Lin Ruoxi swallowed her words at Yang Chen’s penetrating gaze.

It felt as if his words had materialized into a stone that stone penetrated a frozen spring in her heart.

She stared into his eyes for a long time before letting out a breath. With pursed lips, she told him, “You’re truly selfish.”

“I admit that I am, which is why I’ll never agree to the divorce. I will never let you leave me. I won’t kneel and beg to you, nor would I apologize over this anymore. You have the right to remain here but you’re mine and that will never change.”

“You’re always unreasonable towards me.” Lin Ruoxi’s jaw tightened.

“I want you to face reality,” Yang Chen said with a stern expression, “You think mom had let you down for inviting them over to our place. You think we’re bullying you for suspecting you twice. Aren’t you being too harsh? You can throw a tantrum at me and I can take it, but you’ve ruined everyone else’s mood because of your temper. Do you think it’s your privilege to do so? Why must you compete with me? I’m your husband and she’s your mother-in-law, we’re a family. Must you cause such a commotion?”

“You…” Lin Ruoxi muttered, “I knew it, you’ve never felt sorry towards me.”

“I’m stating the truth.”

“It pains me because I know everything you said is the truth!”

Having said so, Lin Ruoxi ran back to her house and shut the glass door behind her.

Yang Chen watched her from the balcony, but he didn’t bother to run after her.

The chilly morning breeze brushed past him and he breathed in the fresh air before jumping off the balcony.

He had no plans on being overbearing as it looked like Lin Ruoxi still couldn’t accept reality.

Feeling gloomy, Yang Chen sped out to a small supermarket by the suburbs and bought a packet of low-quality cigarettes to smoke on his way home.

The taste of nicotine calmed him down. 

Even though I'm a rich person, I still can’t live like one. Bad cigarettes are still my thing… and good cigarettes just don’t taste the same.

Yang Chen was planning on playing games the whole day to relax, but he received a phone call from Tang Wan as soon as he got home.

“Dear, where are you?” It sounded as if she was stifling a laugh.

Yang Chen chuckled bitterly, “Your tone, why does it sound like you know something?”

“Don’t you know businessmen have to be well-informed? It’s about you after all. Why? Did you argue with your wife? I heard that she moved out?” 

Yang Chen’s face fell, “How did you know? Did Qianni tell you?”

“Tsk, Qianni isn’t a blabbermouth, she wouldn’t tell others. I went to your house when I got home, and no one was there. I called Wang Ma and she told me. Why? Were you trying to hide it from us? Didn’t you know that someone like me with ulterior motives have been waiting for this day to come? I’ve always viewed Lin Ruoxi as my rival.” Tang Wan giggled.

Yang Chen laughed at her joke, “You’ll have to wait for a long time. We have to live separately for two years for the divorce to be valid.”

“Hmph, I bet she’ll move back in a few days. I shouldn’t even think about it.” Tang Wan chuckled, “Can you go shopping with me? You haven’t been spending time with me.”

“Come on, you always say that you’re busy,” Yang Chen rolled his eyes, “Where are you? I’ll come to pick you up.”

“I’m at home. Tangtang went to Los Angeles with Yuan Ye. She said that they’re spending their Christmas at Disneyland. I’m so lonely…”

Yang Chen sighed deeply, feeling old suddenly. 

So that’s where youngsters go for a date. Why haven’t I thought of that? I should bring Lanlan there next time.

Yang Chen arrived at Tang Wan’s place and minutes later, she walked out with a grey sweater and a black pencil skirt.

Yang Chen always had the impulse to touch her every time he saw her. Even though she was no longer young, her appearance was well-maintained that it looked like she was still in her twenties.

“What’re you looking at? Start driving.” Tang Wan chided with a blushed face.

Yang Chen smirked and nodded.

Tang Wan scrunched her nose and frowned when she smelled the cigarette smoke, “Why do I smell smoke? Did you smoke in the car?”


“Are you that distressed? You haven’t been smoking before this,” Tang Wan wasn’t pleased, “I thought my man was special, but It turns out that you’re not mentally strong after all.”

