“I...I’m not crying, there’s just some sand bits in my eyes when I entered the house,” Lin Ruoxi randomly made up an excuse, but her face was still a little flushed.

Although she had mixed emotions and was dying to know where Yang Chen went, she still forced herself to be calm and asked, “What is it, do you need anything?”

Yang Chen did feel curious but he didn’t ask further, “Of course. I’ve told Wang Ma just now that I’ll bring you out for dinner tonight. Lanlan is coming home tomorrow, we should enjoy our alone time.”

Lin Ruoxi felt a shook in her heart, things didn’t seem to feel right.

She still remembered vividly about how he was on the sofa in a depressed state and looking all tangled up. How could he recover in such a short time and have dinner with her.

Although there was nothing special about a husband and wife going on a dinner date, the timing was truly weird.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help asking, “You...do you have anything to say?”

Yang Chen’s face changed immediately and smiled stiffly, “No...don’t think too much…”

“Hmmph, your look is saying that you’re hiding something from me!” Lin Ruoxi was upset.

Yang Chen scratched his head, “Let’s talk when we go out, we can’t be standing here at the door forever,”

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help recalling about the day at the cafe when they were about to divorce. After what happened yesterday, she was more sure that Yang Chen was about to tell her his final decision.

This kind of insecurity made her daze off at the door.

Yang Chen tried making himself look natural and pleased her carefully, “Honey, don’t think too much. I’ve made the booking, let’s go.”

His anxious little face was as if he was afraid that Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t agree. 

Lin Ruoxi sighed in her heart, forget it, nobody could force marriage. If Yang Chen really couldn’t bear with her anymore, then there’s no point in her forcing him to stay, that’s not what she wanted.

Although her heart was hurting, she still nodded, “Okay, are we going far? Do I need to dress up nicely?”

Yang Chen shook his head, “It’s not far, we’ll be there in no time. You’re already beautiful enough.”

Looking at his excited face, Lin Ruoxi felt a little puzzled. He didn’t look like he wanted to talk about anything serious, what is this man thinking about?

Under his advice, she didn’t even bring her handbag and followed him out. Wang Ma knew what was going to happen long ago so she didn’t ask much and said goodbye to them with a smile.

Walking out of the house, as Lin Ruoxi was about to walk to the parking spot, Yang Chen pulled her back.

“We are not using the car, we won’t be able to reach there by car,” Yang Chen laughed.

She was stunned, “Why?”

“Because...we are going overseas for dinner,” He winked.

She was puzzled and without being able to ask further, she was carried like a princess by her husband

“Hey, what are you doing, where are we going?!” She subconsciously put her arms around the man's neck.

Yang Chen raised his eyebrows, whistled and smiled eerily, “ You’ll know when we get there. Hold on tight, I’ll slow down but it’ll still be quick. If you fall from the sky, it won’t look nice.”

That being said, he carried the woman and disappeared from the ground in a flash.

Although he would usually drive out to prevent scaring people, today’s situation was special and he didn’t have to worry about their landing spot so he mobilized the Heaven and Earth energy and flew rapidly.

If he was alone, he would only need around ten minutes to circle the earth. But now he was carrying Lin Ruoxi, he had to consider her body tolerance, so he tried to be as slow as he could.

Even so, they managed to reach their destination after a quarter of an hour.

Lin Ruoxi saw the constant shuttle between the clouds along the way, and even the stars and moons above the clouds were exceptionally brilliant.

Thanks to Yang Chen’s protection, the air turbulence was not too strong. Losing herself at the rare scenery being so close, she hadn’t realized that they had reached.

After coming back to her senses, she was surprised by the scenery. 

There was a dense pine forest between the mountains. The coniferous pine and cypresses had grown vigorously as though they were ancient.

Looking at the sky from here, the dazzling stars shimmered in the dark, one could see the galaxy streaming through.

The air was filled with a faint fragrance of black soil, and a cold breeze roamed around as if it was snowing.

As Lin Ruoxi’s feet hit the ground, she got in contact with the fluffy snow, and felt the perfect fit between the soles of her feet and the snow.

She turned around and there was nobody around the area, it should be some barren mountain. But, it quietly revealed the hidden gems of the world.

“What is … this place?” Didn’t you say dinner,” Lin Ruoxi asked bluntly.


Her mouth was wide open and she didn’t know what to say.

Looking closely at the amazing snowfall at night she didn't doubt it, and couldn't help thinking about how beautiful it would be if she saw it during the day.

Yang Chen naturally held the woman’s hand and gradually walked into the depth of the pine forest.

“”We are here tonight for dinner, but before that, I want to show you something,” He was proud about himself.

“What are you trying to do,” Lin Ruoxi mumbled softly to herself but still let the man drag her along.

Back in the days, Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t be able to withstand the temperature here by only wearing normal winter outfits. But now, with the help of the peak level True Qi.

Walking in between the pines, apart from the slight mountain breeze, it was the sound of footsteps in the snow.

This tranquility eased Lin Ruoxi’s mood a lot, she stopped overthinking about whatever he was going to tell her, good or bad.

When they reached a slightly wider space, Yang Chen stopped.

“What is it, are we here?” Lin Ruoxi looked around in confusion, it was still completely dark and nothing could be seen.

Yang Chen took in a deep breath and turned around, touching her cheeks with both hands, “Miss Lin Ruoxi, please close your eyes and wait for me to count until three then open them, alright?”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him but still followed his instructions and closed her eyes.


Yang Chen made a snap and Lin Ruoxi felt the light shining upon her eyelids and she carefully opened her eyes...

When she saw everything in front and around her, she was completely stunned!

Or one could even say, obsessed!

Christmas trees!

Many of them! Many Christmas trees!

The entire space was surrounded by huge Christmas trees!

These Christmas trees were close to each other, there were around forty to fifty of them and were all decorated with colourful neon fairy lights, just like the magical plants in fairytales.

The space was suddenly illuminated by the bright lights, just like a spotlight in the dark!

On the Christmas trees, there were also varieties of gift boxes, stockings, stars, plushies and other cute items, making Lin Ruoxi dizzy.

What shocked her the most was that these Christmas trees were laid out in a pattern!

“Did you see it?”

Yang Chen asked with a smile.

She looked at the man idiotically and her brain started to malfunction, what is going on?!

“Tsk tsk,” Yang Chen was a little depressed. He carried her up once again and jumped up high!

“Swoosh!” The two of them went directly to a position more than two hundred meters above, overlooking a forest of neon fury lighted Christmas trees below!

She finally saw the arrangement clearly, it was a ‘heart’!

“See it now?”

“Yes…” Lin Ruoxi nodded bluntly.

He then landed on the ground and let the woman down.

“How is it? Is my Christmas gift to you sincere enough? I’ve decorated the trees one by one all by myself, it took me the entire day!” Yang Chen smiled with a proud expression, exposing his white teeth.

Lin Ruoxi’s heart trembled, and suddenly remembered Yang Chen, who was not in sight this morning, and the bag of dirty clothes that Wang Ma took away, the stains that seemed as though it was rolled around in the wild...

Did he come to Hokkaido just to decorate all these Christmas trees for the entire day?!