After the two left, Cai Yan, Lin Ruoxi and the rest of them in the house lost their interest and gradually walked out leaving Wang Ma and Min Juan accompanying Lanlan who was still eating, the little one was obviously more interested in food than watching her aunties fight.

Under the night sky, the chilly wind breezed through the back mountains.

Cai Ning and Rose stood quietly at each side of the foyer, both their eyes lit with excitement.

Yang Chen brought Lin Ruoxi and Cai Yan to the other side of the mountain top, quietly waiting for the two women to make a move.

Gradually, the True Yuan from both their bodies released. Due to the differences of body qualities and foundation, Rose’s true Yuan was blue in colour and Cai Ning’s was more to light golden colour. However, if you identified it closely, the stable True Yuan colours couldn’t be seen clearly.

The two didn’t have any weapons with them, so they naturally used their realization toward ‘Dao’ and competed against each other.

Rose made her move first, she stretched her arms and instantly condensed a large swath of crystal water spirit from all directions, like countless pearl icicles, the scene was spectacular!

“Ning’Er, I am not playing around alright.”

Cai Ning, who had always been indifferent was quite excited at that point, “Don’t worry, just do as you wish.”

Rose didn’t speak further, she waved her hand and the water spirit rushed towards Cai Ning’s position!

Facing this downpour, Cai Ning’s showed a delicate smile, but her figure remained motionless!

Yang Chen who was looking at the scene aside was stunned and shocked for a moment.

Rose was curious about why Cai Ning didn’t do anything to defend herself or counter attack, but she immediately sensed something wrong in the next second!

A water spirit shield suddenly condensed together behind her back!


As soon as the sound of explosion came, a pale golden halo splashed a large spirit turbulence above the water spirits!

As for the position Cai Ning was standing, that ‘Cai Ning’ transformed into a golden streamer, which flickered and dissipated!

“She managed to leave a phantom behind in an instant and with such speed. The ‘Dao’ that Ning’Er realized was indeed different from Rose’s,” Yang Chen murmured to himself.

Lin Ruoxi and Cai Yan aside were nervous, this doesn’t look like a practice, but more like a real fight?

In fact, what the two didn’t know was that, although Cai Ning and rose performed their moves, they didn’t use most of their True Yuan, so even if they got hit it wouldn’t cause much injuries.

Cai Ning’s figure appeared in the air and after a rapid swirl, she somehow turned into many figures.

As if being replicated infinitely, every figure of Cai Ning was exuding a faint golden glow, which scattered around like countless golden flowers!

And these flowers started to drop golden fragments, like petals, gradually drifting!

“So beautiful...what is this…”Cai Yan couldn't help asking.

Yang Chen felt surprised as well, “probably because of the usage of hidden weapons, these are all spirits of metal. It looks gentle and delicate but it’s extremely sharp and brutal.”

As Yang Chen was speaking, all the Cai Ning in the sky waved their arms, like a goddess scattering flowers, they directed all the golden petals towards Rose in one shot!

Rose didn’t have the time to enjoy this breathtaking scene, she brought up her water spirit shield to protect her back and condensed her countless water spirits into the image of a water dragon and striked it towards the sky!

As the blue dragon was dancing, countless sparks flew from the golden petals and the large phantom clones of Cai Ning in the sky were all crushed!

At the same time, there was still a massive amount of sharp golden petals landing around Rose. The delicate petals that seemed gentle made some strong metal screeching sound!

Fortunately, Rose continued to operate her True Yuan and barely managed to resist it!

Seeing that there were only a few phantoms of Cai Ning left, Rose suddenly switched her move and several Xuanshui cones higher than the sky, started falling!

A golden and blue blasting scene shook the entire mountain!

However, when all the phantoms were torn apart, none of them were Cai NIng’s true figure!

“Oh no!”

The moment Rose realised, she quickly tilted her body sideways!

And it was at that point where a stream of golden light flashed by!

