Yang Gongming read his expression and he said in displeasure, “Don’t think that she’s not your granddaughter just because you two are not related. Yang Lie is your son and he still betrayed our clan. Blood relations? It’s worthless!”

“Father, we never found Lie’er, why are you so sure that he betrayed our clan? Maybe he has his own reasons?” Yang Pojun defended his son.

“He’s narrow-minded, he won’t succeed in life.” Yang Gongming said with a stern face.

Guo Xuehua heard him, and it didn’t feel good. However, she didn’t dare to speak up since Yang Pojun was reprimanded by Yang Gongming.

When they were almost done eating, Yang Gongming told them, “Both of you join us at the barn later. Exercise a little bit since you two know how to ride a horse.”

Guo Xuehua seemed troubled, “Father, I don’t think I can join you guys, I promised my mom to celebrate my nephew’s birthday today.”

“Oh, your brother’s son, Guo Yue?”

“You remember him.” Guo Xuehua nodded.

“I see…alright, you should go back and visit your family more often. If that’s the case, I won’t force you. Get some gifts from the storeroom, don’t look too stingy. An old man like me won’t join you then.” Yang Gongming smiled.

Guo Xuehua waved her hands, “How could I ask you to attend, it’s just my nephew’s birthday. My parents would be glad to hear about the gifts.”

“Xuehua, I’ll go with you.” Yang Pojun butted in.

Yang Gongming glared at him the moment he talked, “Hmph! Why would you join her when you’ve never been interested in these kind of events?! Are you trying to run away so that you don’t need to accompany me?”

Yang Pojun shook his head and smiled sheepishly, “Father, why would I think that? Fine, I won’t go, I won’t go…”

Having said that, Yang Pojun looked at Lanlan who was still eating her roast duck with a complicated expression…

Lanlan chewed on the meat continuously and was confused to see her grandfather looking at her weirdly but she didn’t think too much about it since she was still a kid.

After lunch, Guo Xuehua chose a few gifts before going back to her parents’ house.

Even though their house wasn’t far away, Guo Xuehua still wanted to accompany her parents.

Yang Gongming rested for a short while until Lanlan pestered him to bring her to the barn. 

Yang Pojun was unwilling to join but he couldn’t disobey his father’s orders.

The barn was located on private land 1 kilometre away from the Yang mansion.

Yang Gongming’s biggest joy in his retirement life was planting crops and raising animals, so this place was full of birds, some horses and other animals.

Most of the pets here were given to Yang Gongming by other people to please him. The pets here were taken care of by someone else and he was only here occasionally. 

After a short car ride, they arrived at the barn which was filled with the smell of grass and excretions.

Lanlan wasn’t bothered by it, staring at the caged animals with a beaming gaze instead.

Under the caretakers’ lead, Yang Gongming and Yang Pojun followed Lanlan and looked at the animals one by one. 

Lanlan listened to him seriously as if she was planning to memorize the animals species. Sometimes she would ask the caretakers some questions which made them laugh. 

“Uncle, this peacock has so many feathers. Is it tasty?”

“Uncle, the fox stinks, it must be tasty right?”

“This bird is good, skinny ones aren’t tasty…”

Cold sweat dripped down the caretakers’ forehead. As expected of a general granddaughter, she had a taste for everything.

They walked around for one hour before they reached the middle of the barn. Some of the ponies were already grazing on the grass there.

Yang Gongming asked one of the staff, “This pony, is it safe?”

“Yes, sir, we chose the most docile pony. Miss Lanlan will be alright.”

“Alright,” Yang Gongming walked to Lanlan and caressed her head, “Lanlan, let uncle carry you up the pony.”

Lanlan shook her head and smiled sweetly, “Great-grandfather, Lanlan can go up myself!”

Having said so, she jumped up two meters and landed on the white pony in a graceful manner!

Everyone was shocked. They couldn’t believe their eyes; how did a young girl manage to do that!

Even though Yang Gongming and Yang Pojun heard about her abilities from Guo Xuehua, they weren’t expecting this.

The pony was startled too, neighing while kicking its hooves around.

“Ah! Miss Lanlan! Be careful!!”

