As Heinholtz showed his stance, blood races from the Lasombra and Bruch tribes started to snarl at each other. 

Their fangs had been extended, exposing the ferocious side of the blood races.

Their grim appearances made everything seem like a nightmare, especially when they were by the forest.

Lin Ruoxi stayed rooted to the ground. She wanted to scream so badly, but instead she forced her mouth and eyes shut. 

She never dared to watch horror movies, let alone witnessing two groups of blood races intruding her house!

“The ‘magical girdle’ has not been found and you’re already impatient.” Udinese mocked.

Heinholtz snorted, “Drop the act, the tracking spell from the ‘poison vial’ won’t go wrong. If you can’t find it in the house, it must be underground then!”

Having said so, a blood-coloured six-feet tall blade suddenly materialized in his hand!

Black mist intertwined the blade which made it look majestic!

“Move! Blood Bursting Slash!!”

Heinholtz lifted the giant blade and dropped it onto the ground!


Blood-coloured light filled the house and a turbulence swept up all the furniture!

Such a high rank blood technique broke the living room into halves!

Lin Ruoxi looked at the damage in shock. A three to four meter wide crevice was formed on her marble floor, even the foundation under it was cracked!

As the debris got winded up, they saw a belt-like item in the crevice!

Somehow, even though it was buried underground, there was not a single speck of dust on it because of the golden glow!

Greed showed up in the blood races' faces when they saw the pattern on the girdle. It was exactly the same as described in the ancient writings!

“I knew it was here, haha! The ‘Magical Girdle’!!” Heinholtz cackled.

Udinese was excited too, but he didn’t dare to snatch the girdle, “Why are you laughing? This isn’t yours.”

“Udinese, I know the Bruch warriors are brave, but we have an upper hand compared to simple minded people like you.”

“Heinholtz, we won’t cower if you want a fight, but before that, shouldn’t we get rid of the low lives outside first?” Udinese smirked.

Heinholtz snorted, “We shall see if your underlings are faster or if my people are crueller…”

They sent a signal that was exclusive to the blood races and the upper ranked blood races behind them moved at once!

Exactly one second later, painful shrieks were heard from the forest!

“They caught us! Kill the blood races!!” Someone shouted and the others roared in response.

Humans from different organizations who had been eyeing on the Magical Girdle started to strike back!

They were hoping to wait for the blood races to fight one another before they show up to steal the Magical Girdle. Unfortunately, they had underestimated the blood races.

The abilities of the dukes and marquises of the blood races were unimaginable, let alone the princes, Udinese and Heinholtz.

All the powerusers and users of hidden technique formed a temporary alliance to battle against the upper ranked blood races!

However, the humans were no match against them. Normal elemental attacks were nothing against the blood races with impenetrable skin and immense recovery speed! 

Almost all of the powerusers were killed by the blood races within the next second, whether it was a bite to break their necks or a claw to dig their hearts!

Soon, the villa turned into a slaughterhouse where corpses and sprawled all over the ground!

The smell of blood was nauseating but it only made the blood races excited as their eyes turned red!

“Three dukes, eight marquises and earls…Udinese, is Camarilla so afraid of Sabbat? Is there a need to bring so many elites over?” Heinholtz looked at the ongoing slaughter with an intrigued expression.

“Afraid? Heh, what are you talking about? Heinholtz, didn’t you bring Leshrac and Saka too? They are far stronger than my three dukes.” Udinese joked.

Heinholtz smiled wickedly and his gaze shifted to Lin Ruoxi who was trembling in the living room.

“This woman…it looks like she’ll be a good meal…” Heinholtz licked his bloody lips.

Udinese furrowed his brows and teleported behind Lin Ruoxi!

Lin Ruoxi felt something cold at her neck and Udinese had already grasped her throat from behind!

He lowered his head and sniffed her neck. 

The green veins were visible on her pale neck and he breathed out blissfully as if he was sniffing an aged wine.

Tears run down Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks. Even though she was already in the Houtian stage, she was a nobody compared to the prince of the blood races who were technically half-Gods!

Feeling defenceless, she could already imagine him breaking her neck if she showed any sign of resistance!

Death never felt so close to her, but her mind was filled with other thoughts…

How long would he be upset for if I died? Would Lanlan cry continuously if she found out that her mom has died? Was I being too stubborn? If I didn’t move here, I could’ve been having dinner at home happily… 

“Ah…she smells so good. I haven’t smelled blood as sweet as hers. Heinholtz, this woman…I call dibs on her. I’ll enjoy the meal after I kill you…”

Heinholtz burst out laughing, “We’ll see if you’re still alive by then.”

At the end of his sentence, a dark red demon flame popped up on his hand. As the third generation blood race, it wasn’t surprising to know that he could control a higher ranked flame demon.

The flame demon was like a dancing devil. The moment it ignited, the flame had swallowed the ceiling and the structure of the house! 

It was no doubt that the demon flame could vaporise the whole house!

However, Heinholtz didn’t set his mind on destroying the house, “Saka, Leshrac, play with our good brothers from Camarilla…I’ll deal with Prince Udinese…”

“Yes, your highness!”

The human powerusers had all been wiped out and the only battle left was between the two groups of blood races.

The two dukes responded and immediately attacked the dukes and earls from the Bruch tribe!

An intense battle broke out where the crashing sounds from the blood techniques and fast moving silhouettes could be heard all around the mansion!

“Udinese, take this! Bloodlust Demon Flame!!”

Heinholtz teleported in front of Udinese and he threw a punch at Udinese’s face!

This blood technique was able to suck a prince’s blood, let alone an ordinary blood race!

Udinese had tossed Lin Ruoxi aside ages ago, he didn’t want his prey to be turned into dried meat!

Lin Ruoxi rolled across the marble floor like a rag doll until she bumped into the wall!


It felt as if someone had broken her bones. The pain and the way they disregarded her as a human made her feel humiliated. 

Lin Ruoxi pushed herself up and glared at the silver-haired Udinese.

At the same time, Udinese didn’t face the Bloodlust Demon Flame head on and he took a few steps back before creating two blood wolves made out of demon flame!

Heinholtz didn’t even flinch and he let the wolves bite him before destroying them with his punches.

He materialized a long whip with the flame demon and whipped it towards Udinese.

“You think you can run away? When it comes to speed, Sargeras wouldn’t even stand a chance against me! Accept your fate!!” Heinholtz cackled.

Udinese’s face darkened. The demon flame was getting closer to him and even though he could predict Heinholtz’s movement, he would still lose because of his speed!

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself!”

Udinese took out a small bottle from his sleeves before turning around to face the long whip. The bottle expanded and transformed into a black ball of energy, sucking all the demon flame into the bottle!