The beasts were nothing to him now!

Heinholtz guffawed and his body dropped to the ground at the speed of light!

Just when he was close to touching the ground, he made a sharp 90 degrees turn towards Udinese!

Udinese had a bad feeling and he summoned two wolves in front of him before Heinholtz came close to me!

Heinholtz ignored his tactics and tore up the wolves, landing a punch on  Udinese’s abdomen!


Udinese growled as his body was thrown backwards like a missle. He broke through two walls before digging a lane across the floor until he came to a stop.

Heinholtz followed closely and landed another attack on Udinese right when he was trying to get up!

With the devil’s power bestowed on him, it strengthened his powers as a half-God. He was as strong as a God!

When it came down to physical strength, Udinese stood no chance against him!

Even though he had the Poisonous Bottle, it wasn’t suited for a solo match like this. Frankly, it was useless against the Devil Key!

Udinese was covered with blood as Heinholtz attacked him continuously.

Even if his body was repairing itself quickly, it was obvious that his body had weakened!

Soon, Udinese started to tremble!

His body was weakening from using the Poisonous Bottle and the black energy forms vanished rapidly from the lack of control. The Lasombra tribe gained back the upper hand!

“Looks like the match has ended, Udinese. I suppose your tribe will decline soon if your people die here…tsk tsk, this isn’t Europe. No one can save you.”

Heinholtz guffawed but he wasn’t in a hurry to end Udinese’s life. Instead, he teleported next to Lin Ruoxi. 

Lin Ruoxi jolted in shock when she noticed the devilized Heinholtz. She kept her head down as she trembled out of fear.

“Heh, miss, don't be afraid. You won’t feel the fear anymore…I’ll suck all your blood gently…”

Heinholtz smirked. He opened his hand and his nails grew rapidly.

With a snap of his wrist, he lifted her up by grabbing onto her waist!

His sharp nails cut her skin even though he was just holding onto the side of her waist.

Blood oozed out of the wound and stained her white evening gown…

Lin Ruoxi moaned out of pain but she bit her lip and tried to get out of his grip. However, it only made the pain intensify as if his devil nails would pierce through her anytime soon!

Heinholtz’s eyes glistened with greed as he took a whiff of her blood!

“I told you…I told you that the prey belongs to me tonight! Udinese, watch me devour my meal, I’ll end your life later!”

Having said so, Heinholtz bared his fangs!

Lin Ruoxi held her breath. She knew she would die the second his fangs pierced her neck!

She didn’t dare to open her eyes. It was too late to end her own life!

Heinholtz cackled at her reaction.

The blood races watched him move and just when his fangs were about to pierce her neck, a painful screech escaped his throat!

The next second they realised, a silhouette had appeared behind Heinholtz!

Heinholtz’s arm was broken by the silhouette!

His muscular arm covered with protective scales were cut off by some unimaginable strength and the immense pain made Heinholtz retreat out of reflex!

“You…who are you?! Why are you here?!”

New muscles were growing at his broken arm because of the blood race’s extraordinary regenerative capacity.

He wasn’t afraid of losing an arm since it would grow back in seconds but most importantly, he didn’t realise someone had come close to him!

Worse yet, he didn’t even realise how he attacked him!

The fact that he was able to conceal his aura and move at such a speed made Heinholtz’s blood pressure rise!

Yang Chen didn’t answer his question, tossing the broken arm away instead.

Lin Ruoxi lost all strength in her body and she fell onto the ground.

She looked at Yang Chen with a dazed expression, unable to describe what she was feeling.

Even though she desperately wished for him to save her like how he had always been doing, now that he was actually here, her feelings were mixed now .

Joy? Shock? Or disbelief?

Lin Ruoxi didn’t know how to describe her feelings, only sobs came out…

It felt as if centuries had passed since their last meeting.

Yang Chen was unaffected by her tears, he didn’t even pull her up as if he was unbothered. 

Yang Chen was starting to look like a bottomless black hole in the eyes of the blood races. All the darkness in the world was moving towards him…

Fear crept up their heart as they felt a much more wicked and terrifying aura coming from him – a strong thirst for blood far greater than the Gates of Hell!

The dukes had been alive for thousands of years, they knew one couldn’t be born with this aura! It was built up from taking other people’s lives! 

Within the few seconds, the blood races were reminded of a person who looked really similar to the man in front of him…


Udinese guessed which made the other blood races jolt out of shock!

Heinholtz’s suspicions were confirmed when he heard Udinese!

As a prince of the blood race, they were familiar with Yang Chen’s appearance since they had encountered him many times. It didn’t strike their mind since he appeared without any signs.

Cold sweat formed on Heinholtz’s forehead. Even though his ability should be equivalent to a God from being possessed by a devil, he was facing an actual God.

“Your majesty Pluto…I don’t know why you broke my arm but there shouldn’t be any grudges between the Sabbat and the Gods right?” Heinholtz asked carefully.

Yang Chen stood at the same spot, his face remained expressionless as the wind swayed his suit. 

He lifted his left arm and beckoned Heinholtz over by bending his finger.

“Come and die.”

These three words were uttered slowly with a deep voice, but it ticked Heinholtz off!

“Your majesty Pluto, please don’t make a joke like that. I respect you but it doesn’t mean that the Sabbat is an easy target! We’re not fools. There has to be a reason for you to start a fight with me!”

Heinholtz smiled, “Unless you’re here for the ‘Magical Girdle’? If that’s the case, it’s in the crevice, you can take it. We can give it to you so there’s no need to start a fight.”

Yang Chen repeated the same action as if he didn’t hear him, “Come and die…”

A greater oppression threatened to drown Heinholtz like a tsunami! 

Even the blood races who stood far away sensed it too! 

They didn’t dare to move even if they felt humiliated, fully aware that they couldn’t fight back. 

Heinholtz trembled out of anger and he could no longer stand the growing fear. With a loud growl, he fluttered his devil wings and rushed towards Yang Chen!

“You’ve gone too far!!”

He sped up the devil wings to the point that the other blood races couldn’t even see his silhouette. A wave of hellfire was summoned using the devil’s power!

The hellfire exploded and threatened to engulf Yang Chen like a black ball of fire!

Waves of ripples were formed, causing the other blood races to evade their gazes!

Sand and dust were brought up as the marble floor cracked further, revealing the burnt ground beneath it!

Once the view was no longer obstructed, the blood races finally looked over.

Their eyes widened in disbelief the moment they saw what had happened!

A human arm extended forward and grabbed Heinholtz’s head!

The hellfire didn’t hurt the man at all! Nor was the woman affected in any way!

It all happened just as he said!

Heinholtz could no longer think about his circumstances. He had unleashed all of the devil and his own power to summon the hellfire but the moment he came close to Yang Chen, a hand had grasped his head!

Yang Chen didn’t even budge. The terrifying power which tore through ten feet of marble floor had no effect on him!

With his hand on Heinholtz’s head, Yang Chen spoke with a flat voice, “I told you to come over, I didn’t say you could do anything else.”

Heinholtz tried to escape his grip but it was futile!

Overwhelmed by fear, he flapped his devil wings to hurt Yang Chen!

However, Yang Chen’s right hand pulled his wings out the moment he moved his wings!

Blood squirted out as Yang Chen tore the wing out of his back!

“It looks like you still don’t get it…”

Yang Chen cocked his head and turned towards his other wing. Heinholtz couldn’t even control or stop his wings from moving into his hand!

Another tearing sound was heard. Heinholtz gasped, he couldn’t even groan as his face twitched out of pain!