Cai Ning was carrying a golden arc in her arm and it crushed Rose’s shield directly!

Rose, who thought she had dodged this instant attack, was about to strike back, but there were three golden lights staggered from the other three directions!

All of these are phantoms?!

At the moment when Rose was astonished, she instinctively took herself as the origin, and descended from mid-air with a powerful water spirit rushing current!


All of the phantoms were shattered at the moment they were about to touch, leaving a faint golden phantom floating there in a sharp turn and landing into distance.

The scene had finally calmed down at this moment, the two still maintained their original positions, as if nothing had happened.

After being quiet for a while, Yang Chen laughed and applauded first, "Alright, you may stop now, none of you can do anything about it."

Rose and Cai Ning also knew in their hearts, one couldn’t be caught and the other couldn’t be broken, none of them could do anything to each other unless one of their True Yuan advances into a higher level.

The two smiled nicely to each other and held hands walking together.

“I’ve lost the game actually, after all I didn’t manage to attack you directly,” Rose smiled.

Cai Ning shook her head, “Nope. Even if I managed to touch you, I’ll be blocked from the outside, so it’ll be practically useless. My attacks are more to the technical side, unlike yours that is grand and powerful.”

The two complimented each other which sounded like they should've met each other earlier than this. Both were relatively interested in cultivation which gave them more topics to talk about.

“Ning’Er, you said that you had an epiphany while you were practicing your hidden weapons, meaning those phantoms that were as fast as humans evolved from your Sky-encompassing Flower Rain,” Yang Chen asked.

Cai Ning nodded, “Indeed. When I was performing the Sky-encompassing Flower Rain… I felt like I could also feel the hidden weapons as they were being shot out...It’s like a weird connection...I can’t really describe it, but then I realize that I’ve entered a brand new field.”

“Sister, I envy you so much, when can I be like you too…” Cai Yan hopped onto Cai Ning’s body with disappointment.

Cai Ning caressed her younger sister’s hair helplessly and smiled, “Sooner or later you will be better than me.”

“Hehe, although I know that you are trying to comfort me, I’ll take it as the truth!”

This practice didn’t take long. The group returned home followed by Rose and Cai Ning as they wanted to discuss further about their tips and experiences.

Knowing that Yang Chen was planning to arrange Cai Ning a place abroad to avoid the people from Hongmeng, her eyes immediately brightened.

“Why don’t I go as well, at least we can be together. Besides, Qianni and Aunty Ma are staying together since they are mother and daughter,” Rose suggested.

Cai Ning didn’t expect Rose to suggest this, but after considering, it was a good idea. They wouldn’t feel lonely and were both able to come and go freely.

Yang Chen had thought about this long ago, after all going abroad was safer than staying in China. It would be easier for The Hidden clan to take actions in China so by going abroad they could prevent extra trouble.

Now that Rose had voluntarily suggested this, of course he would agree to it. He told Rose to get ready and he would send them off the day after tomorrow.

Hearing that they would be leaving the day after tomorrow, Rose was a little confused, “Can’t we leave tomorrow, we don’t have much stuff to pack anyway.”

Yang Chen scratched his head embarrassingly, he looked at Lanlan who was gobbling down her food and then at Lin Ruoxi who had a tranquil expression.

“It’s Christmas tomorrow and the kindergarten is hosting a carnival. Parents are supposed to bring their kids to play games and stuff, if I don’t completely focus, someone will be mad at me…”

Rose and Cai Ning then realized what was happening and couldn’t help laughing while looking at Lin Ruoxi. They were envious too as they weren’t qualified to participate in this kind of family activity.

Looking at the way Yang Chen was talking, Lin Ruoxi was annoyed and said, “What are you talking about, I didn’t tie you up with a chain now did I !”

As he was about to joke it off, he suddenly stopped and looked toward the entrance in confusion.

Not long after, the sound of a car came.

“Who would be here at such a late hour?” Wang Ma wondered