Chills went down the staffs’ spines. When they were preparing the ponies for her, they never imagined this to happen!

Lanlan giggled and urged the pony to move, “Run pony! I’m riding a pony! Go! Go!!”

The white pony kept quivering when Lanlan held on to its neck. Feeling scared, it started to gallop around the field! 

Its butt kept bouncing up and down, trying to toss Lanlan off its back!

Regardless of how calm Yang Gongming usually was, he yelled at the staff anxiously, “Quick, pull the pony! Don’t let my great-granddaughter fall!!”

“Father, how can they chase after her!” Yang Pojun showed a bitter smile.

“What should we do?! Think of a way!!” Yang Gongming roared.

The staff started to yell at Lanlan to hug the pony’s neck tightly. They could no longer worry about being hit by a horse and they rushed forward to pull the pony’s reins.

However, the frightened pony seemed to have lit up the fuse to a bomb.

The other horses were starting to get restless and just when the white pony ran past a manger, one of the black horses tugged on its reins and broke it! 


The black horse ran in a berserked manner and chased after the white pony!

Lanlan slapped on the pony’s neck, “Run pony! The big black horse is after you! Run!!”

Lanlan slapped it too hard and the white pony lost its sense of direction, running towards Yang Gongming and Yang Pojun instead!

“Sir! Sir, run away!!”

The staff were chasing after the horses and couldn’t manage to return to his side. The white pony's sudden change in direction almost made them faint!

Yang Gongming’s legs weren’t agile anymore and when he wanted to run, the pony was already close to him!

Yang Pojun’s face fell and he rushed forward and stood in front of him to take the blow for his father! 

“Pojun! Move!!” Yang Gongming yelled.

It all happened in a split second, there was no room for hesitation.

Right at that moment, the white pony’s limbs gave up and it fell onto the ground.

It skidded forward and Lanlan gasped while landing onto the ground on her tiptoes, completely unharmed!

Everyone had just breathed out in relief, but their next breath got stuck in their throat when they noticed the black horse coming after her!

“Lanlan!!” Yang Gongming’s heart stopped beating for a second when Lanlan stood completely still!

She looked at the ferocious black horse with a curious gaze and when the horse was almost in front of her, she raised her fist and jumped!


A loud crashing sound was heard from the black horse’s stomach and the next thing they saw was the black horse neighing as it flew away!

Clouds of dust flew around the horse as it landed onto the ground with a loud thud. There was a bloody hole on its chest!

Its limbs twitched for a few times before it stopped moving completely!

Lanlan landed on the ground, her body drenched in blood. With an innocent expression, she licked the horse blood around her lips.

“Bad horse, you deserved this for bullying white pony.”

Everyone was dead silent. The chilly breeze blew on their ears which hurt like cuts from knives.

Even Yang Pojun who was used to brutal scenes was shocked to see this.

After Yang Gongming had got over the initial shock, a contented smile formed on his lips as he stared at Lanlan who was looking at the dead horse angrily…  

It took some time for the staff to snap out of it and they quickly moved forward to take care of the fainted white pony and the dead black horse.

Even so, their attention was still fixated on Lanlan. The shock from her actions almost drove them nuts!

She was only in kindergarten? They had heard about Yang Chen’s extraordinary abilities but how could his daughter be this powerful?! 

Lanlan wasn’t happy and she pouted while walking to Yang Gongming, “Great-grandfather, I want to shower. It stinks…”

Yang Gongming chuckled and carried her in his arms, “Lanlan, even though the black horse was bad, you can’t just kill it. You shouldn’t kill animals anymore, do you understand?”

Lanlan blinked, “Is it like killing the bad guys? Daddy says we shouldn’t kill those who are only a little bit bad, we should kill the big bad guys. Am I right?”

Yang Gongming was stunned for a second but he nodded immediately, “Yes.”

Lanlan didn’t really understand what he meant but she still responded. Soon after, she smacked her lips together and said, “Great-grandfather, since the black horse is dead, let’s have black horse meat for dinner!” 

The hair on the back of their necks stood up as everyone else stared at the innocent-looking girl. They could even feel pins and needles in their legs.