Night arrived in Zhonghai and a young woman dressed in a black and white dress was seen standing outside one of the houses in Xijiao Villas.

She was bouncing on the ground and rubbing her hands together to warm herself up because of the cold weather.

A few minutes later, a black BMW stopped near her.

A bright smile showed up on her face while she ran towards the car.

Yang Chen got out of the car while holding onto a huge plastic bag. He frowned when he saw her cheeks had turned red from the cold wind, “Zhiqing, why did you wait for me outside? Don’t you know it’s cold?”

Xiao Zhiqing giggled and hugged him before linking her arm in his, “It’s fine, it’s good to have some fresh air too.”

“Silly girl,” Yang Chen chuckled. Her gesture warmed his heart, “You can’t cultivate, and your vessels are too Yin. Take care of your body, it hurts me to see you like this.”


“Of course.” Yang Chen pecked her cheek.

Xiao Zhiqing smiled at him shyly, “I don’t know why but I didn’t see you for a day and it made me anxious. I was thrilled when you told me you’ll be coming over for dinner. I wanted to wait for you outside so that you can see me earlier, even if it’s just for a few minutes.” 

Yang Chen felt touched, and couldn’t bear to nag her, so he held her hands and walked towards her house.

Wang Ma bought the villa for her daughter and ever since Wang Ma moved over, their place became Yang Chen’s second home.

Their interior was the same as his own house except, the decorations were much simpler.

Wang Ma walked out of the kitchen with two dishes in her hands when she saw Yang Chen, “Sir, you’re here. There are two more dishes, dinner will be ready once I get them out.”

Yang Chen nodded and placed the plastic bag onto the table, “Wang Ma, I have some food here. Bring a pot out, we can heat these up.”

“Hubby, did you buy food? It smells so good.” Xiao Zhiqing looked at the plastic bag curiously.

Yang Chen said nonchalantly, “It’s nothing, just some hot and spicy soup. It’s cold so I bought some on my way here, some of the ingredients are cooked and some are raw.”

“What is hot and spicy soup?” Xiao Zhiqing was puzzled.

Yang Chen and Wang Ma were stunned at her question.

“Zhiqing, you’ve never eaten hot and spicy soup before?” Wang Ma asked.

Xiao Zhiqing nodded with a dazed expression and mumbled, “I left the borders and escaped overseas in a hurry. I’ve never tried a lot of food…”

Wang Ma’s gaze softened. She forced a smile and told her, “That’s true, I never thought about this. You had a tough time my child, life hasn’t been good to you.”

“It’s not a big deal, I can bring her out tomorrow and we can find a night market or roadside stall and eat there the whole day.” Yang Chen chuckled.

“Thank you sir, Zhiqing is happy to be able to spend time with you.” Wang Ma said gratefully.

Xiao Zhiqing nodded hard and looked at him with eyes filled with expectation.

Yang Chen sighed internally; he was glad to see them being so happy. I did so many things to make you guys happy, but some people can’t be pleased easily like Zhiqing…

Wang Ma moved quickly and soon after, the ingredients for the hot and spicy soup were cooked.

Just when they were about to eat, someone opened the main door.

“Oh, it smells so good! I’m late, I’m late…Wang Ma! Zhiqing! I’m here again…“

The person who yelled while coming in was no one else other than An Xin who was dressed in a white coat with a Dior bag in her arms.

An Xin stuck out her tongue cheekily and tittered when she saw Yang Chen, “Hubby, you’re here too. Are you here for dinner as well?”

Yang Chen looked at her with a lopsided smile, “Why does it sound like you’re always here for dinner?”

“She says it’s boring to eat by herself, and She wanted me to cook for her before this. She gets even more excited whenever my mom cooks for me. She’s been quite busy recently, so I have not seen her in awhile.” Xiao Zhiqing said.

Wang Ma seemed to know about this too, “Sir, you might not know this, but Miss An Xin is close to Zhiqing. She always takes her out for shopping and teaches her about makeup. They’re close.”

“Yeah, I’m not a freeloader.” An Xin giggled and placed her shopping bags onto the floor before sitting next to Xiao Zhiqing.

Yang Chen realized he hadn’t been paying attention to his women, he had no idea who was closer to who. Now that he thought about it, Rose was closer to Mo Qianni since they stayed together whereas An Xin was closer to Xiao Zhiqing since their personalities were similar. 

Yang Chen wasn’t sure how their relationship would progress, but he was surely looking forward to having a big family with them.

Once they started eating, Xiao Zhiqing kept chatting with An Xin. As Xiao Zhiqing didn’t have any girlfriends to talk to in the past, even though she was curious about fashion and makeup, she didn’t know much about it.

Coincidentally An Xin used to be a flight attendant and since she was born in a rich family, she knew a lot of stuff. Her cheerfulness kept the conversation going, so they clicked with one another immediately. 

Halfway through dinner, Xiao Zhiqing was reminded of something and asked An Xin, “An Xin, where did you go for the past few days? I thought you went on a business trip.”

An Xin pouted, “It’s so annoying, the board of directors and my employees kept pestering me about my meetings. My brain almost exploded.”

“Did something happen to your company?” Yang Chen was concerned.

An Xin sighed, which was rare for her to do so, “Mmh, a competitor got a cleaning energy hotel project when they received funds from a company overseas. Our company has always been in the lead for our food services and hospitality industry. Now that the government supports their project, our stocks will definitely drop if they succeed…”

“Is it that bad? Didn’t the Liu clan give all their assets to your clan? There are companies that can compete with you guys?!” Yang Chen was surprised.

“Of course there are! Things are constantly changing, including companies. It’s easy to build a strong company as long as you have talented people and relations. Most importantly, they have the government, so we have to deal with them carefully. We couldn’t think of a way, so I ran back here. I’ll faint in the office if I don’t take a break any sooner.” An Xin rolled her eyes.

Xiao Zhiqing tugged Yang Chen’s sleeves, “Hubby, An Xin’s so pitiful. Help her, please. Don’t you have lots of money? Can’t you buy that company?”

Yang Chen furrowed his brows and feigned anger, “Nonsense, how can I do that? They didn’t pull any tricks, nor did they plot against us. They competed against them fairly and if I tried to intervene just because I’m rich, wouldn’t that make me a thug? Even if I bought the company, what about the others? I can’t buy all their competitors. Even if An Xin lost the company because of them, I can still take care of you guys. There’s no need to be afraid.”

 “Alright, alright, I was just asking. An Xin’s company was passed down to her from her ancestors, it’d be a pity if she lost it.”

An Xin sounded helpless, “I’ve thought that doing business and managing a company wouldn’t be hard but ever since I became the chairman, I realize it wasn’t that easy. I started to feel helpless in a lot of things, which is why I admire Sister Ruoxi. She became the president at a much younger age and she’s getting better and better. She’s so awesome…”

A hint of bitterness crept up Yang Chen’s face when Lin Ruoxi was mentioned, and a mocking smile formed on his lips.

Wang Ma was deeply concerned, “Sir, I haven’t asked you this, but did you go and find miss for the past few days? Did she agree to come home?”

An Xin and Xiao Zhiqing looked at Yang Chen with worried gazes. Even though they didn’t ask him, they would still care about this for various reasons.