Time flew and half a day had passed, the couple spent most of their time lingering in the wooden mansion.

After finishing their ‘work’, Lin Ruoxi was exhausted. She was so tempted to get up and slash this guy with a knife! What kind of body qualities does he have? Such inhumane body!

Yang Chen on the other hand felt satisfied and refreshed, releasing half of his storage made him extremely comfortable.

Everyone should live happily in life, despite the unknown future covered with haze, one should still never let go of the chances to enjoy.

After cleaning up, the two had a simple lunch where Yang Chen was smirking at Lin Ruoxi as they were eating.

She didn’t have to think to know what he was thinking about and she felt ashamed for him.

They still needed to return to Zhonghai to fetch Lanlan home, so without further delay they left the house holding hands.

As soon as they stepped out of the house, the sun was shining bright. The white snowy forest, the tall cypresses, and the sky as blue as the lake undoubtedly highlighted the breathtaking snowy scenery of the central region of hokkaido.

Lin Ruoxi took in a deep breath of fresh air, looked at the faintly visible Christmas tree forest with nostalgia and at the wooden mansion they slept in yesterday.

“Do you like this place?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“Yeah,” Lin Ruoxi nodded, “This place is quiet and beautiful.”

“In addition to great memories right,” Yang Chen winked and laughed.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him, “Can’t you not be so dirty, I am complimenting this place with sincerity.”

“What did I say, you were the one who thought of something else,” Yang Chen shrugged.

“I...Hmph, forget it,” Lin Ruoxi pouted.

Yang Chen hugged the woman’s shoulders and laughed by her ears, “Just tell me if you want to come here again in future, anytime. This place is mine anyway, I’ll let Hannya manage here.”

In fact, what he didn’t mention was that the person who initially lived here was the former chief of the Yamata Sect, Noriko Okawa. That old guy bought this place to focus on cultivation.

Now that he was dead, the house would obviously belong to Hannya and her property was naturally Yang Chen’s as well.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes brightened, right, we have money anyways, even if it’s not ours we can just buy it. 

Thinking about that, Lin Ruoxi started laughing and said, “I am starting to realize why there is constant news about girls always looking for rich guys despite them being single or married. It actually makes sense, you can buy literally anything like this with money and stay wherever you want as long as you’re rich. Life is short and we should enjoy what’s best, even I myself  prefer guys who are rich as well.” 

Yang Chen twitched his eyebrows, “Honey, you read gossip news too?”

“Women are gossipers, it's our nature. Bad guys like you will never be loyal if you’re clever,” Lin Ruoxi sneered.

Yang Chen smiled with embarrassment, “I still love you the most right, don’t you bother much for the sake of me climbing up and down making you Christmas gifts.”

“Are you daring enough to give me another Christmas present which is to throw away all your external affairs?” Lin Ruoxi teased.

Yang Chen began to look bitter, “Can we not talk about this, I can promise you anything except for this, how about getting you a huge diamond? The really really big ones! Or...you and Lanlan like pandas, I can buy you one and place it at home?”

“Are you crazy! Buying a panda and placing it at home?” She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, how did he manage to think of this?

Yang Chen showed an innocent face, “It’s not a big deal, might as well just buy the entire wildlife zoo.”

“Alright, stop changing the subject, take me back to Zhonghai, and pick up Lanlan," Lin Ruoxi didn't have the intention to continue talking. Although he was not reconciled, he had to admit that it was easier for him to accept these kinds of situations now compared to the past.

As Yang Chen was about to nod, he was taken aback and turned around.

A tall and enchanting figure suddenly emerged from the snow, and appeared in front of them in a flash, softly bending over to salute.

Hannya, dressed in white leather jacket and tights with a long ponytail, was looking like a ripe peach. Her plump hips and bulging waves enhanced her charm and temptation.

“Master, my lady, are you two returning to China?” Hannya asked with a smile.

“Yeah, we still have things to do back in Zhonghai, we are not here for a vacation anyway. Is there anything that you need?”

A strand of sadness flashed through Hannya’s eyes, “Oh, that’s the case. Then master, are there anymore orders?”

Looking at the hope in her eyes, she was urged to say ‘bring me along’. Yang Chen was helpless on the other hand, isn’t she ‘forcing’ him to make another mistake.

He was fully aware about her slavery mindset, she wouldn’t be completely at ease until she gave him her body.

