“You should hate Raphael, he’s the leader of Sabbat and he’s the one who’s subordinates followed Camarilla to Zhonghai.” Yang Chen chuckled. 

Raphael was the leader of the Tzimisce clan, who was also the God of Shepherd, Hermes.

Christen wasn’t interested in talking about him, “He’s a weird guy, he wouldn’t let his subordinates know that he has divinity. Hades, I’ll be frank with you, our artifacts are connected to our divinity. This was why Artemis could sense it when Selene appeared in Korea, even when she was half a world apart. The only artifact that can’t be traced is the missing Helmet of Invisibility that is technically yours…uh…it’s actually a crown. Because this artifact is meant to conceal everything that can be traced so only the user can sense it. It’s the only exception among the other artifacts.”

“No wonder…the previous Hades find it… It’s untraceable.” Yang Chen understood it now.

Christen yawned, “Alright, I’m going back to sleep. If you’re free, help me see who’s the culprit. Tell me and I’ll kill him personally! Does he think by hiding in China we wouldn’t dare to kill him…?”

Yang Chen laughed dryly before hanging up.

Tianlong and Yezi breathed out in relief as they listened to the whole conversation. A conflict wouldn’t easily arise as long as the girdle isn’t real.

“If that’s the case, we’ll be leaving now. We’ll inform you once we have tracked down the culprit.” Tianlong said.

Yang Chen waved his hands hurriedly, “Please don’t, this has nothing to do with me. Goodbye!”

After sending Tianlong and Yezi off, Yang Chen was lost in thoughts, but he stopped thinking about it when he couldn’t figure things out.

Half an hour went by and most of their dishes were served.

Tang Wan had been quiet the whole time, drinking by herself. Her cheeks were already flushed as she looked in front of her with a dazed expression.

“What happened to you? Don’t force yourself if you can’t drink.” Yang Chen chuckled.

Tang Wan puckered her lips and burped, “I haven’t felt so relaxed while drinking…I drank too much…Chinese spirits are too strong…”

Yang Chen was speechless. While chuckling, he picked up some food with his chopsticks and placed it into her bowl, “Alright, stop drinking. Eat and we’ll go home.”

Tang Wan bit her lips and smiled at him sweetly before eating in a leisurely manner.

Yang Chen finished most of the food with big bites and paid the bill before leaving.

Once they stepped out of the restaurant, the chilly air crept up to their skin.

Tang Wan was staggering, her legs were wobbly, and she kept bumping into things.

Yang Chen wanted to pull her but Tang Wan wriggled away.

“Don’t pull me…I want to walk by myself…” Tang Wan tittered.

Yang Chen was amused, “Don’t throw a fit. Do you want me to make you sober? I can do that.”

Tang Wan pouted, “I’m fine, I’m not drunk…eh, it’s because I’m happy!”

Tang Wan wobbled, while Yang Chen followed from behind.

The passersby smiled at them. It was a pleasant view to see a beautiful woman like her walking on the streets drunk.

Yang Chen was worried that she would trip so he walked in front of her and bent down, “Alright, stop throwing a fit. Get on my back, I’ll carry you.”

Tang Wan pushed him and pointed at the street while putting her other hand on her waist!

“I said I’m not drunk, listen to me…I can still walk home alone no matter how much alcohol I had…I don’t want a man to carry me…women have pride too…”

“...And you say you’re not drunk.” Yang Chen sighed while shaking his head.

It was his first time seeing her drunk. Her usual calm and collected attitude were replaced with a silly drunk girl, she looked really cute in his eyes.

Tang Wan was oblivious and after walking a few more steps, her legs gave in and she almost fell!

Thank goodness Yang Chen was right beside her and he pulled her onto his back, ignoring her struggle.

Her thighs were wrapped around Yang Chen’s waist and she stayed still on his back. She pressed her body close to his body and breathed into his ear… 

“Yang Chen…”



“I’m here…”


“I’m listening, say something.” Yang Chen didn’t bother to make her sober. She must have been feeling tense for a long time that she let herself get drunk next to him.

Tang Wan giggled and smacked her lips.

“I miss Tang Jue…”

“Tang Jue?”

“Mmh…hubby…I want to go to Russia…”

“Go if you want to see your brother. But he’s already a grown-up, it’s fine if he wants to do his business there." Yang Chen replied.

“He’s not…he’s so silly and thinks he’s smart. If it wasn’t for me…other people would’ve been a bad influence on him…”

Even though Tang Wan often scolded her brother, she still cared about him deeply since they were siblings and their parents had passed away.

“You’ve had it rough for the past years. Do you miss your parents?” Yang Chen said with a gentle voice.

Tang Wan’s lips curled, “No.”

“Is it because you were too young, so you don’t remember them anymore?”

“No…Tang Jue was young so he doesn’t remember…I remember mom and dad…but I know that even if I miss them…I still can’t see them, so I stopped thinking about them.”

Yang Chen stopped in his tracks and he turned to look at Tang Wan silently. It sounded as if she was talking in her sleep since she was still in a daze.

“Don’t pity me…” Tang Wan suddenly pouted.

“I’m not pitying you,” Yang Chen smiled, “It wasn’t easy for you too, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of you while you take care of Tang Jue and Tangtang.”

“Heh…that’s good, I’d rather be hated than be pitied…”

Halfway saying that Tang Wan laid her head on Yang Chen’s shoulder and fell asleep.

Yang Chen smiled and continued to walk towards the parking lot…

It was a quiet night..

The winter sunlight shone into the bedroom and the chandelier reflected the sunlight, reflecting silhouettes on the ceiling.

Yang Chen woke up on the soft bed, breathing in the sweet scent of his woman.

After bringing Tang Wan home, Yang Chen stayed for the night and slept with Tang Wan in his arms.

Tang Wan woke up earlier than him and she looked at Yang Chen with sparkly eyes.

“What are you looking at? There’s no refund even if you think I’m not handsome enough.” Yang Chen joked.

“You…did you do anything to me last night?” Tang Wan asked suddenly. 

Yang Chen froze, “You’re too direct. Why did you ask me this? You were dead asleep, I’m not that desperate.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up? Didn’t you say you can make me sober?”

“I thought you were cute drunk, there was no need to make you sober.” Yang Chen rubbed her nose with his.

Tang Wan’s face brightened up, “I thought you prefer to be direct, but it turns out you can be romantic too.”

“This is romantic?”

“To me it is.”

Yang Chen curled his lips, “If that’s the case…Tang Wan, can I talk to you about something?”

“What is it?”

“Can you refrain from drinking in front of other people? At least not strong alcohol. You can only drink in front of me.” Yang Chen said.

Tang Wan blinked and thought about it before replying, “I still need to drink sometimes but I promise you that I won’t drink much. Why did you say this?”

Yang Chen showed a jealous expression, “Because I don’t want others to see this cute side of yours.”

Blood crept up her cheeks and she lowered her head while biting on her lips.

“Don’t say that…I’m embarrassed. I’m already 40 years old, I’m not cute…”

Yang Chen said with a stern expression, “Stop talking about your age in front of me. Listen to me, age might be important to you before you start cultivating but I’m confident that it’ll increase our lifespans. We can live for a few hundred years, and if we enter the Tribulation Passing stage, we can even live for a few thousand years. Do you think those 40 years will matter?”

Tang Wan looked up with a flustered expression. She had never thought about it, he was right. If her lifespan became longer, why would she need to care about her age?