Yang Chen forced a laugh, “You’re ruthless…fine, I’ll quit smoking. Where do you want to go?”

Yang Chen wasn’t upset since she was just worried about him.

Tang Wan thought for a moment, “It’s cold so let’s not walk on the streets. Let’s go to the mall, we can have our lunch there too.”

Yang Chen was fine with anything and drove to a high-end shopping mall located in the city centre. He was eyeing on the restaurants located on the highest floor.

Even though Tang Wan wasn’t looking for anything, she couldn’t stop herself from trying on clothes, bags and accessories in the stores.

If this was an ordinary day, Yang Chen wouldn’t be accompanying her to a shopping mall. He’d rather play games and sleep at home. However, he accompanied Tang Wan since he wasn’t in a good mood and also because he hadn’t been spending time with her recently.

Tang Wan went straight to the luxury goods, ignoring the brands like Balenciaga, Dr Martens and Lancôme.

With one of her hands in Yang Chen’s, Tang Wan picked up clothes and bags that were worth more than ten thousand dollars while the sales associate served her carefully.

Yang Chen didn’t understand fashion, thinking that the apparels from Chanel and Gucci seemed odd. The non-luxurious brands looked far more comfortable than these apparels. 

“Hey, if you want to buy clothes, let’s look at the ones downstairs. These clothes are for fashion shows, there’s no point in looking at these.” Yang Chen suggested.

Tang Wan scrutinized the details on the outfits while replying, “You don’t get it. if I don’t wear branded outfits when I go for business meetings, people would think that I’m incompetent. People nowadays care a lot about appearance.”

Yang Chen curled his lips, “They’re materialistic, you don’t have to be like them. Why must they care about the brands, they don't represent your value.”

Yang Chen was reminded of the time when he first met Tang Wan. It seemed like she had always been willing to pay for things, like the limited-edition Land Rover she bought. That was far pricier than Lin Ruoxi’s Bentley.

“It’s fine to be materialistic. If it wasn’t for materialistic women, luxurious brands would've gone out of business. Your wife’s company profit wouldn’t rise so quickly if it wasn’t for them.” Tang Wan chided.

“You’re exaggerating.” Yang Chen was astonished even though he had a rough idea of Yu Lei International business scale.

Tang Wan rolled her eyes at him, “It’s obvious that you don’t pay attention to the company…her new patent has been winning her collaborations with Prada, Hermes and Burberry. The profits from these products were ten to a hundred folds. Why do you think she was able to take over companies continuously.”

It dawned on him then and he sighed in response, “She’s talented in the business field but she still needs to learn more about being a wife.”

Tang Wan giggled and Yang Chen was puzzled, “What are you laughing about?”

“Nothing, you said she’s talented, but I think you’re exaggerating it. Well, I admit she’s good at it, but her accomplishment has something to do with her identity as the premier’s daughter.” Tang Wan replied.

“What do you mean?” Yang Chen furrowed his brows.

Tang Wan linked arms with him and spoke nonchalantly, “Businessmen like us need to do things at the right time, at the right place and with the right people. Having the right people isn’t that hard, you just need to hire that person. As for the right place, it depends on luck. If Yu Lei didn’t choose the fashion industry, it might’ve not survived in this world where the fashion industry is getting more and more exclusive. The hardest part is doing things at the right time, normally it depends on the government’s policy. It’s like God's command…as long as you do things according to the policy, you don’t have to worry about business opportunities. If the policy doesn’t support you, failure is guaranteed no matter how resourceful you are. As long as the policy exists, you’ll always have investors.”

Yang Chen understood immediately, “Are you saying that Ning Guangyao has been helping Yu Lei with the policies? Is that why her business has been going well?”

“Mmh…” Tang Wan’s expression became serious, “You have to be careful of the Ning clan and Ning Guangyao. Even though he had never acknowledged her for the past years, if he ever confessed to Lin Ruoxi about the things he had done, Lin Ruoxi would be touched. If your wife acknowledges him as her father…it would be a disaster.”