“You...you were here the whole day making these Christmas trees?” Lin Ruoxi asked in doubt, this was all too overwhelming.

Previously when they brought Lanlan along for shopping, Yang Chen mentioned that he didn’t like Christmas trees.

Yang Chen nodded without hesitation, “Of course! This area is relatively remote, it’s a mountain area in the central region of Hokkaido. I told Hannya to send these decorations over with a helicopter, initially they wanted to help me do it as well. But then again, if I ask the others to do it, it will be the same as the ones we saw on the street right? So… I did all of these myself, haha. I don’t really have much sense in arts, colour matching is too difficult for me to manage. Lighting on the other hand is easier, but it still took me half a day to figure out how to make it look nice!”

Listening to his ‘speech’, Lin Ruoxi believed him completely.

“Why are you doing this, didn’t you say that you disliked Christmas trees?”

“Well,” Yang Chen laughed, “The thing about disliking Christmas trees I told you that day is true, even until now.”

“Then why did you…”

Yang Chen looked at the woman, “Honey, do you know why I dislike Christmas trees?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, “You didn’t tell me that day…”

Yang Chen took a deep breath, “I dislike Christmas trees and the festival itself, because it’s someone else’s birthday, Jesus’s birthday. Why is everyone celebrating someone else’s birthday, why should I behave happily on someone else’s birthday?”

Strands of emotions and vicissitudes could be seen in his eyes, as if he was immersed in a blurry field of memories.

"Since I was young, it should be said that since I was sensible, every Christmas, I would feel that it was the most difficult and longest day…The whole world is celebrating happily, as if everyone didn’t mind the meaning of this holiday… Only people like me will squat in the dark silently, watching the city, the neon lights and the Christmas trees. None of these lights belong to me, I am tempted to destroy all the Christmas trees on the streets, but unfortunately I can’t do that.”

The man’s words were like a cold knife, slicing a wound on her heart.

Without waiting for her to speak, he showed a bright smile, as if those dark and twisted past did not affect him anymore.

"However, now I will try to make Christmas trees, and I will also like Christmas trees and the festival itself. Because the person I love likes it, since you like it, I will try my best to like them as well, without a reason. You've wanted a Christmas tree since young, but your grandmother won’t let you make it or buy it for you. Now, as your husband, I will help you make up all the Christmas trees from the past twenty years! All the Christmas trees here are for my wife Lin Ruoxi as compensation for that twenty years! I hope you will like it. Of course, you have to like it, do you know how tiring it was to hang these little gifts up and down."

Yang Chen grabbed his hair with a headache, looking helpless.

Lin Ruoxi’s eye sockets started to turn warm unknowingly, and she couldn’t help but sobbed.

This huge psychological twist, pulling her from the edge of the cliff to the paradise-like thought, making it impossible for the woman to use the word "moved" to describe her mood at this moment.

Yang Chen looked at the woman shockingly, “Hey hey, dear Ruoxi, even if you’re extremely touched you don’t have to cry to this extent?! I am giving you this surprise to make you happy, to make you laugh!”

“You’re such a bad guy!”

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but pat Yang Chen’s chest constantly, but it was soft and weak.

“Do you know how worried I was! You’ve been missing since the early morning, without having breakfast with me or leaving a message, I thought you didn’t want to talk to me anymore...I...I thought that you were going to abandon me and that you disliked me...Do you know how afraid I was…”

Yang Chen was puzzled for a moment and gave a wry smile, he had taken it too far in being mysterious and secretive.

But the woman was looking cute at that point and it was fun to see her that way.

Grabbing the woman’s hands, he said gently, “I’ve been looking for ways to make you feel happy and blessed. Seeing your satisfaction toward these Christmas trees, I am more confident now. Alright, don’t cry now, I am planning to get you a few pairs of huge stockings above your bed and packing up all the gifts that you didn’t get. However, even if Santa Claus existed, he wouldn’t give Lin Ruoxi presents.”

Seeing his serious expression, Lin Ruoxi stopped crying and asked, “Why not…?”

Yang Chen reached out his hand to wipe her tears and laughed, “Because Santa Claus doesn’t give presents to crying children.”

