Yang Chen let out a heavy breath before looking up at Wang Ma with furrowed brows, “Wang Ma, I think…I think Ruoxi won’t be back so soon.”

Wang Ma’s jaw dropped in surprise, “Why would you say this? What happened?”

Yang Chen didn’t bother hiding it and told them how Lin Ruoxi shut him out of the house and how she got mad at him over breakfast.

“Wang Ma, I really can’t think of a way to solve this. I don’t get it; I brought her breakfast because I thought of her. Bumping into Hongyan in the corridor isn’t something that I can control. I can’t just walk away when I see her. I’m sure Ruoxi knew who I was trying to meet so why must she quarrel with me?”

Yang Chen was frustrated. An Xin and Xiao Zhiqing looked at him with a complex gaze but none of them spoke.

Wang Ma kept quiet for a while before consoling Yang Chen, “Sir, I know you’re upset that miss treated you that way, but I’m sure she knows you were trying to be nice to her. However, sometimes when women think about something, they don’t consider what is right and what is wrong, nor do they care who is responsible for it. These aren’t important…”

“What does she want then?” Yang Chen asked.

“Attitude.” Wang Ma replied.


“That’s right, women care about the man’s attitude towards them,” Wang Ma smiled, “It might sound exaggerated, but I think even though she’s at fault for treating you that way, your attitude was one of the problems. For example, you went to ask for her forgiveness, but you didn’t tell her you were coming over to her place and acted as if she would listen to you. Miss couldn’t have felt good about it. She has always put up a strong demeanour but she’s actually soft at heart. She would have forgiven you as long as you speak to her nicely. As for today’s breakfast, you should have kept smiling instead of talking back to her. She was just trying to throw a tantrum and there’s no way she thought that you bought breakfast for Assistant Zhao.” 

It dawned on Yang Chen. It…it did sound right; he was acting too confident and thought that it would be easy for her to forgive him. Even though he apologized to her earnestly, he didn’t feel a sense of danger and figured it was natural for her to forgive him.

“that makes sense…” Yang Chen smiled sheepishly, “But Wang Ma, things between us have worsened and I don’t dare to face her now. I’m not sure if she’s still angry at me.”

An Xin blinked suddenly when she heard this, “How about…I go and see her?”

“You?” Yang Chen chuckled, “An Xin darling, aren’t you the most afraid of Ruoxi?”

An Xin pouted, “I’m afraid of her but she doesn’t mind seeing me because I look easy…I can check on her and ask her about things.”

“Ask about what?” Yang Chen asked curiously.

An Xin bit her lips, “Uh…about…about my company, I’m sure she can help me since she’s talented in the field of business.”

Yang Chen smiled but it did sound like a good idea. If Lin Ruoxi was willing to help An Xin, it also meant that she didn’t really hate him.

After dinner, Yang Chen watched a drama with the ladies until An Xin had to leave early since she has a meeting tomorrow morning.

Yang Chen volunteered to see her off and he hugged her waist while talking to her in a gentle voice, “I know you always look happy because you don’t want to show everyone how stressed you are, but I know you’re not in a good state now that your family business is facing trouble. Tell me if you’re tired. I’m your man, I can’t just watch you suffer and do nothing.”

An Xin showed a bashful smile and laid her head on Yang Chen’s chest, “I know that, but I also think that I shouldn’t rely on you for everything. I’ll feel useless. When I was young and insensible, I never liked my dad, so I ran away from home. I became a flight attendant, thinking that I don’t need to care about the company or do business. But when the fate of my employees was on me, I realized my dad had it rough too...but he’s no longer here. Even so, I hope that I can keep my father and my grandfather’s legacy going.”

They hugged in the dark for a short moment until Yang Chen let go of her and pinched her cheeks, “Don’t be afraid. Go and meet Ruoxi tomorrow, she’s closer to you compared to everyone else or she wouldn’t have bullied you. She might not be good at singing, dancing or having fun, but she’s really good at doing business. At least that’s how she kept my temper under control.”

An Xin curled her lips, “I know, I’m the easiest to bully.”

Yang Chen kissed her, “They bully you, but I’ll pamper you.”

Having said so, Yang Chen took out some wrinkly 10-dollar bills from his pocket and pushed into her hand.

An Xin furrowed her brows, “Hubby, why are you giving me money?”

“Oh, you can buy some glutinous rice balls with this to comfort yourself,” Yang Chen tried to trick her, “Well, if you don’t like it…you can buy it for your Sister Ruoxi…remember to buy Zhao’s glutinous rice ball…there’s a branch right below the Yu Cong building. Don’t tell her I told you to buy it or she’ll get jealous!”

“Glutinous rice ball? But…but I don’t like it…”

An Xin understood what he was trying to say before she even finished her sentence. Laughter escaped her lips when she noticed his ‘innocent’ face, “You’re trying to use me to please her. Hmph, I thought you really cared about me…you don’t dare to give it to her personally, so you used me. You’re so mean.”

“Come on, I told you to eat it first and to only give it to Ruoxi if you don’t like it. I thought about you first.” Yang Chen was thick-skinned.

“Hmph, then why didn’t you give me more? I’m not that poor even if my company is in trouble, you should give me more, like a few billion dollars so that I can buy that company.”

“It’s my sincerity that matters, money isn’t important. Also, this is my pay…”

Yang Chen patted her butt, “Alright, darling, go back and have a rest. Goodnight…”

His face would go scarlet if he stayed there any sooner. Yang Chen ran back into the house, having decided to sleep at Xiao Zhiqing’s room tonight.

The next morning, Lin Ruoxi was interrupted by a knock at her office door.

“Come in.”

Lin Ruoxi was looking at the graphs and data on her monitor, not bothered to look up at all.

Once the door opened, Zhao Hongyan walked in with a smile and told her, “President Lin, Miss An is here to see you.”

“Miss An? Who? Do I have guests today?” Lin Ruoxi turned around with a confused gaze.

Zhao Hongyan shook her head, “It’s Miss An from the An Group, she’s…”

“I won’t meet her!” Lin Ruoxi cut her off with a cold voice.

“Oh, yes…” Zhao Hongyan was stunned and just when she was about to nod in response, An Xin showed up right behind her.

“Tadaa! Sister Ruoxi! It’s me! How can you refuse to meet me, I even brought something for you!”

An Xin ran into the office while giggling, Zhao Hongyan couldn’t even stop her. 

“Wow, your office is so huge and stylish, but doesn’t it feel empty being here alone? Do you want me to buy some plants and decorate this place for you?” 

An Xin sat on the couch and started to chat with her.

Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brows, but she couldn’t possibly kick her out since she was already in here. With a glance towards Zhao Hongyan, she got Lin Ruoxi’s signal and shut the door behind her as she left.

Lin Ruoxi organized her folders before taking a seat on the couch. Just when she was about to ask her a question, something caught her gaze and she froze.

“Glutinous rice ball?”

“Eh…Sister Ruoxi, you have a keen sense of smell. It’s still sealed but you can already smell it?!” An Xin was shocked.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes, “Dummy, it’s written on the packaging!”