Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi were surprised. Why was there another bad news?

”Wang Ma, calm down. What’s going on?” Yang Chen asked.

Wang Ma was frantic, not knowing how to tell them, “I can’t say it clearly, come and watch the television! It's live news!”

”Live news?” Lin Ruoxi was puzzled at first but she quickly ran into the house.

Once they got in, the television was broadcasting the night news.

The night news was usually filled with all sorts of news but they mostly summarise overseas news that had happened in the day. However, it was different today. The news media dispatched journalists to a live scene for exclusive news coverage!

A journalist dressed in formal attire was seen holding a microphone in front of the camera. Behind him was a press conference packed with journalists and cameramen. Camera flashes were going on and off continuously.

“Dear audiences, we’re currently reporting live from top star Lin Hui’s press conference! Photos of her and a mysterious man had been spreading all over the internet and she has become involved with the marriage of the President of Yu Lei International. People have been making guesses about their relationship. Miss Lin Hui came to an agreement with the broadcasting station through her manager and they have decided to hold a press conference to clarify things and reveal the truth to all her fans and the public…”

Lin Ruoxi’s face became ghastly pale as she stood in front of the television. 

With trembling lips, she grabbed Yang Chen’s clothes, “What is going on?? Why is there a press conference?! Why didn’t I know about this?!”

It was confusing for Yang Chen to accept this too, “Don’t ask me, I didn’t know about this either. No one informed me.”

“Did Hui Lin do this herself…” Lin Ruoxi mumbled. 

Wang Ma sounded anxious, “What is going on? You guys didn’t know about this? Did Hui Lin arrange this secretly?”

“That’s the only explanation. She must have organised this press conference by herself. This silly girl…” Yang Chen’s mind was a mess. He didn’t know what to do either.

“No! I can’t let her do this!”

Lin Ruoxi ran to the coffee table and dialled Hui Lin’s handphone number.

The call went through quickly but Hui Lin’s manager, Yu Min was the one who answered the call.

“Let Lin Hui answer the call! End the press conference!” Lin Ruoxi was furious.

Yu Min’s throat felt dry, “President Lin, it's too late. The journalists are already here. We can’t stop it now…”

“How can you guys do this without getting our permission?! Aren’t you afraid of losing your job?!” Lin Ruoxi was close to having a mental breakdown.

Yu Min felt sorrow, “I didn’t want to do this either but Miss Lin Hui did this behind our backs. We couldn't stop her in time…that’s why we didn't dare to inform Director Yang. I’ve let everyone down…”

There was already no turning back as the press conference had started.

Hui Lin was dressed in a black suit with a stern expression. Her bare face seemed haggard but she still forced a smile.

Compared to when she first arrived in Zhonghai, Hui Lin had matured over time but work had also changed her.

The shy smile on her flawless face remained the same.

From the live stream, they could see Abbess Yun Miao standing at the side of the stage.

Her face was stern and no one could have guessed that this middle-aged looking woman would be Hui Lin’s grandmother.

The press conference had no emcee which showed that she planned to face the journalists and audiences on her own.

After waiting for everyone to quiet down, Hui Lin spoke up, “Sorry for the long wait. I had to organise a press conference because of what happened today. It hasn’t been a long time but it brought me profound feelings. I don’t think I need to reiterate the incident anymore. Please voice out your questions one by one if you have any. I’ll answer with the truth.”

The journalists all shouted at once and the bodyguards had to keep them under control. In the end, Hui Lin chose a journalist herself.

”Miss Lin Hui, who’s the man in the photo? What is your relationship with him? Why did you go to that kindergarten?”

Hui Lin smiled, “The man in the photo is my brother-in-law. The reason why I became a singer is that I love to sing. I love music. My sister is President Lin Ruoxi from Yu Lei International. We’re not blood-related but she dotes on me. She founded the entertainment company because of me. My sister and my brother-in-law have a daughter and she’s studying in Yunhua Kindergarten. The kids had a performance on Christmas Day and my sister invited me to watch my niece’s performance. There’s nothing else going on with my brother-in-law.”

Another journalist asked, “I have a question. You gain popularity quickly because of the Star of Yu Lei. Were you able to win easily because of your sister?”

The journalist was obviously trying to provoke Hui Lin and he gained angry stares from the staff as a result.

Hui Lin smiled faintly, “I’m sure there are suspicions like this and it won’t go away anytime soon. After all, I’m still young and I became famous too quickly. Indeed, I wouldn’t be able to reach this level of success without my sister’s support. I can only say that for those who like to hear me sing, they must like me for a reason. As to whether I deserved to be the champion, I’m sure that the audiences have an answer for it.”

The journalists nodded their heads in agreement. