“What?” Lin Ruoxi was surprised by her reaction too.

An Xin told her with a serious expression, “Sister Ruoxi…I admit that I’ve done you wrong but I’m not a trashy woman…I’m serious about my relationships. If you’re asking me to seduce him for this project, I’ll never do it! no matter how much you dislike me and no matter how dumb you think I am, you shouldn’t treat me like a fool…”

Lin Ruoxi finally caught on. Anger crept up her neck and she cursed underneath her breath, “What is going on in your mind? Have I said anything?! Besides, do you really think seducing him would work? You’re too naïve.”

An Xin snapped out of it and her face was flushed as she mumbled, “Then…then what are you trying to say?”

Lin Ruoxi sighed, “I’m trying to tell you to think of what you can offer to him.”

An Xin’s mouth rounded in understanding. She contemplated it for a while before shaking her head, “I think it won’t be far from what they offered to him. This is a twenty-million-dollar project, he’ll be a millionaire once it works out. He’ll also be the vice-president, I can’t possibly let him be the chairman.”

Lin Ruoxi saw this coming, so she wasn’t surprised by it, “Then did you contact him and ask him what he wants for him to be willing to return to your company?”

“I didn’t do that. It wouldn’t be possible; they didn’t even want to collaborate with us and it’s not like we can offer him anything better.” An Xin sounded helpless.

Lin Ruoxi nodded, “If that’s the case, contact him and ask him what he wants for him to be willing to return to your company?

“Wouldn’t he take advantage of us?”

“Listen to me first.” Lin Ruoxi was annoyed.

“Oh…” An Xin hung her head low.

Lin Ruoxi stood up and walked around the room before continuing her sentence, “Once you contact him, treat him well regardless of his attitude. Act as if you really need his help and if he asks for anything outrageous like the company shares, position or dividend, say yes as long as he’s not asking for your position as the chairman!”

“Ah? Wouldn’t that…” An Xin got anxious.

“Let me finish my sentence!!” Lin Ruoxi was annoyed by her interrupting.


Lin Ruoxi sighed, “Accept his terms no matter how outrageous they are, meet him and sign a contract with him. Find a secluded spot so that he’ll let his guard down. You have to meet him and talk to him personally. Remember to doll up when you meet him, the more attractive the better. Smile like a winner in front of him as if you’re having a good time with him and when he’s about to sign the contract, cut him off and tell him that you don’t think this is a good idea and you’re regretting your decision.”

An Xin was puzzled, “Sister Ruoxi, wouldn’t my efforts go to waste then? He’ll only be even furious and that will make him hate us more.”

Lin Ruoxi smiled secretively, “Of course it won’t be that easy. Before you do those things, you have to bribe some economic journalists and reporters first.”

“For what?” An Xin was bewildered.

“Of course you’ll ask them to set up hidden cameras and take photos for publicity. The photos must be taken at the time when he’s about to sign the contract.” Lin Ruoxi smiled.

An Xin contemplated it and she finally caught on moments later. Her jaw fell and she looked at Lin Ruoxi with widened eyes.

“Oh! I get it now! If I do that, his company won’t trust him anymore because he’s associated with our company. They’ll believe it that he has agreed to join our company because of my confident smile!”

“That’s right,” Lin Ruoxi nodded, “They won’t allow any room for mistakes when it comes to important projects like this. At critical moments like this, his company will suspect him since he met you even if he didn’t actually sign a contract. After all, his higher-ups have no control over his expertise. His team will also think that he betrayed them and if I predicted it correctly, his team will have internal conflict. By that time, his offer will either be retracted or…he’ll be fired. For someone as proud and arrogant like him, he won’t be able to stand suspicions, so he’ll quit.

Once that happens, you can give him a good offer and he can continue with his project in your company. So even if he’s not happy about it, he can only work for you. If he joins your company, part of his team will follow him too.

After all, your company is stronger than the competitors when it comes to funding, experience and connections. He wouldn’t refuse a better stage, would he?”

An Xin jumped out of the sofa delightedly, “Yay!! You’re absolutely right! Why didn’t I think about this? I can give him an offer and take it back! Sister Ruoxi, you’re so smart, I want to kiss you…”

An Xin ran forward and hugged Lin Ruoxi who was panicking.

She pecked Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks repeatedly and even gave her a passionate kiss on her lips!

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes widened in shock.

“Haha, I’m going to tell this to our public relations department and ask them to acquire some small economics media. We’ll expose his past in our company, that will definitely work.” An Xin giggled.

Lin Ruoxi felt something sweet on her lips. It was her first time being kissed by a woman and it made her blush out of embarrassment.

She refuted her immediately when she heard what An Xin had said, “No! you can bribe the reporters, but you can’t acquire the media!”

“Why not?” An Xin was puzzled.

“Because once you do that, they can trace the source down back to you. Do you think they’ll still believe in the reports? So, you can only bribe the reporters and not the company. Also, choose a quiet and secluded place but you can’t choose a private room. People can tell that it’s set up since they won't be able to take photos secretly. It wouldn’t look natural.” Lin Ruoxi reminded her.

An Xin sucked in a breath and she looked at Lin Ruoxi with a weird gaze.

Lin Ruoxi touched her face. She was confused from being stared at, “Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face? Is it your lipstick?”

“No…” An Xin shook her head and sighed, “I’m just thinking that I’m lucky that we’re in different industries. If I were to sell clothes, you would’ve acquired my company ages ago…you’re so thorough and you thought about it in such a short time…”

Lin Ruoxi said nonchalantly, “I thought you were going to call me a cruel person. This is just a simple trick, it’s just that his weaknesses are too obvious which makes things easy.”

An Xin smiled gently and hugged her.

“Thank you, Sister Ruoxi. I knew it, even though you kept bullying me, you still care a lot about me…”

Lin Ruoxi grasped her waist and pushed her away, “You’re too cringey, don’t hug me anymore, don’t you dare kiss me too.”

An Xin stuck out her tongue. It was obvious that she wasn’t going to listen to her.

They talked more about the execution of the plan for some time, before An Xin left the office with light steps.

Lin Ruoxi breathed out in relief. To be honest, even though they were around the same age, An Xin felt more like a child. It felt like she was talking to a little sister and the thought of it made her shudder yet happy at the same time.

Lin Ruoxi actually felt happy for helping An Xin, the jerk’s lover. Was she really treating her like a sister…or was she starting to treat his lovers as her family?

Lin Ruoxi turned around and looked at the two boxes of glutinous rice balls with a complex gaze.