Yang Chen turned around and panted heavily to calm himself down, “Is Miss Lin Hui in the building now?”

Zhao Teng shook his head, “No, it’s too risky for her to be here. Every media in China is looking for her. We booked her an aeroplane and sent her off to Beijing, she should be safe there.”

“Good, we can’t have the paparazzi eyeing on her. I’ll go to the HQ now, do whatever it takes to make the other media come up with something positive. Also, dig the source out! I want those fools to know that they messed with the wrong people.” Yang Chen’s voice was sinister.

Zhao Teng trembled out of reflex and he kept nodding. He couldn’t imagine what Yang Chen would do to the tabloids once he found the culprit.  

Just when Yang Chen rushed to Lin Ruoxi’s office, she was on the phone with someone.

“Mmh, okay...thank you mom...I’m fine…”

Her lips were slightly pale which made her look haggard. Having noticed Yang Chen’s arrival, she ended the call quickly and sighed.

“You asked for mom’s help?” Yang Chen went next to her and patted her back lightly.

Lin Ruoxi forced a smile at him, “Yeah, I’m not familiar with the state administration and the general administration. Mom can talk to them and ask more media for help so that we can keep this under control.”

Yang Chen nodded. It was true that they needed connections to deal with this matter. It wasn’t like they could kill anyone who badmouthed them. They could control the major media, but it’d be impossible to control each and every one of them.

“I didn’t expect this to happen. It was my fault; I should’ve been more observant. I didn’t notice someone was taking photos with their phone.” Yang Chen felt guilty, “Ruoxi, you didn’t misunderstand things right? I only wanted to pull her mask up since she forgot about it as she was eating candy.”

Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brows. She wasn’t pleased to hear this, “How can you think of me like that? This isn’t the time to talk about this, we should care about Hui Lin the most. She’s being accused of something she didn’t do. Those who support her and those who don’t are all suspecting her and cursing her. She’s so young and naïve, what if she can’t take it…”

Tears welled up in her eyes and she started to blame herself, “I was worried that the showbiz world would be too messy for her and that she could get hurt from it. I started a company for her and something like this still happened…it happened because I asked her to go to the kindergarten…it’s all my fault…”

“Don’t say that, you had good intentions. Hui Lin’s really happy with her job.” Yang Chen consoled her and tried to distract her, “Did you notify the kindergarten? I’m sure someone will interview the teachers there.”

Lin Ruoxi replied to him, “I put Mingyu in charge of this. She’s really good at publicity, so it shouldn’t be hard to have it under control. The problem now is that there are so many media in our country and especially those that are on bad terms with us, they’ll definitely take advantage of this situation. They have already gained the public’s interest and they will definitely kick up a fuss. If this goes on, how should we take care of it?”

Yang Chen was having a headache from this too. He had never dealt with problems like this, so he was equally helpless.

Right at this moment, Zhao Hongyan’s voice was heard from outside…

“Eh! Miss! You can’t do this!! No…”

Yang Chen snapped out of it. He had just realized someone was here. With a bitter smile, Yang Chen furrowed his brows, “That was quick.”

The door was pushed open roughly and the lock was broken from the force!

Abbess Yun Miao walked in with an overbearing aura which was conflicting with her outfit and hairdo. With eyes filled with fury, she made her way towards Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, ready to unleash her anger!

Zhao Hongyan followed after her since she failed to stop her. She stooped towards Lin Ruoxi apologetically and left the office.

Lin Ruoxi was startled at first and the moment she stood up to say something, Abbess Yun Miao’s hand was already aiming for her cheek.

A light slap was heard but it didn’t come from Lin Ruoxi’s face. Yang Chen caught her wrist before she could slap Lin Ruoxi.

Abbess Yun Miao’s gaze was ferocious, and she sneered, “I forgot about you. Why? I can’t hit your wife, but my granddaughter can be bullied?”

“Abbess, I know you’re angry and we’re angry too. I wasn’t expecting you to come here so soon but you can’t hit my wife.” Yang Chen tried to stay calm. It was understandable for Abbess Yun Miao to react like this.

Lin Ruoxi was surprised but she pulled Yang Chen’s arm, “It’s alright hubby. Let me talk.”

