Yang Chen froze. He had to confirm that Gray Robe wasn’t joking about it. This was weird!

Yang Chen was actually puzzled since he couldn’t see through Gray Robe’s cultivation level before that and at this time he could see that Gray Robe was in the Xiantian stage. He thought Gray Robe wasn’t bothered to conceal his cultivation but it turned out to be a different person!

Gray Robe was surprised to hear that someone pretended to be him and notified Yang Chen about the incident.

“I don’t think that the person is inferior to you, seeing how he was able to trick you. If he’s not from the border, he could be one of the Gods. He has to be extremely skilled with face changing and illusions.”

Yang Chen filtered through his opponents in his mind and he was suddenly reminded of the mysterious Raphael. Hermes was skilled at Illusions!

Yang Chen remembered when he wanted to kill Yang Lie and Hermes pulled him into an illusion. He saw Shi Qi which made him stop his actions!

If it was Hermes, it’d make sense since his abilities were on par with him. With his caduceus, he could even pull God into a dream. It shouldn’t be hard for him to trick Yang Chen for a short time with some special magic.

“I think I know who did it but I don’t understand his intentions.” Yang Chen mumbled.

Gray Robe nodded but he didn’t probe further, “Young Master Yang, you have to be careful. Things may seem peaceful in China but compared to decades ago, too many things happened for the past two years. Ever since you returned to China, weird things have been happening continuously. People are getting restless. Unfortunately, I’m not free to talk today as I need to follow Madam back to Beijing. I hope we’ll meet again soon.”

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi bade him goodbye politely. They were grateful for his help.

Even though Yun Miao had returned to Beijing temporarily, it didn’t mean that things were over. Once tabloids are spread out, it can’t be controlled easily.

The whole afternoon, Lin Ruoxi was busy dealing with matters that arose from the tabloid. Technically, Yang Chen was supposed to take care of it as the director but Lin Ruoxi was forced to deal with it as was also involved in it. People would have bad-mouthed her if she didn’t show up.

The thing that bothered her the most was an online media which took advantage of the situation and started to make stuff up.

Within a few hours, there were discussions on the internet guessing about the truth. Some said Hui Lin was the mistress and some said the President of Yu Lei was the mistress. They wondered about the mother of the child and if the man worked in Yu Lei…

Some even photoshopped a random girl’s face with Hui Lin’s face together and caused another uproar! 

Yang Chen was impressed by their imagination. Regardless of the genuineness of the rumour, people flocked to it like how moths are drawn to fire.

It pained Yang Chen to watch Lin Ruoxi suffer and when it was time to get off work, he pulled her out of the office.

Lin Ruoxi was planning to work overtime to deal with these matters but she wasn’t experienced in dealing with it, so it was impossible to convince Yang Chen to let her stay back. In the end, she handed it over to Liu Mingyu and decided to calm herself down back at home.

However, the moment they walked out of the office, Zhao Hongyan came rushing out of the elevator.

“President Lin, there’s a ruckus going on outside the building.” Zhao Hongyan sounded frantic.

A startled expression was seen in her tired eyes, “What happened…”

“A group of Miss Lin Hui’s hardcore fans from the Fanclub are raising banners and shouting slogans, they are…they are cursing you…”

“Cursing me?”

“Mmh…” It was hard for Zhao Hongyan to say it.

Yang Chen could already guess the situation. They must have assumed that Lin Ruoxi was the mistress or that she did this on purpose to ruin her career.

“Just ignore them. Let’s go home.” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t willing to let this go but there was nothing she could do about it. She nodded and told Zhao Hongyan, “Tell the guards not to hurt them. They will leave when they’re tired. If the police come, tell them not to be rough towards the fans.”

“Got it. President, go home and have a rest. I’ll contact you if there’s any problem.” Zhao Hongyan couldn’t bear to see her like this.

Lin Ruoxi smiled and leaned on Yang Chen as they made their way towards the elevator.

Zhao Hongyan turned around and watched them leave. Lin Ruoxi had never looked so weak and exhausted...

