The lady came out of the ancient painting in a graceful manner, clothed in a green dress that showed her curvy figure, where even with a loose skirt, she still could not hide her curvy chest, hips, and slender waist.

Wearing a pearl hairpin on her silky hair that's as black as ink, her eyes reflected the galaxy, while a delicate translucent tulle covered her face.

But even with the faint outline, one could make out that this woman had an alluring appearance.

After the woman stood still for a while, a black figure followed after and landed on the other side of the mountain, a few feet away from the woman.

The man was dressed in a black trench coat, with flying blond hair and a handsome face. He was the prince of the Tzimisce clan, Raphael, and also Hermes.

After a few glances at the woman, Hermes sneered, "I like how you’re dressed today.”

The woman glanced at him with cold eyes, “How’s it going?”

Hermes shrugged. "Failed, even with Athena's big prophecy spell... it is still unable to predict the appearance of that special inferior charm belt, but after all, it is still better than ours."

“Hmmph,” The woman said in disdain, “It was just luck.”

Hermes laughed eerily, “How about you? Did you catch that person?”

The woman in green gleamed her cold eyes, “That man is extremely cunning, it’s easy to win him over, but to get’s quite arduous. But, I will get him sooner or later.”

“Then you have to hurry up. Athena has found Gaia's heart, and although her plan has many episodes, it has always been pushed forward by her. If we wait until she fully launches the whole plan, we won't stand a chance."

 "Do you think her plan can really go so smoothly? She only has a little more than 30% of strength reserved, and the big prophecy spell is already full of loopholes. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have needed to show up in person to set things straight.”

“I’m afraid that if she succeeds, wouldn’t her ego be riding above our heads for a thousand years or more?”

“What are you afraid of? The level of her skills may be high and it would be difficult for me to improve, but after all, my strength was completely different from that of hers since the beginning, however, I am not necessarily afraid of her! Chinese cultivators have good skills, and the items that were handed down from ancient times... none of them were easy to handle.

What's more, me and her are different. She needed Gaia’s heart to restore her state but for me there’s not much of an affect!”

Hermes smiled weirdly, “I guess you’re right, why don’t you let that person make a replica so I can have fun one more time?”

“Not necessarily. Although she can’t kill you, sending you to reincarnation isn’t that hard as well. Based on your strength, you will probably need six to ten years to be able to wake up. By then, it would be too late, let’s stop here.”

Hermes snorted lightly, but was speechless as well.

The woman squinted her eyes, “By the way, Apollo, Poseidon and the others, what did they say?”

“Them? Hmmph,” Hermes disdainfully said, “ The group is afraid of Athena and dare not oppose her, asking for their help is impossible. I suppose let’s just pretend to know nothing, and just observe and see what happens.” 

The woman nodded, “Then it’s fine, after all, even if Athena is an evil woman that deserves to die, she’s still one of us… I am totally fine about her reviving Gaia’s heart, but... Even if the Gods are to be restored again, it shouldn't be the same like back in those days!"

Hermes grinned secretly, a strange brilliance flashed in his eyes.


The next morning, Wang Ma had arrived home early to prepare breakfast. Seeing Lin Ruoxi coming downstairs, she said joyfully, "Young Lady, you are finally back. I just saw the morning news saying that Nanshan had a fire last night. I’m afraid that the house you bought will have to be lost. It just so happens that you’re coming back to stay, lets not simply move out in future if any conflicts happen okay. "


Lin Ruoxi was confused for a moment, but immediately understood, it was the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade who ‘destroyed all traces’. 

She didn’t care much about whether there would be compensation for that mansion which cost ten million-plus.

She looked around, seeing Yang Chen not at home, she asked, “Wang Ma, where did Yang Chen go?”

Wang Ma shrugged helplessly, “I was wondering as well, he was nowhere to be seen since this morning. I thought he was still sleeping with you.”

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help feeling a little lost, although Yang Chen said that he didn’t blame her for anything, it’s just that his heart was in a mess.

She still felt that the man was mad at her.

Normally, he would already be sitting here early and have breakfast together. But now, he didn’t even want to eat together...

Lin Ruoxi felt hurt.

Wang Ma advised her, “Why don’t you call him and ask? Maybe he had something urgent.”

She nodded and took out her phone, as she was going to dial, she stopped her movements and placed her phone down.

“Forget it, he’s probably busy. I can’t be controlling him and restricting him all the time,” Lin Ruoxi forced a smile.

Wang Ma didn’t bother much, “True, you can’t be too controlling, the family had just reunited.”

“Mhmm...oh right Wang Ma, I’ll be picking Lanlan from the airport tomorrow afternoon. Make more delicious food but make sure it’s not too oily, mother told me that she has been eating a lot of meat in Beijing, I don’t want her to become a fat little pig,” Lin Ruoxi smiled.

Wang Ma was obviously excited and quickly nodded, “Okay, I’ve missed this little dear a lot, leave it to me. Lady, don’t you have work today, eat something then go.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded and smiled as she sat down. She took up the spoon wanting to open her mouth, she suddenly looked at the empty seat where Yang Chen used to be and felt sad...


Beijing, Ning Residence.

Although there had been a few rounds of feather-like snow during this winter in Beijing, the sun today was extremely bright, the penetrating warmth made the people drowsy.

In the courtyard, Ning Guangyao, Ning Xin, and Ning De were sitting at the stone table, drinking the freshly made red robe tea, which was a delight in the afternoon.

"In this world, it really is not conducive to cultivation. There are so many temptations and too many flashy things, which really drains the heart..."

Ning De tapped the stone table with one hand, while expressing with emotion.

Ning Guangyao was witty and authentic, “Elder Ning De, proper self-cultivation is actually a way of going with the flow, so you don't have to be too stiff.”

“Haha, that’s right… no wonder you deserve to be a Premier, you sound right,” Ning De held his cup and took two sips.

Ning Xin snorted slightly, "It doesn't matter if we cultivate on our own here, but Guangyao, what happened to your daughter and the kid of the Yang family? If they really split, then your Ning family and the Yang family's merger plan will be completely ruined."

Ning De frowned as he heard it and looked at Ning Guangyao suspiciously.

“Elders, rest assured as I have been monitoring them secretly." Ning Guangyao said with a smile, "Actually, my daughter and Yang Chen have been married for nearly two years. Based on his character of changing women constantly when he was abroad, being able to have such persistence now has already explained so many things.They had a conflict this time, but it was more beneficial to us. I made a special trip to Zhonghai immediately that day and met Ruoxi. She will naturally feel the warmth. The news came this morning that she has returned home. In this way, most of the trivial matters have been eliminated and reconciled.Their relationship as husband and wife maintained, and I take advantage of this. This opportunity has brought them closer, which is the best for both worlds."

Ning Xin and Ning De were pleased to hear that.

"That’s good to hear. The kid of the Yang family is not simple, and we don’t know what kind of cultivation he is performing, even his women can have such cultivation skills at a young age. If you can pull him into the Ning family firmly, as the son-in-law, it’s best to assimilate all of his practices. This will be of great benefit to our Ning family, I suppose. Guangyao, a good relationship with your son-in-law is your next extremely important step. Not only for your status in the secular Ning family, but also very important to our Ning family's spiritual cultivation. We can't do it with great fanfare in the secular world, so it depends on your ability," Ning Xin said solemnly.

Ning Guangyao sneered in his heart about them not telling him about this earlier. Yang Chen was dissatisfied with himself too much now, and he was not as easy to fool with family affection as Lin Ruoxi was. 

However, on the surface, Ning Guangyao was still making false claims, letting the elders rest assured that he would go all out to complete the plan.