Yang Chen stood up, walked straight to the door and smiled, “It’s Hui Lin, why didn’t this girl inform earlier that she’s coming back, I thought she said that she was rehearsing for the Spring Festival Gala in Beijing.”

As the door opened, Hui Lin dressed in a white coat was standing outside. She looked as if she had just come back to Zhonghai and no one was following her.

Cai Ning and the rest wouldn’t feel strange to see Hui Lin and all smiled while looking over.

Hui Lin had just greeted ‘Brother Yang’ and saw the crowd in the house. She stuck her tongue out and laughed in embarrassment, “Are you guys celebrating Christmas Eve?”

“Nope, we are just chatting after dinner,” Yang Chen asked, “How come you’re back, didn’t you say that you are preparing for the show?”

Hui Lin followed into the house, “We are almost two months away from Spring Festival, and the crew hasn’t finalized the show agenda. Choosing the song and dance crew is difficult as well. Since it's Christmas, I told my manager that I’ll return to Zhonghai for a few days as I could only wait over there and not do anything.”

Lin Ruoxi also missed her younger sister and went forward to grab Hui Lin’s hand, “It’s good to see you. I’ve told you not to work so hard, I’ve opened the entertainment company so that you would have an easier time, not asking you to earn money for us.”

Hui Lin shook her head, “No it's not that, I like my current job. I can meet all kinds of musicians and it’s fun to be around them.”

The sisters sat down as they were talking.

Hui Lin was already a well known diva in the music industry, Rose and Cai Yan didn’t have much interactions with her so they had many questions to ask. Out of a sudden, the gossiping fire got lit up and the entire house was discussing every single thing that had happened in the entertainment industry. 

Yang Chen was quite satisfied seeing the ‘peace’ between the women, how harmonious was this scene.

However, Yang Chen was still not cautious enough. Hui Lin was very popular indeed, but the point was, she was favored by Lin Ruoxi.

With that being said, Cai Yan and the rest obviously wanted to get closer to Lin Ruoxi through Hui Lin, it was killing two birds with one stone.

Speaking about singing and stages, Hui Lin got excited and joined the conversation actively. Her exhaustion from when she just got home vanished into thin air and she was talking non stop.

Lanlan, sitting on Min Juan’s lap, was initially burping and having her little eyes half closed. She was getting ready to fall asleep but hearing Aunt Hui Lin’s talk about performances, she opened her eyes and said, “Aunty! Can you teach Lanlan how to sing?”

Hui Lin was surprised to hear so, “Lanlan likes to sing too?”

Lanlan nodded, “Yes I do. Lanlan will be singing ‘two tigers’ for the kids in the kindergarten, and dance too!”

“So amazing, then does Lanlan know how to sing already?” Hui Lin was excited to speak to the child.

Lanlan pouted her lips, “I do but I think the other kids are doing better. Xiao Ya and the rest dance pretty nice as well. Lanlan even practiced in great grandfather’s house.”

“You kids shouldn’t cause too much trouble, do you still need your Aunt Hui Lin to teach you ‘two tigers’? Everyone can sing such an easy song,” Yang Chen pinched his daughter’s face and said.

Lanlan was dissatisfied and said, “Daddy is lying! Mommy doesn’t know how to sing...owh!!!”

In the end, Lanlan covered up her mouth quickly with her meaty little hands and whispered, “Right, mommy told Lanlan not to say it out…”


The entire house fell into dead silence.

As everyone was looking at Lin Ruoxi, the woman stood up calmly and gently touched Lanlan’s mushroom head.

She looked tranquil and expressionless, “I’ll take a shower, you all continue.”

That being said, she turned and walked upstairs as if nothing had happened, but her steps looked as if she was running away.

Everyone tried their best to not laugh but Wang and Min Juan were having a really hard time to endure it given their weird expressions.

As the group thought Lin Ruoxi was returning to her room, the woman went to the handle and shouted irritatedly toward downstairs!

“Yang Lanlan! You are not allowed to sleep with mommy tonight!”

That being said, the woman closed the door with a bang!

