lanlan pouted, “Last time mommy said she was going somewhere far, and she never came back for a long time. Now that I’ve found her, I can’t let her go again.”

It felt as if someone had whipped Yang Chen’s heart and it pained him to see her innocent and hopeful gaze. Cracks were starting to form on his stone-like heart.

“No, it won’t happen. I promise you. Mommy will only be out for a short while; she’ll be back soon to see you.” Yang Chen extended his pinky, “Come, let’s do a pinky swear.”

Lanlan giggled and locked her pinky with him before kissing his cheeks.

Children’s emotions change quickly, and soon she was back to munching on her fried sausage cheerfully while humming her newly learnt nursery rhyme.

Yang Chen touched the oily and sloppy kiss from his daughter, feeling cheered up.