Tang Wan was puzzled when Yezi called her. She couldn’t understand how they knew her since she was already tipsy from drinking.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly, “Don’t flatter me…nothing good happens every time you guys show up. What is it again this time?”

“Young Master Yang, don’t say that. We’re not troublemakers,” Tianlong smiled sheepishly, “We’re here to ask if you’ve noticed anything odd in Zhonghai.”

“Odd? What kind?” Yang Chen was puzzled.

Yezi asked curiously, “Brother Yang, your subordinates didn’t report it to you? Some suspicious people have come to China and they’re lurking around Zhonghai.” 

“I don’t have subordinates; the Sea Eagles’ mission has been terminated so I sent them back to Europe. I’m alone here in Zhonghai.” Yang Chen replied

“I didn’t know about this, no wonder you didn’t hear any news,” Tianlong said in understanding.

“What exactly are you guys talking about? Who’s here?” Yang Chen furrowed his brows.

Worry was evident on Yezi’s face, “The Sword in the Stone from Scotland and the Dark Parliament from Europe. Oh yeah, Camarilla’s subordinates and Sabbat are here with the Dark Parliament this time. There’s also some small group of power users but they’re not of our concern.”

Yang Chen was confused, “They came to Zhonghai? For what? Are they here for God’s stone again? I don’t have it anymore!”

“Of course not, even if you do have it, they wouldn’t dare to fight you.”

“Why are they here then?”

Tianlong exchanged glances with Yezi before she spoke up, “Magical Girdle.”

Yang Chen was startled at first, but the word sounded familiar. He was stunned when he realized what they meant, “Are you talking about Aphrodite’s legendary weapon, the Magical Girdle?”

In Roman mythology, the Goddess of Beauty, Venus had a weapon that was irresistible even to the Gods, the golden girdle around her waist.

Apparently she once used the girdle to bedazzle the Gods and took control of their mind. She then competed with Athena and Hera over beauty and all the Gods chose her as the Goddess of Beauty. 

Well, it was all a myth. Something that was made up by humans under the Gods involvement to invoke their worship and belief. 

Yang Chen had never heard from Christen if she really had the Magical Girdle but just like Hades never told him about the Helmet of Invisibility when he passed Yang Chen the divinity. 

Such weapons weren’t important to the Gods who had been alive for millennials. 

Besides, even if Christen had the abilities, Yang Chen doubts she could really control Zeus.

“You said they’re lurking around Zhonghai, does it mean the Magical Girdle has appeared in Zhonghai?” Yang Chen asked.

Tianlong sighed, “We’re not sure about that. We couldn’t locate the source of this information.”

“Then how did they know about this?”

“Someone used the Magical Girdle to control the special forces soldier and it was caught on tape. That video was sent to the Sword in the Stone, the Dark Parliament and other minor organizations. The location stated on the video was the basecamp of the Jiangnan military zone, near Zhonghai.” Yezi replied.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows, “You guys watched the video? Where is it? Let me watch it.”

Yang Chen was starting to get serious as the whole thing sounded fishy.

Tianlong was already prepared, and he took out his phone to play a 20-second video.

In the video, a blurry silhouette was seen to be controlling a group of soldiers with a golden girdle as if they were his puppets. The soldiers aimed their guns towards their comrades and fired shots simultaneously! 

It was a short video, but it happened only a week ago!

The Yellow Flame Iron Brigade couldn’t find any clues about the silhouette and was planning to veil it up, but the video was sent to most international organizations.

“The user of this girdle announced that he found this artifact by accident, but he couldn’t control it so he’s planning to give up on it. He hid the girdle somewhere in China and those who find it will be the next owner…” Tianlong chuckled dryly.

Yang Chen contemplated for a moment while knocking on the table, “Weird. Technically, if it’s really the Magical Girdle, Aphrodite who’s in the States would have sensed it but there’s no reaction from her. Besides, the artifact can’t be used by anyone, you would need to have divinity. Who is that silhouette…what is his motive for doing this?”  

“We don’t know about that, but such an artifact is definitely tempting since it could bedazzle the Gods and control their mind. Besides, the golden girdle’s description is the same as on the ancient records. It looks legit. Young master Yang, think about it. The Sword of Thanatos in France, the Holy Grail in Zhonghai. These are ordinary artifacts and people were already fighting over it, let alone an artifact from one of the twelve Gods! Even if the Sword in the Stone and the Dark Parliament knew something was off, they wouldn’t miss out on a chance like this!’

“But even if they really found it, can they keep it?” Yang Chen chuckled. 

Tianlong shook his head, “Judging from the current situation, they must be thinking that they can use the girdle too since the guy could use it and the fact that Venus never took it away. Especially the vampires with half God-like abilities, they must be hoping to break through the shackles by getting the artifact. With their original powers, they might challenge the Gods.”

Yang Chen stifled a peal of laughter, “Why does it sound like a trap? I don’t think you guys should stop wasting time, let them do whatever they want.”

Yezi tried to please him with a smile, “Brother Yang, you’re the eldest descendant of the Yang clan, you should help us. The sorcerers from the Sword in the Stone and the knights are manageable but our Yellow Flame Iron Brigade wouldn’t survive if the vampires showed up.”

“Shoo, I can’t even handle my own wife, let alone be involved with these matters. Aphrodite hasn’t said anything, why would I intervene with it?” Yang Chen rejected the offer for help immediately. He didn’t want to be involved in it since it wouldn’t bring him any good.

“Then…brother Yang can you help us ask the Goddess of Beauty if she’s willing to show up. If the powerful vampires decided to fight over the Magical Girdle, we wouldn’t be able to keep things under control.” Yezi pleaded. 

Yang Chen thought it wasn’t a difficult request, so he nodded, “Fine, I’ll call her later.”

“Call her now, the earlier the better,” Yezi said anxiously.

Yang Chen was speechless, but he still took out his phone and dialled Christen’s number.

Once the call went through, Christen asked immediately, “Hades, are you calling to ask me about the Magical Girdle too? My precious girdle isn’t stolen! It has always been with me so stop asking me about it, please! The girdle in the video looks the same but it definitely isn’t my Magical Girdle! There are so many power users in this world like the Soul Sorcerers from the Sword of the Stone. They can create illusions too, so why must it be the Magical Girdle’s doing?!”

Yang Chen smiled sheepishly, “Why are you so agitated? I’m just calling on behalf of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, they don’t dare to ask you themselves. I knew it, how can you not know about it when someone is using your artifact.”

Christen clenched her jaw, “Poseidon, Artemis and Hermes called me before you and they woke me up from my sleep. Don’t get involved in this matter, let them look for it. But if I find out who the culprit behind this is, I’ll skin that person alive!”