This move made everyone laugh out loud. Wang Ma even teared up as this scene was as if a big child was being annoyed by the little child, how entertaining.

Lanlan pouted her lips and looked at Hui Lin pitifully, “Aunty, can Lanlan sleep with you, mommy will hit my buttocks if I find her.”

“You little one are betraying her so fast,” Hui Lin gently touched the little girl’s cheek with her finger, “Your mommy won’t be able to sleep tonight because of you!”

Seeing such a dramatic scene right after she got back to Zhonghai put Hui Lin in a good mood. The entire house was filled with joy and of course, Lin Ruoxi who was hiding in her room.

Only until late night did Rose and the Cai sisters go back. As for Hui Lin, she went back to the room that was prepared for her, followed by Lanlan.

The little girl was sticking onto Hui Lin the entire night asking her to teach her singing. Sadly, her singing talent was quite similar to ‘somebody’, so it wasn’t easy to teach.

Yang Chen then remembered that they should be giving Zhenxiu a call, but Lin Ruoxi seemed to not have the time so he called himself.

It wasn’t Zhenxiu who picked up the phone but Eunjung instead. Hearing that it was Yang Chen, Eunjung informed him embarrassingly that Zhenxiu had gone to sleep as there was class the next day.

Yang Chen hung up the call after hearing that there wasn’t much problem and went upstairs to knock on Lin Ruoxi’s door.

His wife was being mocked for her music talents, although it wasn’t a big deal, he should still care about her.

As Lin Ruoxi opened the door, she showed a dull face, “What is it? Just a quick one, I want to sleep.”

She sounded like she was still minding whatever happened before and Yang Chen couldn’t help saying, “Children’s words carry no harm right, just brush it off my dear.”

“The father is already unreliable enough, the younger one is even worse, making the mother embarrassed in front of others… Shouldn’t have loved her so much,” Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth.

Yang Chen hugged the woman and kissed her cherry lips despite her reluctance, “Alright, it’s not good for you to be angry. You’ve always been rational and calm, how did you turn into a child after encountering such issues?”

“Are you saying that I am being extra and making a fuss out of nowhere?”

“Of course not!” Yang Chen laughed, “I only wanted to sleep with you, Lanlan is sleeping with Hui Lin tonight.”

“I am not in the mood to do those things…” Lin Ruoxi frowned.

Yang Chen smiled weirdly, “I only wanted to sleep with you, did I ever mention about anything else? My dear Ruoxi, why did you relate sleeping with some other exercises?”

“You…” Lin Ruoxi blushed and stepped on Yang Chen’s legs shyly, “You all are bullying me!”

Yang Chen laughed out loud. He closed the door and carried her up to the bed, “Tonight I shall cuddle this big baby to sleep. Don’t pee in bed tonight or else I don’t know how to change your diapers…”

“Hmmph, there’s nothing nice to hear from you as usual. I don’t want you to change it,” Lin Ruoxi hit his chest with her head but still enjoyed his cuddle.

Christmas Eve went by smoothly, at least to Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen had been obedient this night.

The next morning, Lanlan was exceptionally excited. She rushed back for the Christmas Carnival and also for her performance, how could she not be hyped up.

She was dressed in a red singlet with white fur linings, her hair braided and was still humming ‘Two Tigers’ during breakfast.

Lin Ruoxi purposely wore a casual winter outfit and didn’t bother to do much makeup, she was afraid of gaining too much attention from the crowd in the kindergarten. Yang Chen did the same as well.

Lanlan was in a good mood as it was rare for her daddy and mommy to go to kindergarten with her. A child is always innocent and easily satisfied.

Hui Lin was envious looking at the family of three, at the same time a little upset, but still held her smile.

Ever since Lanlan came to this family, Hui Lin felt like an outsider despite Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi taking care of her most of the time.

She should probably just stay in Beijing with her grandmother...

“Hui Lin,” Lin Ruoxi called her out of a sudden.

“Huh?” Hui Lin brought herself back from her thoughts and asked in confusion, “What is it, sister?”