Upon reaching the basement, Yang Chen held onto Lin Ruoxi’s hand as they made their way towards the parking spot.

They had only taken a few steps when footsteps were heard running towards them!

Flashlights and shutter sounds were heard and felt from far away!

Yang Chen was preoccupied with his thoughts that he failed to notice the paparazzi waiting for them in the car park!

After all, Lin Ruoxi appeared on financial magazines and television news frequently so all they needed was to do some research. They snuck into the car park and surrounded Lin Ruoxi the moment she came downstairs!

“President Lin, is this your husband?”

“President Lin, can you tell us your thoughts about this incident?”

“Sir, are you Miss Lin Hui’s mysterious boyfriend…”

The paparazzi started throwing questions at them excitedly while blocking their way.

Lin Ruoxi was shocked and she hid in Yang Chen’s arms subconsciously. The paparazzi made her feel humiliated, she had never experienced something like this. It felt as if she was the mistress who was receiving eye rolls from everyone.

Yang Chen’s face darkened. He hugged his wife and warned the paparazzi, “Scram.”

The paparazzi became even excited when they heard this. He cursed at them! This could be used to make another article!

“Sir, are you acting so rude because you feel guilty?” One of the paparazzi held up a voice recorded pen.

Yang Chen grabbed the pen and broke it into pieces easily!

“I’ll count to three. Scram now or you’ll never be able to leave.” Yang Chen’s voice was hoarse.

The paparazzi wouldn’t believe him. Some even snickered at him.

One of them smirked, “Sir, you must be President Lin’s husband, Yang Chen. It’d be hard for us to write an article if you treat us like this. Why don’t you cooperate with us and give us something to write about? We’re just doing our jobs…”

“President Lin, you’re a strong woman. Why can’t you be honest? Are you really the mistress? Did you do this because of jealousy?”

Lin Ruoxi bit her lip and leaned on Yang Chen’s chest. Her shoulders were trembling as she sobbed. Yang Chen’s shirt was wet from her tears.

Lin Ruoxi knew that no one would believe in her even if she explained herself. The media wanted explosive news, not the truth.

Lin Ruoxi was more upset about the fact that Hui Lin was involved in this. The guilt was eating her up, she couldn’t even stand straight. 

Yang Chen felt differently. His patience was already at the brink. 

These people were making up rumours, wishing to cause chaos in the world. If it wasn’t for their immorality, things wouldn’t have took such a big turn!

Abbess Yun Miao was Hui Lin’s grandmother and she was technically his master too so he couldn’t possibly do anything to her. However, these guys were strangers to him and yet they dared to bother him. They basically had a death wish.

“I gave you guys a chance and no one wanted it. Go to hell then.”

The paparazzi laughed at him mockingly but soon, the smiles were wiped off of their faces! 

A dark blue liquid appeared around Yang Chen. Black fumes were dissipating out of it. Fear was ignited in their minds even though the liquid moved like a squirming bug!

This was the Ming Water Yang Chen had just learned. Even though it was exaggerating to use it on mundanes, this was the easiest and quickest way to deal with them.

Before the paparazzi could react in time, the Ming Water had dispersed and attached to them!

With Yang Chen’s precise control, all the Ming Water landed on their bodies and equipment without ruining anything else.

The paparazzi couldn't even shriek as they disappeared within seconds. This was capable of corroding blood races, let alone mundanes.

Right when Lin Ruoxi realised their surroundings had quietened down, she turned around to check things out. To her surprise, not a single silhouette could be seen around them as if they never showed up in the first place! 

“You...you killed them all?” Lin Ruoxi asked in a daze.

Yang Chen snorted, “At least they had a clean death.”

Lin Ruoxi sighed but she didn’t reprimand him as she did in the past.

Having experienced so many things, her mindset had started to change.

Some new thoughts appeared in her mind involuntarily and she stared at him blankly. 

Yang Chen wasn’t bothered with her blank expression, pulling her towards their car instead. His brows were furrowed together the moment he saw the red Bentley.