Time on the bed always went by so quickly. Even though Yang Chen wanted to spend more time with Tang Wan, he had to let her leave, as she had to go for a meeting.

Just when he was about to drive out to buy breakfast and eat it in the office, he was suddenly reminded of something. Now that Lin Ruoxi had moved out, would she make breakfast for herself?

Or would she miss out on her meals like how she did in the past?

Even though she had some cultivation level, she still needed to take care of her body since she wasn’t in the Xiantian stage yet.

Yang Chen was impressed by himself; he was becoming more and more caring. 

Being caring wouldn’t hurt, it might help to please her.

After buying a bunch of food from the breakfast stall, Yang Chen went straight to the headquarters of Yu Lei and rode the lift to the highest floor.

Just when he was about to walk into the president’s office, Zhao Hongyan walked out of her office.

Yang Chen hadn’t seen her for her long time, but she hadn’t changed much, asides from getting more and more confident.

She was holding a bag of breakfast filled with milk and all sorts of food. 

Zhao Hongyan cowered when she saw Yang Chen, “Oh…it’s you, I thought President Lin’s here.”

Ever since that night, they hadn’t had the chance to meet. It was pretty awkward to bump into each other in the corridor. 

Yang Chen was slightly embarrassed, “Where’s Ruoxi? She’s not here yet?”

Zhao Hongyan smiled shyly, “Did anything happen between you and President Lin? Why did she tell me she has moved? She’ll be late for work cause her house is further away.”

“Let’s not talk about that,” Yang Chen didn’t want to wash his dirty linen in public, “Is that breakfast for Ruoxi?”

“Mmh, President Lin asked me to prepare this…” Zhao Hongyan didn’t dare to look him in the eyes, and she mumbled with a blushing face.

Yang Chen gulped when he noticed her shy gazes. The atmosphere was getting too amorous, a woman he once shared a passionate night with was talking to him like this.

He could have said some simple greetings, but nothing came out of his mouth.

Before this, Zhao Hongyan could still talk to him normally but as time went by, the feelings that she had been trying to suppress were starting to show up.

Just when they weren’t sure how to continue the conversation, the lift’s door opened once again, and Lin Ruoxi walked out of it.

She froze when she bumped into them.

One look at Zhao Hongyan’s face was enough to tell her what had happened and Lin Ruoxi’s expressionless face turned chilly.

“President Lin, you’re here,” Zhao Hongyan breathed out in relief and passed the breakfast to her, “Here’s what you asked me to get.”

Lin Ruoxi ignored Yang Chen and took over the bag. With a nod, she made her way to her office right away.

Just when she was about to walk past him, Yang Chen stopped her with a grin, “Ruoxi, I bought you breakfast too, have some of it.”

Lin Ruoxi chuckled, “Are you sure it’s for me?”

Yang Chen was taken aback, “What do you mean by that?”

“I think Hongyan hasn’t eaten too. Don’t waste money on me, you can pretend that I saw nothing.” Lin Ruoxi glared at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen understood immediately, and he couldn’t stop the anger from creeping up, “Lin Ruoxi, even if you want to throw a tantrum, you shouldn’t go that far! I just bumped into Hongyan here. Even if you think I’m up to no good, you can’t say that to Hongyan!”

Lin Ruoxi turned around abruptly. Her brows were knitted together, and she raised her voice, “When did I throw a tantrum? How did you get that message?! Why would you get so agitated if you’re innocent?!”

“I…” Yang Chen’s face turned red. He wasn’t expecting to quarrel over such a small matter.

He was angry at Lin Ruoxi’s suspicion towards him, but he couldn’t deny the fact that he had spent a night with Zhao Hongyan. If he chose to lie, he couldn’t possibly face his guilty conscience… 

Zhao Hongyan got anxious too and tried to explain things, “President Lin, don’t misunderstand things. I just bumped into Yang Chen, he brought breakfast for you, I…there’s really….nothing between us…”

She started to hang her head low as she said that.