“Talk? Hmph, what else can you say?!” Yun Miao reprimanded her.

Lin Ruoxi sighed, “Madam Lin, I know you despise me for bringing Hui Lin into the showbiz world. This is partially my fault but I’ll do my best to clear her name. Please believe in me, I’m doing all this for Hui Lin’s sake.”

Yun Miao snorted, “You’re all talk. Tell me, what do you plan to do to clear my granddaughter's name? The news is spreading like wildfire, everyone in China is talking about it! Hui Lin cultivated with me on Emei from a young age. She’s so innocent and kind yet you’re the reason why the whole world is judging her. Do you think she can stand it?! Would you be able to stand it?! Hui Lin called an outsider like you as her sister, do you deserve this title?! Do you know what other people are saying? They are saying she’s the mistress and that she gave birth to an illegitimate child! Can you imagine how hurt she would because of this?! I’ve said it from the very beginning, don’t let her sing, don’t let her appear on television and don’t let her enter the showbiz world! You guys didn’t listen to me! Now her reputation is ruined because of both of you! Are you guys satisfied now?!” Her voice echoed throughout the room.

Yang Chen had nothing to say. His heart ached at the thought of Hui Lin staying in Beijing alone.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were red too but she held her tears in.

“I’m sorry, Madam Lin. I didn’t want her to feel lonely, so I invited her to the kindergarten to watch the children’s performance. I never expected this to happen. You can hit me and scold me and I’ll take it because this is my fault.”

Yun Miao sneered, “Lin Ruoxi, I know you’re smart, but you don’t act in front of me! You’re worried that Hui Lin will steal your husband from you, just like the other women! Did you do it on purpose to ruin Hui Lin’s reputation?”

Lin Ruoxi looked up abruptly and shook her head, “No…No! I didn’t! I never thought of that!!”

Yang Chen reprimanded Yun Miao with a deep voice, “Abbess, you’ve gone too far. I know you’re upset but you can’t say such nonsense!”

“Nonsense? Fine, let me ask you this. Do you like Hui Lin? Do you not have any feelings for her?” Yun Miao turned to look at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was taken aback and it took him a while to react, “Hui Lin is a good girl, but I’ve never had feelings for her.”

“Hmph, that’s what you say. It means you don’t actually dislike her; you just don’t dare to like her. Men are like this; they want someone whom they can never get.” Yun Miao said in disdain.  

“Abbess, this isn’t the problem now. Instead of insulting us, shouldn’t you think of a way to help Hui Lin?!” Yang Chen was getting annoyed.

Yun Miao shouted, “You don’t need to tell me this! Do you think she can rely on hypocrites like you two?! I’m here to tell you guys that I’m bringing Hui Lin back to Emei tomorrow. She has nothing to do with you guys anymore! Don’t you guys dare to contact Hui Lin ever again! Get out of her sight as far as possible!”

“Madam Lin, you can’t do this. It’ll be harder to repair her reputation if you act like this. She can’t hide forever. We have to solve the problem!” Lin Ruoxi was anxious. 

While they were quarrelling, a grey silhouette walked out of the elevator and came into the office within seconds.

It was Gray Robe. He smiled at Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi before convincing Yun Miao, “Madam, we can’t blame Mister Yang and Mrs Yang. Let’s go back to Beijing first, we should take care of Miss Hui’er. She’s the only descendant of the Lin clan.”

Ever since Lin Zhiguo’s departure, Gray Robe remained in the Lin clan and continued to help Yun Miao manage the clan.

Yun Miao respected Gray Robe. Even though she was still furious, she nodded her head forcefully and glared at Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen before leaving.

Yang Chen was ashamed to face Gray Robe, “Thank you. Also, thanks for your help last time. I was able to save Ruoxi because of you. Sorry for the trouble again.”

Gray Robe was puzzled, “Last time? What do you mean?”

Yang Chen thought to himself, Does he have Alzheimer? Why did he forget about it so quickly?

“It’s about the fake Magical Girdle. Didn’t you tell me the blood race went to Nanshan?” Yang Chen asked him.

Gray Robe furrowed his brows and contemplated it, but he was still baffled, “I don’t get it. I’ve not left Beijing in two months and I left this time because of Madam. How am I involved with the Magical Girdle?”