What made Yang Chen surprised was not Min Juan who followed Lanlan tight, it was another woman.

The woman’s steps were light yet fleet, as if she could walk through the huge crowd who had just got off the plane with just a few steps.

She was dressed in a beige coloured knee length coat and a simple grey scarf with both her hands tucked in them, while her hair was styled in a ponytail. She looked like she was in her twenties, but still had the mature and stable temperament in her, at the same time she was dazzling and charming.

As she got close, Lin Ruoxi noticed her and said bluntly, “Sister Cai Ning, why are you…”

The woman was Cai Ning, she took a gentle glance at Yang Chen and touched Lanlan’s mushroom head then only smiled back at Lin Ruoxi.

“Lanlan and Min Juan didn’t really know how to take the airplane, and since I am coming to Zhonghai, figured I’d bring them along,” Cai Ning said gently.

Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t believe that this was her only reason. Firstly, Guo Xuehua definitely had many interactions with her in Beijing. Secondly, Lanlan and her seemed to be closer as well.

“Mommy, Auntie Ning is very smart, she can fly very high just like daddy,” Lanlan said in excitement.

“You only know about flying huh, cheeky little girl,” Lin Ruoxi touched her daughter’s nose helplessly.

Yang Chen was overjoyed, “And I was just wondering where did this Soul Forming Stage cultivator come from, it’s you Ning’Er. When did you break through? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Lin Ruoxi was stunned, “Sister Cai Ning, have you advanced to the Soul Forming Stage?”

Cai Ning nodded with a smile, “Yeah, it happened the night before yesterday. Actually I’ve achieved Full Circle for such a long time, if I still can’t breakthrough with the help of so many elixirs, it’ll sound weird. Since I am coming to Zhonghai, I thought I’d leave it as a surprise.”

“Surprising indeed, hehe. This way, you and Rose have both entered the Soul Forming Stage, which means the practices I came up with is actually useful. But...the oppression of Soul Forming in you is quite different compared to Rose’s. I can’t seem to make it clear but although you are using the same practice, the ‘Dao’ you realized is different,” Yang Chen said.

“I’ve heard about it from Yanyan, but I don’t have many chances to talk to Rose. I realized it when I was practicing the hidden weapon ‘Sky-encompassing Flower Rain’ that’s why I broke through. I guess everyone’s pathway to realization is different,” said Cai Ning.

“I see, I am excited to see what it looks like. Rose realized the ‘Rainfall’ method, Ning’Er yours is the hidden weapon method, it’ll definitely look different,” Yang Chen was excited.

In fact, he also thought of another thing. Since Cai Ning had advanced into the Soul Forming Stage, did it mean that the last barrier between the two could be passed through as well?

Thinking about this kind of intimate activity and glancing at the charming woman, Yang Chen felt hot inside.

Lin Ruoxi felt uneasy inside, she was well aware that the Soul Forming Stage would indicate a hundred years of life span and eternal youth. Now that Rose and Cai Ning had entered that stage, she herself must put in more effort as well.

Or else, she would have spent the most time with him but didn’t even cross over the Xiantian stage, how embarrassing would that be!

“Sister Cai Ning, since you are back in Zhonghai, let’s call Yanyan and have dinner at our place. Wang Ma made a lot of nice food,” Lin Ruoxi removed her unnecessary thoughts and invited her with a smile.

Although she had resigned from her police officer job, because she was used to living in Zhonghai, she would still be here most of the time and would only return to Beijing for a short while.

Cai Ning didn’t hesitate and nodded with a smile.

Lanlan on the other hand licked her pink lips with the small tongue as soon as she heard about food. Lin Ruoxi was having a headache as she saw her actions, the kids in other families had to be spoon fed while eating, but our little girl had such a big appetite!

Returning to the Xijiao Villas, as they had called Cai Yan along the way, she drove her yellow sports car over and reached about the same time as the others.

She was obviously excited to see her elder sister and rushed up to hug Cai Ning then smiled, “Sister, why didn’t you tell me that you’re coming? Luckily I didn’t have class today, or else I wouldn’t have been able to see you!”

“It’s not like we only get to see each other once in a blue moon, why would I tell you,” Cai Ning said casually.

“Class? What class?” Yang Chen asked, “Yanyan, are you studying?”

“Studying? Didn’t I resign recently, now the police academy is hiring me as a lecturer,” Cai Yan rolled her eyes at him.

“How did I not know about this,” Yang Chen was dumbfounded, this woman is always restless.

Cai Yan pouted her lips, “I have so many sisters, and you’re such a busy man, how would you be able to care?”

Yang Chen felt embarrassed and could only smile. 

Lin Ruoxi coughed lightly, “Let’s not stand at the entrance, come on in.”

