Their legs gave out at his ruthless attack!

Heinholtz was a third-generation blood race and now that he was being possessed by the devil, even the most advanced explosives wouldn’t hurt him!

Why was he so vulnerable in front of God?! Was it because Pluto’s power had advanced to an unimaginable level?!

The devil’s power was persistent. A new pair of wings grew on Heinholtz’s back after Yang Chen tore it down.

However, Heinholtz couldn’t get away from Yang Chen’s grip. He was like a helpless bug facing a giant.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows as he stared at the growing pair of wings, “So troublesome…”

He chanted something and with a wave of his hand, the Chaos Cauldron was summoned!

The blood races’ jaws dropped when they saw the weird-looking cauldron grow to the size of a house!

What was this?!

Lin Ruoxi stared at Yang Chen blankly as it was her first time seeing him use an artifact like this. She couldn't even think about his cold attitude.

This idea came to Yang Chen randomly. If the Chaos Cauldron could gobble up the cultivators, could it do the same with other people? Blood race was one of the odd races, so what would happen if Yang Chen gobbled him up with the Chaos Cauldron and then refined him with the Samadhi True Fire?

Yang Chen’s motive frightened Heinholtz!

The man in front of him smirked and the Chaos Cauldron roared in response!

“Congratulations on being my first test subject…”

Yang Chen muttered and summoned the Chaos Cauldron onto Heinholtz!

Heinholtz felt an irresistible sucking force pulling him in and no matter how hard he tried to get away, it was futile!


A ferocious beast spirit was semi-visible in the cauldron as if it couldn’t wait any longer to devour him.

Within seconds, Heinholtz was sucked into the cauldron. 

Yang Chen didn’t hesitate to summon a ball of Samadhi True Fire into the cauldron to speed up the process!

The blood races only heard a few fearful gasps from the cauldron before everything went completely still!

The Gates of Hells were shut close as Heinholtz died!

The Devil Key might be an artifact but it stood no chance against the Samadhi True Fire and the Chaos Cauldron, thus it was destroyed along with Heinholtz.

Yang Chen felt magical energy coming from the cauldron as the Prince was completely refined.

The dark and ferocious energy surged towards Yang Chen and maybe because the devil wasn’t able to get away from Heinholtz’s body, the demon flame came along with the dark energy too.

Yang Chen was disappointed that not a single bit of spiritual energy was released since blood races weren’t alive. It was useless for his cultivation.

However, Yang Chen was excited about the demon flames and the dark attribute from the blood races. He could feel that he might be near to the last stage of the Three Yang Fire, the Ye Fire!

That wasn’t the only thing, the Ming Water that had been causing him headache needed something murky like this!

Even though the devil's possession strengthened his body temporarily, it also corroded his sanity!

That was the power of the Ming Water - to corrode the cultivators’ body and mind!

As it dawned on him, Yang Chen waved his hands and a surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy materialised mid-air and transformed into a weird ball of gurgling liquid! 

There were dark mists oozing out of the blue liquid but upon a closer look, it looked as if there was nothing in the liquid. 

It wasn’t cold nor hot and it gurgled mid-air like stagnant water!

The blood races could tell the danger of this liquid even when watching from afar!

“Ming water...ming water...hah, haha!”

Yang Chen guffawed, feeling triumphant from reaching a breakthrough.

Udinese sensed that things were about to go downhill. He walked towards Yang Chen carefully and thanked him in a respectful manner, “Your Majesty Pluto, thank you for saving our lives. We’ll leave immediately and not bother you any longer!”

Udinese finished his sentence and was about to leave when Yang Chen stopped him, “Don’t move, this isn’t over yet.”

Udinese feigned calm, “Do you have any orders for me?”

The Chaos Cauldron was still floating in the air as Yang Chen twirled the Ming Water around like a toy.

“The woman on the ground, who touched her?”Yang Chen asked nonchalantly.

Udinese looked ashy, he knew that the woman was the cause of Yang Chen’s anger!


Just as Udinese stuttered, a duke from Sabbat cried out, “Your Majesty Pluto, it’s Udinese! He’s the first person to hurt this lady! He’s the culprit!”

The Lasombra tried to get away from this as they had lost Prince Heinholtz.

Their best option was to have Yang Chen kill Udinese.

Udinese’s face fell and he roared with a panic-stricken face, “Nonsense! Heinholtz was the one who hurt this lady! He wanted to suck her blood!”

The Bruch tribe defended Udinese, aware of the importance of this.

Soon, both tribes started to quarrel fiercely.

Yang Chen’s gaze darkened and a sneer formed on his lips.

“Actually, there’s no need to quarrel about this.”

“Your Majesty Pluto! It really wasn’t me!” Udinese shook his head as he moved backwards.

Yang Chen grinned, “It doesn’t matter who it was...all of you deserve to die anyways…”

The blood races became dead silent at his nonchalant attitude.

They looked at the smiley man in disbelief but no one dared to doubt his words!

“Your Majesty Pluto! You can’t do this! Aren’t you working with Camarilla?! Don’t you remember that Marquess Lilith is your friend?!” Udinese tried to persuade him.

“Friend?” Yang Chen was humoured as if he had heard a joke, “You don’t even recognise my woman and you even tried to suck her blood. Yet you want to be my friend?”

“I…” Udinese couldn't say anything else.

The other blood races exchanged gazes with another. They were all thinking about the same thing - run!

Even Heinholtz was killed by Yang Chen, so how could they stay here any longer?! 

Unfortunately, Yang Chen didn’t keep the cauldron because he was waiting for this moment!

Just when the blood races decided to run away, a crashing sound was heard from the Chaos Cauldron!

A powerful force wrapped around them like tentacles!

They struggled but it was to no avail.

With a wave of his hand, a water chain made out of Ming Water tied Udinese up!

Udinese bellowed in agony as he struggled to get away but the Ming Water corroded his ‘immortal’ body within seconds!

All the blood races were wiped out and no marks were left behind.

After refining all the blood races in the Chaos Cauldron, Yang Chen kept the cauldron and dispersed the Ming Water.

Peace had returned once again.

After taking a deep breath, Yang Chen turned around and looked down at Lin Ruoxi with an expressionless face. She was trying her best to stand up, tightening her jaw as she tried to withstand the pain.