It pained Yang Chen to see her act like this. He made up his mind and pushed the bag of food into her hands.

“Take it, there’s always someone who would take it since she doesn’t want it.” Yang Chen didn’t care about Zhao Hongyan’s refusal and insisted that she take the food.

After doing so, he walked towards the lift without looking back.

Zhao Hongyan felt guilty and she spoke to Lin Ruoxi softly, “President Lin, don’t be angry at Mr Yang. He really brought this for you, please take it…”

Lin Ruoxi glanced at the big bag of food and gave back the one she had bought for her, “Take these too, I don’t have an appetite today.”

Having said so, she walked to her office with a pale face…

Zhao Hongyan stood at the same spot in a daze as she stared at two sets of breakfast. She couldn’t get Yang Chen out of her mind, especially when he passed her the food… 

At the same time, back in the Yang clan’s dining room.

The dining table was filled with all sorts of snacks and appetizers.

The most eye-catching one was the huge plate of roast duck. It was prepared in a way that one could just wrap the roast duck with wraps and dip it in the sauce before eating it.

Those sitting by the table were Yang Gongming, Yang Pojun, Guo Xuehua and yang lanlan.

The huge plate of roast duck was roughly the size of three ducks, and it was placed right in front of Lanlan.

She had the wraps in both of her hands and she swallowed them without chewing on it.

If it wasn’t for the scale of their kitchen, they wouldn’t have been able to roast three ducks for her.

Yang Gongming sipped on congee and looked at his great-granddaughter with a smiley gaze.

Guo Xuehua, on the other hand, looked at Lanlan with a helpless expression, asking her to slow down.

Yang Pojun’s expression was the weirdest. He didn’t hate nor like Lanlan. He was just staring at her as if he couldn’t handle her.

“Lanlan, is it that good?” Yang Gongming asked.

Lanlan nodded hard, “Great-grandfather, Lanlan loves it. Can I have roast duck for lunch too?”

“Again? You’ve only been here for a few days and you’ve already eaten 20 roast ducks. No more roast duck!” Guo Xuehua glared at her.

Lanlan pouted her greasy lips.

Yang Gongming stopped his daughter-in-law, “Eh…Xuehua, let her eat what she wants. It’s not like we can’t afford it. It doesn’t matter as long as her tummy doesn’t hurt.”

“Dad, this isn’t good. We try not to let her eat so much in Zhonghai. A girl can’t eat so much, what should we do when she grows up to be the same?” Guo Xuehua was worried.

“She’s just a kid. Why? Are you forcing her on a diet? Other people are worried about their children not having an appetite and you guys are doing the exact opposite. Don’t you dare restrict her. She’s a special kid so she should be raised specially.” Yang Gongming was stern.

Guo Xuehua felt helpless, but she could only oblige. 

Lanlan smiled sweetly, “Great-grandfather is the best!”

“Haha, Lanlan, yesterday you said you wanted to look at ponies, so I told your grandfather to bring some ponies into the stable. Do you want to ride ponies today?”

Lanlan jumped out of her highchair and ran to Yang Gongming’s side to peck on his cheeks, “Great-grandfather is the best! Mommy only got me a fake pony, not a real pony!”

Yang Gongming was all smiles from her cuteness. He caressed her cheeks and let her eat her breakfast before turning to Yang Pojun, “Pojun, are the ponies here yet?”

Yang Pojun nodded respectfully, “Father, they reached here yesterday. I chose them from the racetrack, but…I don’t think it’s good to give her whatever she wants.”

“Why? Don’t you want to treat your granddaughter well? Her parents can be stern to her but there’s nothing wrong with us spoiling her as her elders. Besides, girls should be taken care of, she looks sensible too.” Yang Gongming said nonchalantly.  

Yang Pojun wasn’t on the same track with his father. He disagreed with his son adopting a child before giving birth to one, but he only sighed, not daring to disobey him.