Seeing her husband talking and laughing with other women, obviously she wouldn't want to pay much attention to it. But probably because of the things she had been through recently, she wasn’t that jealous anymore.

Wang Ma was also surprised seeing the sisters of the Cai family, she quickly greeted them to sit down and got ready to serve the food.

As they were eating, Yang Chen suddenly thought of something and asked, “Ning’Er, you didn’t come to Zhonghai solely because of sending Lanlan right?”

Before Cai Ning got to speak, Cai Yan aside started laughing, “Who asked you not to visit my sister, that’s why she had no choice but to come down here!”

“Yanyan, don’t simply say things,” Cai Ning laughed then said, “It’s my father...he told me to come looking for you, and arranged a safe place for me.”

Yang Chen was stunned for a moment then only recalled something, “Just so that you won’t fall under Hongmeng’s rule?”

According to the rules, Cai Ning who was not a member of the four major families and had entered the Soul Forming Stage must enter the illusion realm and join Hongmeng.

However, having Rose as a precedent, Cai Yuncheng obviously wouldn’t want his daughter to leave home and never come back. After all, she had left home for a long period of time when she was young. She was only in her twenties and now if she had to leave to Hongmeng and never come back, it makes both her parents reluctant about it.

That’s why they could only ask Cai Ning to come look for Yang Chen. It was obvious, they sent their daughter to him and of course he couldn’t turn her in to Hongmeng.

Yang Chen gave a wry smile, he can’t be giving more elixirs to that JuejianTaoist right? This is still bribing and will only increase the appetite of the tiger, and that’s not a good idea.

After thinking for a moment he said, “Ning’Er, if you don’t mind, I will arrange a place abroad for you. Since you are already in the Soul Forming Stage, getting in and out of China is not something difficult. If you meet the Juejian Taoist, just leave the country. As long as you are in my territory, the few other gods won’t bother much.”

The place that he mentioned was obviously The Forgotten Realms, located inside the Mediterrenean continent. The place had beautiful scenery and a scarce population, which was quite compatible with her personality.

She didn’t say much and accepted the offer with a smile.

Cai Yan on the other hand was slightly annoyed about this, “Why are we sending my sister abroad and why should we avoid those people from Hongmeng? I say we hit that Taoist bad if he comes again!”

“Just bear with it for now, it’s not banishment, she can come back whenever she wants, that Juejian Taoist can’t take Ning’Er away by force. Besides, she’s not going there to suffer, my place is beautiful. You can ask Ruoxi if you don’t believe me, she has been there before,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Cai Yan’s eyes brightened and turned to Lin Ruoxi, “Ruoxi, is that place really beautiful? Is it where you two hosted your wedding?”

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help remembering that huge castle that could accommodate many women. She rolled her eyes at Yang Chen but still nodded because the place was indeed beautiful.

“I’ll go too so that I can accompany my sister. I shall take it as a vacation and try to break through earlier,” Cai Yan said excitedly.

Yang Chen let the women make their own decisions. As he was about to tell the origins of The Forgotten Realm, he stopped and turned to look toward the entrance.

Cai Ning also noticed something and looked over with interest.

The door was kept unlocked. At that moment, someone opened the door from the outside and walked in casually, it was Rose dressed up casually.

Upon her entrance, she had her eyes locked on Cai Ning and smiled in acknowledgement, “And I was wondering where did the Soul Forming cultivator come from, it’s you, Sister Cai Ning.”

Although the two weren’t close, they still recognized each other.

“We are about the same age, you don’t have to call me sister,” Cai Ning said with a smile.

The two had entered the Soul Forming Stage and felt sympathetic toward each other. Both looked pleasing in the eyes and at the same time curious about which level had they reached in cultivation. 

This kind of relationship was related to their passion toward their cultivation journey.

“Rose, where have you been?” Yang Chen asked casually.

“I went to cultivate at a quiet mountain, it only took me a blink of an eye to travel back and forth, obviously I should get a place with amazing views,” Rose spoke as she was looking at Cai Ning tentatively, “I’ll call you Ning’Er then. Since we cultivate the same practice, why don’t we try out some practices?”

“Practice? We are having dinner, why practice?” Yang Chen was speechless.

Cai Ning was surprisingly straightforward, “Sure, I’ve just entered Soul Forming and haven’t tried it out before. Where shall we do it?”

Yang Chen could only stare at them, why does it sound like his harem is losing control.

Lin Ruoxi pursed her lips slightly, seeing Yang Chen being ignored, she actually felt happy. At the same time she was also curious whether Cai Ning or Rose would be better in battles.

“The back of the mountain will do. Just a casual practice, it wouldn’t cause much disturbance,” Rose replied.

The two hit off instantly and flew out of the house towards the mountain.