It was almost close to Christmas as the night turned cold in the mountains.

The bare trees were striking amongst the green pine tree and from afar they looked like brown spots on a green curtain.

Lin Ruoxi was driving her red Bentley back to her new house while looking at the view outside her window.

There were barely any cars on the road since she lived in a secluded area.

For some reason, her heart felt heavy and dejected as if something was bothering her.

Lin Ruoxi got home by driving with a dazed expression and just when she was about to get out of the car, something caught her eyes.

There was an unfamiliar black Audi A8 parked outside of her house and from the looks of it, the person must have been here for a long time. 

Lin Ruoxi caught on immediately but she incredulously furrowed her brows.

Why would he have so much time, coming to her place during dinnertime?

Soon after, someone got out of the car.

Ning Guangyao got out of the car with a thick black cashmere coat and a grey scarf around his neck. 

He waved at Lin Ruoxi with a gentle smile when he noticed she was still in her car.

Lin Ruoxi was stunned instinctively and a weird feeling welled up in her chest. After some hesitation, she still got out of the car, feeling at a loss.  

“Ruoxi, you’re done with work? Haha, I just told my assistant that it’s about time you got home and here you are.” Ning Guangyao walked towards her, acting as if they were close.

“What are you doing here?” Lin Ruoxi averted her gaze and asked with a flat tone.

Ning Guangyao wasn’t offended by her attitude. He chuckled and said, “I’m worried about you, so I came over to check on you. I’m relieved to know that you’re doing well.”

“Worried about me?” Lin Ruoxi was confused.

Ning Guangyao sighed, “Even if you won’t tell me, I still heard about it. Didn’t you have a falling out with Yang Chen and you moved out because of it? Don’t blame me for checking on you, I’ve always cared about you.”

Lin Ruoxi was slightly annoyed, “Premier Ning, I don’t think it has anything to do with you.”

“Of course it does! You’re my daughter, how can I let them bully you?! You made the right decision for moving out, my daughter doesn’t deserve to be mistreated! I know they must have wronged you. You are kind and I know that…” Ning Guangyao sounded sincere.

Lin Ruoxi started to panic, his warm and loving gaze was becoming unbearable.

“That’s enough, drop the subject. I’ll take care of my own matters,” Lin Ruoxi’s voice was firm, “Premier Ning, you should leave now. You don’t need to rush over for an outsider like me.”

Ning Guangyao’s face turned pale, “My child, I’m just concerned about you. Can’t we talk for a little more?”

Lin Ruoxi bit on her lower lip to prevent herself from talking.

At this time, Ning Guangyao’s assistant walked up to him.

“Premier, you have an urgent meeting later. We won’t make it back to Beijing if we don’t leave for the airport now.”

Ning Guangyao furrowed his brows, “Can’t you see I’m talking to my daughter?!”

“But…I…” The assistant felt uneasy.

Lin Ruoxi looked up instinctively and her heart softened at this sight.

She didn’t expect him to find the time to meet her at Zhonghai when he had a meeting to attend.

“Premier Ning, you shouldn’t miss out on the meeting.” Lin Ruoxi told him with a suave voice.

Ning Guangyao struggled for a while before tightening his jaw, “Alright, I’ll come over next time since you told me so. Tell me if you feel mistreated, didn’t I give you my number last time? You don’t need to care if I’m working or if I’m busy, I won’t feel burdened as long as I’m able to help you. I’ll be delighted if you’re willing to contact me, I’m telling the truth…”

Lin Ruoxi nodded, unable to say no to his expectant gaze.

Ning Guangyao was overjoyed, “Then…then daddy will go back to Beijing now. Come over to my place whenever you’re free. I told you that I can give the whole clan to you! I wasn’t lying, I was being serious!”

“Premier Ning!”

Lin Ruoxi’s body was trembling and she was trying her best to suppress it, “That’s enough, you should really leave.”

Ning Guangyao smiled awkwardly and he walked to the car while turning to look at her constantly. 

A few minutes later, the Audi car was finally out of her sight.

Lin Ruoxi felt lethargic, she rarely felt like this ever since she started cultivating with Yang Chen’s cultivation technique.

With her hands on the car, she looked up at the hazy sky as the chilly breeze caressed her hair.

Unconsciously, tears welled up in her eyes and she wiped it away.

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath to calm down before making her way into her house.

At the same time, Yang Chen was strolling around a bustling night market with Xiao Zhiqing. 

He promised her that he would bring her to eat foods that she had never tried. Yang Chen remembered it clearly and he didn’t want to break the promise.

Xiao Zhiqing had always wanted to visit the night market but she was afraid to come here. This was because she wasn’t familiar with the mundane world, nor did she understand the snacks.

Every time she saw something interesting, Xiao Zhiqing would stop and ask Yang Chen to buy it for her to try.

She would eat a few more bites if she liked it and if she didn’t, she would give it to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen had a huge appetite and he didn’t mind it since he wasn’t picky.

Everything felt worthwhile as he looked at her happy smile.

Yang Chen was reminded of the time he brought Lin Ruoxi out for crawfish. She would have glared at him if she knew about this.

Xiao Zhiqing walked out of a stall with a huge piece of baked wheaten cake with donkey meat in her hands but she only stared at it with a troubled expression. 

She turned to look at Yang Chen with a careful gaze, “I’m eating it…?”

“Mmh, go ahead. Try if this ‘weird’ thing is tasty.” Yang Chen chuckled.

Xiao Zhiqing swallowed her saliva and bit a small piece of the meat.

“Eh, why are you being so elegant? You can’t taste it with such a small bite. You have to bite the cake and the meat together, open your mouth wider…ah…”

Xiao Zhiqing looked at the people around them worriedly before saying, “Wouldn’t it look ugly to open my mouth widely? We’re on the street…”

Yang Chen chuckled when he realized she was embarrassed. He took the cake from her and ate a huge bite from it before returning it back to her.

“Alright, darling. I ate a huge bite, so it’s your turn now. Don’t feel embarrassed, you’re not doing this alone.”

Xiao Zhiqing giggled. Yang Chen’s action made her relax and she too started biting on it with huge bites. Even though it tasted okay, the joy she was feeling made everything taste better. 

Just when they were chatting while strolling around, Yang Chen furrowed his brows and came to a stop.

Xiao Zhiqing was puzzled, “Hubby? What’s wrong?”

Yang Chen clucked his tongue out of annoyance and he turned around to face the two silhouettes who had been tailing them.

A white youngster dressed in a black coat was seen standing next to a cute white girl with her curly hair tied up in a huge red ribbon. They were following them while keeping some distance.

The youngster’s face was cold and his resentful gaze made him look odd.

“Hey, kiddo, I pretended not to notice you because I’m too lazy to care. Have some common sense…my patience has a limit. I’m out here spending time with my woman and I don’t want to have blood on my hands.”

Yang Chen said in an English accent.

“Hmph, you devil. I’m here to avenge my father today. If you don’t want me to follow you, find an empty place and fight me!”