After a busy day, Zhonghai City ushered in the peak of off work hours. Just because sunset arrived early during winter, it was actually evening but it looked as if it was night time.

Coming out from the elevator of Yulei International, Lin Ruoxi walked past the first floor lobby. The employees and receptionists she passed by all greeted her with a respectful smile.

Lin Ruoxi nodded faintly as usual and did not speak, but the employees had long been accustomed to it and didn't think of it as arrogant.

Half a year ago, she would habitually take the elevator directly to the underground parking garage instead of passing through the lobby and head to the parking lot.

Such a change of path was also a change of mentality.

She had to admit that her personality that used to push people away seemed to have changed after she got acquainted with Yang Chen. Especially after they got married, her mindset started changing slowly, at least her employees stopped behaving like how they did before, not even daring to look at her as if she was the grim reaper. 

She didn’t know if this was good or bad as a boss. At least, seeing the employees smiling brightly and looking at her with admiring eyes, she felt more or less pleased.

Being able to achieve this level of career, money, fame and fortune was already a great feat for  a woman herself. Other ladies relied on men to buy famous brands and jewellery for them, but she could become the one who sold them to the ladies.

Only by seeing more people become wealthy and happy because of their business operations, it drives Lin Ruoxi to continue struggling in the market.

If she had lost such achievements, she wouldn’t even imagine how her life would have been as she had such an extraordinary husband...

That’s why, no matter what happens in the house or in life, she could still manage her work well. Her ambition to spread Yulei all over the world has never stopped!

After getting into the car, she drove her usual way, along the main road in the city centre towards the highway.

The traffic was congested, she instinctively switched on the accelerator, brake, accelerator...but in her mind, she couldn’t help thinking if Yang Chen was already home.

She was absent-minded most of the time today. She wanted to call the man and ask about his whereabouts but she was afraid that he would play missing and ignore her phone calls.

The feeling of anxiety and fear mixed with grief and disappointment made her feel helpless.

When the car stopped at a crossroad, she couldn't help but look out the window at the colorful, flashing street lights..

The couples walking by the street were shopping, some holding hands, some holding their shoulders, and they were intimate.

Tomorrow night was Christmas Eve, and the big discounts had already begun. Citizens of Zhonghai, including residents of surrounding prefecture-level cities, were beginning to gather to shop.

In the past, what she cared about most was the sales of the company's department stores and online shopping malls during Christmas.

But now, she was looking forward to thinking if all these things didn’t happen between the two, maybe at this time, they could also be walking on the street together.

Just like those days when they were having their honeymoon in Korea, they had no worries and only shopped, ate and played around.

Unknowingly, a few snowflakes floated on the window. Although it was only a few sparse pieces, it was indeed snowing.

Many passers-by on the street looked at the sky with excitement. There was a snowy Christmas, which was very rare for southern cities.


A car behind began to honk.

Lin Ruoxi was shocked, and suddenly realized that the green light was already lit, but she was lost in thoughts and forgot to watch the road!

She quickly pressed on the accelerator and tried not to have these thoughts.

Returning back to the Xijiao villas, she subconsciously looked around for Yang Chen.

But after a while, only Wang Ma came downstairs with a big black plastic bag in her hand, without knowing what’s inside.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi standing dazed in the living room, she couldn't help asking, "Miss, what are you thinking about, why didn’t you say anything after coming home?"

She finally let her guard down, her eyes flushed while she tried holding back her tears. She threw herself into Wang Ma's arms, leaned on her shoulders and started sobbing.

Wang Ma was shocked and quickly patted the woman’s back, “Oh my, what’s wrong my lady, did anyone bully you? What happened? Why are you crying?”

“Sob…” Lin Ruoxi whimpered in tears as she looked up, “Wang Ma, Yang Chen really doesn’t want to see me anymore…”

“Huh?” Wang Ma was stunned and didn’t know how to respond.

“He’s still mad at me...He must think that I’m too self-oriented...He couldn’t stand me anymore and he’s ignoring me…” Lin Ruoxi sobbed and said.

Wang Ma grinned stiffly, “Lady, there’s no such thing?”

“There is! Look at him, he’s nowhere to be seen since this morning. He definitely doesn't want to see me anymore...he’s hiding from me…” Lin Ruoxi wiped away her tears, crying like a helpless little girl.

“What do you mean he’s not home, didn’t he just came back?” Wang Ma was surprised.

Lin Ruoxi stopped crying and looked at Wang Ma.

“Just...Just came back?”

"Yes!" Wang Ma didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, "I’ve just sent a change of clothes to him. God knows where he went, there were all kinds of dirty marks all over his body. Some dark mud, as if he was rolling on the ground, the clothes were so dirty that they couldn’t be washed!”

Wang Ma opened the black plastic bag in her hand to show her, it was full of Yang Chen’s coat and other clothes, they were as dirty as dyed.

Lin Ruoxi looked at her with teary eyes and looked at the clothes in the bag then looked upstairs at the door that was open with innocence.

Suddenly, a blush of shame emerged as two red clouds.

“Young master is taking his shower, don’t think too much lady,” Wang Ma patted her shoulders.

Lin Ruoxi lowered her head and felt extremely embarrassed. What kind of thoughts was she having, why didn’t her brain function properly, and why did she cried without first confirming it.

It was said that when it comes to relationship problems, a woman's IQ decreases linearly. She didn't believe it before, but this time she agreed at least by half.

Yang Chen always had many weird things going on, not to mention he only went missing for half a day, what’s so surprising about that.

"I, then...Wang Ma, I’ll go upstairs first..."

Lin Ruoxi herself felt embarrassed, and rushed upstairs.

“Oh my, lady be careful, what are you running for,” Wang Ma couldn’t help smiling and shaking her head.

When Lin Ruoxi shut herself in her room, Wang Ma sighed, walked to the laundry room, and put Yang Chen's clothes in the washing machine.

After dealing with trivial matters, she walked silently to a shelf in the living room.

Opening the glass door, Wang Ma took out a vertical photo frame from the shelf. The photo was of the old house garden when Lin Ruoxi was young. The photo was the old president holding Lin Ruoxi along with Wang Ma and Xue Zijing. Except for the expressionless Lin Kun, the entire photo felt wholesome.

Wang Ma reached out and touched the faces of several people in the photo, and muttered to herself, "Old madam, before you leave you told me to watch the young lady grow up. I thought that after getting married, she would...but, it seems that the young lady hasn't completely grown up yet... she’s still crying like how she did when she was young…”

She smiled as she mumbled to herself, her eyes filled with nostalgia.


On the other hand, Lin Ruoxi was walking back and forth in her room, blushing and jumping from time to time.

She really had no idea how to face Wang Ma anymore, this was so embarrassing. She even forgot when was the last time she cried in such a stupid way.

Thinking back of what she had said, she felt ashamed and how she wished she could turn back time!

All of this was because of Yang Chen, that idiot!

Right, it was this guy who played missing that made her overthink!

‘Knock knock knock’, at that moment someone knocked the door.

Lin Ruoxi thought Wang Ma came upstairs so she tidied herself, calmed down and walked toward the door.

But as soon as she opened the door, she saw Yang Chen who had just finished showering, wearing a blue sweater. He was grinning at her.

Staring at the man’s mysterious eyes, Lin Ruoxi was stunned.

Yang Chen was laughing halfway, and asked, "Dear Ruoxi, why do you look like you just cried? Why are your eyes so red?"