An Xin finally caught on, “Oh, I didn’t notice that.”

Lin Ruoxi cleared her throat and forced herself to look away from the bag, “Go ahead, tell me why you’re here so early in the day.”

“Hehe, I just wanted to see you.” An Xin rubbed her hands on her thighs while smiling at Lin Ruoxi sheepishly.

“Don’t waste my time, just get to the point.” Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brows.

An Xin stiffened, “Sister Ruoxi, when are you going back? Come on, be nice and don’t be angry at him anymore…”

Lin Ruoxi looked at her with a dark gaze for some time before smiling at her, “Do you really want me to go back or are you just asking for fun?”

An Xin was startled but she responded quickly, “Of course I want you to go back. Sister Ruoxi…we don’t feel good about it too, seeing you quarrel with hubby. At the very least, I feel down about it.”

“Why? Wouldn’t it be better for you guys if we got divorced?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

An Xin showed a bitter smile, “It might be better but that doesn’t mean it’s what we really want. Sister Ruoxi, I really hope that you and hubby can have a good relationship. I’m sure Sister Rose and the others want the same thing too. Think about it carefully, women have always been flocking around hubby, even when he was overseas. But when he met Sister Rose and Jingjing, he didn’t feel like dating them. I don’t think he cares much about relationships; he’ll only be willing to settle down if it’s the woman he truly loves… We couldn’t make him feel that way, you’re the only one who was able to do it…So, even if we love him, we won’t steal him away from you. Don’t be angry anymore, hubby might not show it, but I’m sure he’s stressed out right now.”

Lin Ruoxi listened to her silently before voicing out, “You’re very straightforward.”

An Xin chuckled, “I know I’m not as smart as you, so there’s no point in beating around the bush. It’d be better if I just told you what’s on my mind.”

“He’s the one who told you that I like eating glutinous rice balls.” 

“Yeah,” An Xin nodded, “He gave me the money and pretended it was for me, I don’t even like to eat glutinous rice balls…”


Lin Ruoxi raised her voice and she stood up angrily, “What’s the matter with you?! How can you not like to eat glutinous rice balls?! Do you know how cute and delicious they are?!”

An Xin was frightened and shrunk into the sofa, “I…I…I meant…I’ve never tried….glutinous rice balls…”

“Hmph, don’t say that if you’ve never tried it. I hate people who dislike eating glutinous rice balls.” Lin Ruoxi sat down calmly as if she never had an outburst.

An Xin patted her chest and tried to please her with a smile, “I think they are cute too, hehe…but nothing else matters as long as you like them. I even bought a variety of fillings. Hubby told me that you like to eat the ones from Zhao, so I went and bought them early this morning.”

“Petty tricks…hmph.”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes brightened up for a second and she picked up the bag in an indifferent manner.

She took out one box of glutinous rice balls and the colourful balls were waiting to be devoured by her.

Lin Ruoxi picked up one glutinous rice ball with her hands as if they were some kind of precious treasure. An Xin watched her nervously as Ruoxi licked her lips before biting on the glutinous rice balls.

The second she bit on it, it felt as if her life was complete.

Her mood had lightened up after a few bites, which gave An Xin the impression that she would’ve loved a man dearly if he looked like a glutinous rice ball.

Just when An Xin was hesitating to voice up, Lin Ruoxi had already looked towards her with a relaxed expression.

“Tell me what you want, I know you’re here for something else.”

“Ah,” An Xin mumbled, “How did you know…”

“Because Wang Ma would’ve come here instead of you if he really wanted to persuade me since someone like you would only bring an opposite effect. You must have volunteered to come here for some other reason.” Lin Ruoxi hummed. Her pronunciation wasn’t so clear as she was chewing onto the glutinous while talking.

An Xin breathed out, she knew she couldn’t hide anything from her. An Xin started to pity Yang Chen whose IQ wouldn’t be a match for her.

Even so, she still had to ask for her help. An Xin smiled and told her, “Sister Ruoxi, it’s about our company. I don’t know what to do, so I came to you for guidance.”

Lin Ruoxi looked at her, “Your company does foodservice and hospitality, it’s hardly related to my field of expertise and you came to me for help?”

“That’s because I had no one else to ask.” An Xin looked at her with a pitiful gaze.

Lin Ruoxi continued to chew on the glutinous rice balls, showing no signs of stopping.

“Then you…”

An Xin explained to her about her circumstances, “I’m worried that once they start building the clean energy hotel, we will be helpless against them. Our businesses would be taken over by them eventually.”

Lin Ruoxi listened to her quietly and she had just swallowed the last bit of the glutinous rice ball when An Xin finished her sentence. 

Lin Ruoxi sucked her fingers and smacked her lips while looking at the remaining glutinous rice balls but she suppressed her urge and told An Xin, “There must be an expert responsible for this high technology project or else it wouldn’t work out smoothly. The head of this project is the key to this. He and his team are the core of the problem, if you want to disrupt their plan, you have to start with them.”

An Xin nodded, “I know about this but we’re facing a critical problem now. The head of the project used to work for our company but my dad didn’t put him in an important position, so he went overseas to study and now that company hired him and valued him, so he’s in charge of the project. I didn’t know much about him before this but the elders told me that he’s targeting us on purpose. He wants to seek revenge on us because we disregarded his talent.”

A look of understanding showed up on Lin Ruoxi’s face and she contemplated for a while before saying, “I can teach you a way since you bought me glutinous rice balls but it all depends on your courage and luck.”

An Xin was stunned and she blinked her eyes, “Sister Ruoxi, can you really help me? I just told you about this.”

“It’s not that hard, every problem depends on the opponent. Your opponent is just a proud and arrogant man. He’s greedy and narrow-minded, it’s easy to deal with someone like him.” Lin Ruoxi said.

An Xin was puzzled, “The head of the project? He’s annoying…but he’s coming after us so we’re at a disadvantage now.”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, “Let me ask you this, what did the company give him?”

“They are appointing him as the vice-president, and they are giving him a 20 percent dividend if the project works out. That’s already their limit.” An Xin said. 

Lin Ruoxi replied, “Then what if you were to poach him, how much would you offer?”

An Xin furrowed her brows, “Sister Ruoxi, you mean job poaching him? That…that doesn’t sound possible, he hates us…”

“You’re wrong, all humans have weaknesses, especially in the business world. Talent can never win against wealth, if you lose to talent, it just means that you don’t have enough wealth. That is why businessmen had always cared about profit over everything else.”

An Xin was dumbfounded and she asked with a dazed expression, “Then…Sister Ruoxi, what should I offer him…so that he will return to our company?”

An Xin suddenly noticed her weird gaze and she covered her chest reflexively, “You…are you asking me to…I…”