Blood was oozing out of her wounds and bruises were seen everywhere from her earlier fall.

This made it hard for her to move.

Even though she noticed that Yang Chen had turned around to face her, she still stood by the side quietly.

“You can’t stay here anymore.” Yang Chen spoke up after a long silence. 


The mansion was ruined from the battle, blood was pooling everywhere from the corpses.

“Don’t move, let me treat you.”

Yang Chen extended one of his hands to hold her but his hands trembled and he froze.

Lin Ruoxi looked at him and realised that he looked anxious instead of angry.

“What’s wrong? Why is your hand trembling?” Lin Ruoxi was worried.

Yang Chen looked down, trying to hide his tearful eyes from her.

But Lin Ruoxi saw everything. After an initial shock, restless came up to her, “What is going on? Are we still in danger?”

Yang Chen gasped in the cold air and smiled bitterly, “Danger? How can it be any more dangerous than just now? You almost died.”

Lin Ruoxi was startled.

It finally dawned on her. Yang Chen was still feeling the lingering fear!

He acted coldly but he was just trying to mask the fear in him!

Lin Ruoxi had never seen him like this. How much fear was he feeling for him to act so cautiously?

Yang Chen showed a self-deprecating smile, “Did you know that you’ll become a dried corpse if I came any later? Why must this happen to you? Why can’t I take good care of you even when I’m alive?” Am I really that useless? I’ve already witnessed her and the child’s death two years ago. I really don’t have the confidence to say that I’ll be able to get out of it if it happens again. Lin Ruoxi, I beg of you, don’t die in front of me, even if that’s the end, let me die first. Please?”

Guilt filled Lin Ruoxi’s mind as she looked at his desperate gaze.


“Don’t say anything,” Yang Chen cut him off and took out the Fengxiang Bracelet from the Sumeru Ring, “I know you think that I’m selfish. How can I ask you to do this when I’ve made a mistake. I’m not pushing you to forgive me and I can’t guarantee that I won’t anger you anymore, but please, wear this bracelet so that I can feel better. It’s also for your own good.”

Lin Ruoxi looked at him deeply but she didn’t refuse his plea and put on the bracelet herself.

At the same time, some cars were seen driving towards them. It was the latecomers - people from Sword in the Stone.

The whole battle only lasted around ten minutes. Even though Yang Chen could teleport here, it took some time for the Sword in the Stone to come here.

Lola and the others got out of the car and they froze at the sight of the corpses. Their faces lit up when they spotted the glowing girdle but Yang Chen’s appearance made them feel wary.

After all, he was the only one alive so it was natural for them to think of Yang Chen as the murderer.

Yang Chen knew what they were thinking but he didn’t bother to explain himself. He didn’t mind being accused as a murderer since he had killed more people than this.

Lin Ruoxi was puzzled to see the strangers but Yang Chen pulled her away before she could say anything and started to heal her wounds with the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.

“Damn it, we came too late! This devil has killed everyone!” Prince cursed.

Lola reprimanded him immediately, “Shut up, Prince. Haven’t you done enough?”

“That’s weird. Why isn’t there any corpse of the blood races? Did they all run away?” Someone asked.

Just when they were being doubtful, Yang Chen had finished treating Lin Ruoxi and was walking towards the crevice.

Everyone watched him nervously as he summoned the ‘Magical Girdle’ into his hands.

Yang Chen bounced it on hand and chuckled, “I don’t know who put this here but this is a fake artifact.”

Those from the  Sword in the Stone kept quiet. They didn’t believe in him but no one dared to make a move because of his terrifying abilities.

Yang Chen looked at them mockingly and tossed the girdle up before throwing a ball of Nanming Li Fire to it.


The glowing ‘Magical Girdle’ exploded into ashes!

Everyone else was shocked. They didn’t see this coming!

Yang Chen dusted his hands, “Alright, I don’t know who started the prank but you guys have come here for nothing. The Yellow Flame Iron Brigade is keeping an eye on you guys too. You might want to return to Scotland soon, in case anything happens to your country. Who knows, it might be a trick to lure guys out of Scotland.”

Lola and the rest understood this and they nodded at each other before bowing down to Yang Chen. 

“Your Majesty Pluto, thank you for informing us. We’ll leave China right away.”

They got into their cars and left immediately.

Lin Ruoxi felt disgusted by the corpses and she asked Yang Chen, “What do we do about the corpses? Should we inform the police?”

Yang Chen shook his head, “Don’t worry, the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade will take care of it. Let’s go home.” 

Since Lin Ruoxi was still wearing her pyjamas, Yang Chen didn’t hesitate to carry her before teleporting back to Xijiao Villas.

Once they had reached home, Yang Chen called Wang Ma and she was delighted to know that Lin Ruoxi was finally willing to come home. Xiao Zhiqing, on the other hand, resented it since it meant that she had to be separated from her mom once again.

Wang Ma was used to living with Lin Ruoxi so she couldn’t really care about her daughter’s complaints.

Lin Ruoxi went upstairs and she ended up going into Yang Chen’s room after a short internal conflict. 

Even though it was awkward to sleep together after a quarrel, Lin Ruoxi’s heart softened when she was reminded of his pained expression.

However, Yang Chen didn’t come upstairs even after she showered and had changed into a new set of pyjamas.

Feeling puzzled, she walked towards the railing and saw that Yang Chen was sitting on the couch by himself.

The light wasn’t on, the television wasn’t turned on either. He just sat there quietly with his arms around his head as if he was deep in thought. 

It felt as if his body was about to be engulfed by the darkness.

Lin Ruoxi felt something warm in her eyes. Somehow, she hoped that he could come up to her and joke around as usual.

She realised that she didn’t like to see such a somber expression on his face.

“Aren’t you sleeping?” Lin Ruoxi bit her lip.

Yang Chen looked up and showed a faint smile but he couldn’t mask the fatigue, “You should rest first. I’m thinking about something. I need to calm down first.”

“Are you still mad at me? I know I have a bad temper.” Lin Ruoxi mumbled.

“Don’t overthink it, it has nothing to do with you. It’s me.” Yang Chen comforted her.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t say anything, so she returned to the room reluctantly.

Both of them slept without dreaming, occupied with their own thoughts.

At the same time, there stood a snow covered mountain in northwest China - Tian Shan.

Only yaks and extreme hikers would visit a place like this, so most of the time it was pretty much deserted.

Right on one of the peaks, a lady was seen stepping on the snow with bare feet.