This youngster who called Yang Chen a devil, was a sorcerer from the Sword in the Stone, Prince.

His father, Leswente was murdered by Yang Chen and ever since then, Prince had been meaning to avenge his father’s death. He still had no plans on giving up even after witnessing Yang Chen’s capabilities in France.

Even though Yang Chen knew the Sword in the Stone was here in China, he never expected Prince and his fiancée, Emma to come after him.

“Hubby, who are they? Why do they want to fight you?” Xiao Zhiqing was utterly confused.

“Just ignore them,” Yang Chen held her hand and they made their way towards the night market, “Let’s go.” 

Prince wasn’t planning on leaving and he followed behind them with Emma.

Xiao Zhiqing was enjoying her time before this but knowing now that they were being followed, she lost the mood to continue and her gestures became awkward. 

Yang Chen sensed her worry and was frustrated that they couldn’t continue to have fun. With an apologetic expression, he told her, “Qing’er, how about we end our day here? I’ll accompany you some other day. These kids won’t stop until they feel the pain.”

Xiao Zhiqing wasn’t against it. She wasn’t keen on constantly being glared at by someone.

Yang Chen and Xiao Zhiqing walked to the parking lot and drove home while Prince tailed them.

Prince was hot on their heels even when they reached Xijiao Villas.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly as the young couple walked towards them, “Nice driving skills. You must be determined to fight me, but you’ve seen my abilities in France, and I’ve become far stronger compared to before. Do you think you could stand a chance against me?”

“My Prince has become stronger too! Don’t underestimate him!” Emma defended her fiancé. 

“Shut up, you’re in no position to talk! Who said I’m yours?!” Prince reprimanded her.

With a snort, he told Yang Chen, “I’ve worked hard on improving my soul magic, I’m far stronger than my father now! I did all this to get rid of you!”

Yang Chen smirked, “The Sword in Stone didn’t come to China for you to take care of your grudges. Since you two are the only ones here, you must have snuck off right? Aren’t you afraid of being punished by the chiefs?”

Prince flushed; it was obvious Yang Chen had stepped on his tail. He forced himself to look calm, “Stop blabbering! Take this!!”

The moment he said that, Prince opened his arms wide and dazzling lights appeared around him. They looked like the light of Buddha and at the same time, they resembled scattering lights.

Yang Chen blinked in surprise. Magic wasn’t a superpower; it was a way of using energy. Sorcerers manipulated the pure form of elements and used the inherited techniques to achieve their goals.

Thus, the biggest difference between sorcerers and those with superpowers was that sorcerers relied on mental capacity instead of internal changes.

This was the reason why a lot of sorcerers were born with immense talent, allowing them to advance rapidly. Prince was a perfect example.

The elements were much stronger than the ones he felt in France. He had really surpassed his father’s abilities!

Unfortunately, Yang Chen improved far quicker than him.

It would’ve been troublesome if Yang Chen was still in the Xiantian stage but now that he had entered the Tribulation Passing stage, the Western sorcerers would never be able to imagine his capabilities. This kind of mind control magic would never work against him!

Yang Chen created a barrier with the Heaven and Earth Energy to protect Xiao Zhiqing before walking towards Prince.

Prince looked at him with a burning gaze as he activated his technique. Gold light was glowing in his blue eyes and a bright and mesmerizing ball of light appeared in front of his chest 

“Yes…come closer…you devil…I’ll make you kill yourself with your own hands!”

Prince mumbled as he strengthened the control over his technique continuously. 

Soon, Prince realized that his technique wasn’t working as Yang Chen got even closer! 

Yang Chen looked conscious and completely unaffected by the technique.

Prince’s hands trembled and he stopped casting the technique when Yang Chen stood in front of him with a wicked smile.

“How…how…how did you…”

His face turned ghastly pale and a sense of dread welled up in his chest.

Before he came to find Yang Chen, Prince thought he would be able to injure Yang Chen or at least be a tough opponent for him.

However, the current situation was telling him that he had made a ridiculous mistake!

This monster was completely unaffected by his mind control technique!

Yang Chen sighed and lifted Prince by his collar as if he was literally holding onto a chick.

He stared at his pale face and grinned, “You should be glad that you didn’t meet the old me, I wouldn’t have let you live if I was me from two years ago…”

“What…what do you want…” Prince asked with a trembling voice, but his eyes were filled with unwillingness.

Yang Chen was about to talk when Emma moved abruptly!

The docile looking girl growled and pounced on him with glinting green eyes!

Her slim arms were filled with strength and she tried to chop Yang Chen’s arms!

Yang Chen was stunned at first, but he didn’t bother to block her attack, letting her hit his arm!


After a deafening crash, Emma stumbled from the reaction force.

Yang Chen’s physical body was truly terrifying, he didn’t even budge when her attack was around a few hundred kilograms!

Yang Chen whistled, “I’ve been wondering what kind of magic you are practising in Merlin Magic Society. It’s the Druid magic, right? That was the wild bear’s strength?”

“You…how did you know that?” Emma looked at Prince anxiously.

“Well…I’ve killed plenty of weird opponents, including those from the Sword in the Stone.” Yang Chen said sheepishly.

“Devil…” Prince’s eyes were bloodshot as he turned to Emma, “Run, woman! He’ll kill you too!!”

“No! I won’t leave you alone!!” Emma shook her head stubbornly.

Yang Chen was confused, “Hey, when did I say I’ll kill you? Don’t sprout nonsense. I’m not interested in killing children like you when I’m a dad myself.”

Just when Yang Chen was about to put Prince down, two black Mercedes-Benz G series sped towards their direction.

Members of the Sword in the Stone must have noticed the disappearance of Prince and Emma and came after them.

Lola got out of the car dressed in a black leather coat with her curly hair tied up. Her expression was stern as she walked towards them with her subordinates behind her.

“Your Majesty Pluto, please have mercy on them!”

Lola smiled and with a flash, she appeared next to Yang Chen.

“Your Majesty, Prince is still a child – he’s not even 18 years old yet. Please forgive his recklessness. He won’t bother you anymore once he realises how much he’s lacking compared to you.”

She was persuading him, but the rest of the members stood at the side with tensed expression, prepared to save them.

Yang Chen snorted and tossed Prince towards them, “You can have him. This is my house so scram!”

Lola let out a breath of relief and thanked Yang Chen. She didn’t dare to stay here any longer, glaring at Prince so that he would shut his mouth.

She knew it wasn’t a laughing matter to provoke Yang Chen, so they left within minutes of their arrival.

Once the cars were gone, Xiao Zhiqing walked towards Yang Chen and asked with a puzzled expression, “Hubby, why are they walking so freely in Zhonghai? Does the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade not care about them? Or are they afraid of the Sword in the Stone?"

“Who said that they don’t care about them? They are planning on using me to take care of them but…I won’t fall for it,” Yang Chen grinned and turned to look at the bushes next to a villa, “Come out. We haven’t met in a long time, is there a need to hide from me?”

Xiao Zhiqing turned around with a surprised expression and when someone walked out of the bush, her expression turned into curiosity.