However, he would’ve eaten such a big peach way long ago if he could, why wait until now? 

“Uhm...for now no. You are the chief of the Yamata Sect so just continue to stay in Japan, I’ll definitely contact you if I need anything,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi looked at her thoughtfully, walked up with a smile and held her hand, “Hannya, thank you for the arrangements and also the help you’ve provided to Yulei Entertainment previously. If you don’t mind, will you be the head of our coming Yulei Japan branch?”

Hannya was stunned, “My lady, you...you want me to be the head?”

Yang Chen was also confused about her decision and could only stare at them bluntly.

“Correct. I’ve assessed your abilities in detail, Yulei’s performance greatly increased when you were there and it’s very stable. I am worried that I might under utilise you, our North America and Europe branches are mature enough but the Japan branch has just started not long ago and it needs a great leader,” said Lin Ruoxi.

“I…” Hannya took a glance at Yang Chen hesitantly.

Lin Ruoxi then continued, “If you become the head of our branch, you will be reporting directly to me. You will be allowed to attend management level meetings as well and we can see each other more often.”

Hannya was overjoyed, although she didn’t understand why Lin Ruoxi provided her such a chance, it was obvious that she would have the opportunity to travel back and forth between Japan and China.

“I...I am willing to work for my lady!” Hannya smiled gratefully.

Yang Chen had a stiff face on the other hand. What is all these? Testing his tolerance? If Hannya comes to China and moves around him and flirts with him, how can he endure it?

However, he didn’t dare to object as well, he had just promised to be obedient.

The matter was settled in this way. After Lin Ruoxi talked to Hannya about some stuff, she promised to discuss the details with her after returning to China.

After a few minutes, Yang Chen carried the woman and flew back to Zhonghai. Along the way, he couldn’t endure it and asked her with a smile, “Honey, what are you trying to do actually? Mind telling me?”

She pursed her lips, “You’re finally asking me about it?”

“Hey, you know it don’t you. I am not as smart as you, of course I’ll need to ask.”

“Mhmm…” Lin Ruoxi said casually, “Firstly, Hannya is indeed a smart person and a loyal one. Secondly, she’s obedient and is easy to control. Third, if you leave her in Japan to think about you, who knows if she might do anything overwhelming someday. Might as well just let her see you from time to time while I can be monitoring from the side, so she wouldn’t be enduring too much.”

Yang Chen was listening to everything and was left speechless.

Ten minutes later, the two returned to the Xijiao Villas in Zhonghai.

As they entered the house, Wang Ma was already preparing a sumptuous dinner, the house was filled with the aroma of the food.

Hearing the two, Wang Ma came out with a smile and rubbed her hands on her apron, “Young lady, master, you’re back. Had fun yesterday?”

Lin Ruoxi blushed slightly and nodded, “Wang Ma, is everything alright at home?”

“What can happen,” Wang Ma was halfway through and suddenly patted her own head, “Right, that girl Zhenxiu called this morning but you two weren’t in. I asked her if she needed anything and she said that she missed you two.”

“I see...it’s been some time since we last contacted each other, I’ll call her later on,” said Lin Ruoxi.

Yang Chen jokingly said, “Could it be that she wanted to escape from her marriage and come back to Zhonghai.”

“No way, I think Kim Jip is quite reliable. They aren’t kids anymore, Zhenxiu knows her priorities,” said Lin Ruoxi.

Yang Chen felt a little disapproving, this isn’t the problem about reliability? Although it felt weird thinking about Zhenxiu getting married, he couldn’t say anything as well.

After getting ready, the two went to the airport and arrived at the domestic arrivals platform.

Not long after, a red little figure running out from the crowd like a meat cannon appeared in front of the two in a flash.

It was Lanlan wearing a red jacket. With just a happy jump, she was in the arms of Lin Ruoxi!

The other passengers aside were stunned, whose child was this, such an agile body! 

“Mommy!....Lanlan misses you so much!…”

Lanlan shouted sweetly, her chubby cheeks rubbing on Lin Ruoxi’s face.

She shook the child a little and kissed on her daughter’s forehead emotionally. After being separated for a few days, she smiled, “You naughty little kid, how much have you eaten these past few days in Beijing, you’ve gained a lot of weight!”

Yang Chen didn’t bother much about the chubby little girl’s body size, instead, he looked at the person who came along with Lanlan in surprise.