“Poison Bottle?! Damn it…”

Heinholtz cursed when all of his demon flames were sucked away.

The thirteen holy artifacts were in the hands of the princes, even Lilith who was the fourth generation pureblood couldn’t use the Massacre Blade if it wasn’t for her father, Prince Sageras.

Prince Udinese owned one of the holy artifacts, the Poison Bottle!

The bottle was bronze in colour with a long neck and a round opening on the top. It looked nothing special but it had a special function.

It could suck away demon flames depending on the user’s abilities.

“You’re trying to defeat me by using demon flames? You’ve underestimated me, I’ll let you taste the power of your demon flames!”

Udinese cackled as blood dripped down his finger.

The black energy ball engulfed the blood that was emitting a golden glow as if it found a delicious meal!

Oh no!

Heinholtz jolted as if he was reminded of something and he jumped into the air in a split second!

The whole mansion was ruined by the flame demons and the blood techniques, so there was no way to cover himself since the roof was burnt to ashes!

Udinese chanted as his eyes flickered. Suddenly, he roared and black energy balls formed behind him!

Right after that, he summoned the Poison Bottle and a huge cloud of dark reddish blood splattered out of the bottle!

The drops of blood had mutated once they came into contact with the black energy balls!


The roars and screech of beasts and birds pierced through the sky.

After coming into contact with the blood, the black energy balls had merged into a giant vulture, berserk black wolf and a giant black bear!

Other than their red eyes, the rest of their bodies were completely black!

An army of ferocious beasts had materialised from the Poison Bottle within seconds!

“Let’s see if you can be faster than my children!”

Udinese laughed boisterously and snapped his fingers. In the next second, the army of beasts pounced at Heinholtz and his subordinates!

Even though this cost him a lot of his energy, he was still excited from creating an army using the Poison Bottle.

A triumphant smile formed on his face as he looked at the Magical Girdle.

On the other hand, Heinholtz’s head throbbed and he extended his demon flame wings to speed up his movements.

He summoned two blades on his hands with demon flame and swung them at the beasts but the vultures reformed immediately after being attacked!

Worse yet, they could also suck his energy since they came from the Poison Bottle!

The dukes and earls were suffering too. At first, they had the upper hand against the Bruch tribe but now they had to handle the ferocious beasts, things no longer looked good for them!

Heinholtz’s blood boiled when he noticed his subordinates were starting to lose!

“Fine! Udinese! I won’t show you mercy since you’re doing the same!”

“Haha!! Heinholtz, you still have the leisure to talk?! You can’t do anything to me! Here's some advice from me: gather your people and scram! The artifact belongs to us!!”

Heinholtz snorted and snarled while he turned midair. His wings made out of demon flames had formed a strong explosion!

“Breaking Flame Blood Blade!”


Gigantic blood coloured ripples formed from the blade, destroying a dozen of the beasts within seconds!

Even though they were reforming quickly, it still gave Heinholtz some time!

A golden key appeared on his palm and the complicated looking carvings glowed in red! 

Heinholtz tossed the key up and it stayed afloat midair!

Waves of blackish red light started spreading and expanding around the key!

The borders prevented the beasts from getting close to them!

“This is…the Devil Key?! Why do you have it?!”

Udinese’s eyes widened in shock when he saw the key!

“Hahahaha!! Surprise!! Sir Raphael saw this coming! He knew you would bring the Poison Bottle so he entrusted the Devil Key to me!!” 

“Damn it, Raphael!!!”

Udinese roared but it was pointless!

The Devil Key, the smallest artifact out of the thirteen holy artifacts. It had the most special function, it was a key to open the Gates of Hell!

Once the gates are opened, these energy forms would retreat because it was Satan's territory!

According to the history of Gods, even though no one knew if Satan truly existed, once the Devil Key appeared, the Gates of Hell had never closed completely!

It made the blood races wonder if Satan was a greater God. If not he couldn’t have created hell!

Well obviously the user couldn’t summon Satan’s powers with the key but the prince of a blood race could never be able to withstand the devils from Hell!

“Open! The Gates of Hell!!”

As Heinholtz shouted the chant, the Devil Key spun around!


Creaking sounds were heard as the bronze gates appeared while glowing in red!

It opened slowly and everyone could see the black flames dancing as terrifying screams and cackles were heard!

The blood races felt huge oppression coming out of the Gates of Hell!

Lin Ruoxi held her breath out of fear as she hid by the corner.

She couldn't comprehend what she was seeing, praying hard that this nightmare would be over soon!


Heinholtz cackled and his body expanded!

At the same time, a blurry giant silhouette surged out of the Gates of Hell!

No one had the time to look at it closely and it had already entered Heinholtz’s body!

A tearing sound escaped his throat and his muscles expanded in size, tearing all his clothes!

Devil Horns appeared on his head and black bulging muscles were revealed under the torn clothes!

Heinholtz tightened his fist and groaned painfully!

A giant pair of devil wings grew on his back. It was seven to eight feet wide and as he flapped the wings, the wind scratched their faces!

The devil possession ceremony was finally over and he bellowed while gripping his scaled claws.

“Alright…Udinese…it’s time for us  to play…” Heinholtz was getting excited when he felt the immense energy in his body. 

Udinese was tense, “Hmph, it’ll only last for 15 minutes. You might not defeat me by then!”

“Is it? You can try…”

The moment he said that, Heinholtz flapped his wings hard and destroyed a dozen vultures that were coming close to him!!