Lin Ruoxi pouted, “You made me cry.”

“I didn’t force you to cry right? Since when were you so obedient?” Yang Chen pouted.

She clenched her teeth, “naughty boy…”

“Hehe, Merry Christmas my dear,” He hugged the woman.

She held back her smile and said angrily, “Don’t hug me, I am still angry and i hate you!”

“I want to hug you and make you happy, because I like you!”

“Yang Chen, I hate you!”

Yang Chen lowered his head and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and smiled.

“I love you, Lin Ruoxi.”

In this gorgeous Christmas tree forest, the gentle words of the man seemed to echo continuously.


The next day, the sun was shining brightly.

The vast snow and green pines.

In between the pine forest, in an exquisite twentieth century mountain villa, although there was modern equipment in it, the rustic fireplace still remained.

At that moment, the residual heat of the charcoal was exuding in the fireplace and in the center of the living room, on a huge sewn blanket, the body of a man and a woman were entwined together.

Obviously it was Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi who came over from the forest to stay.

Since they were here in Hokkaido for dinner, he would definitely not make the woman starve.

He told Hannya to send the food to the mansion earlier and as soon as they entered the house they started enjoying the Japanese palace cuisine.

After drinking some sake in addition to the passionate love, the couple who didn’t have much intimate actions for days didn’t bother much and rolled together on the soft blanket...

Initially she didn’t want to allow this energetic man to torture her continously, but the dozens of Christmas trees were too flattering so she didn’t stop him.

As a result, she fell asleep exhaustedly without knowing how...


As the sun rose high, Lin Ruoxi woke up in daze, subconsciously wanting to move her body.

Yang Chen’s arm was still wrapped around her body and both of them were sticking on two each other without wearing anything. Her plump and delicate snowballs were slightly compressed, making her shy and a little annoyed at the same time.

However, as she wanted to leave his arms, she couldn’t help but to let out a sweet cry!

Two patches of blush instantly occupied her fair face, and Lin Ruoxi couldn't wait to bite this bad guy!

It was because this guy’s lifestem was still occupying her body!

Lin Ruoxi didn’t know whether it was Yang Chen who didn’t evacuate for the entire night, that he swelled up in the morning or did he stuff it in sneakily earlier. In short, she wanted to move but didn't dare to move, and felt too shameless to not move!

For a while, Lin Ruoxi was in a dilemma, and such a shameful choice made her crazy!

Suddenly she discovered that the corners of the man’s lips twitched slightly.

“You...you are awake! You are pretending to be asleep!!” Lin Ruoxi pushed Yang Chen’s chest hard.

“Haha,” Yang Chen laughed and opened his eyes. Peeking at her shy and contradicting expression was extremely entertaining!

“You...stop laughing! What are you laughing at! Pull your evil thing out!”

She twisted her waist, but his hand was pressing on her hips, the more she struggled the deeper it sunk in!

“Why should I pull it out, my dear Ruoxi, it’s good to do some exercises in the morning! Your little waist is so comfortable, if you continue twisting, you will soon eat it all in. I didn’t know you have such an appetite,” Yang Chen smirked.

“You...your appetite is huge! You forced it in there! I...I can’t take it anymore…”

“Really? I don’t think so, I suppose you prefer it to be deeper huh, look at your reddish cheeks,” Yang Chen squinted his eyes.

“You...Ah! No!”

Lin Ruoxi wanted to scold him further, but he turned around and pressed directly onto her!

Her fair and slender legs were wide opened by him.

“Honey, you fell asleep last night before letting me release the last shot. I endured it for the sake of not waking you up. Let’s not do anything else this morning, let me hand over everything in one shot, or else I won’t feel comfortable holding it back!” 

As he spoke, he kissed the woman’s lips hard, his tongue stretching into her lair and tangled hers.

At the same time, he exerted some force on his waist, the high-spirited dragon horn was submerged in further, almost to the end!


Lin Ruoxi gagged and couldn't make a sound. She could only make a long groan. A pair of beautiful eyes opened wide, like being in the clouds, and her bones were about to collapse...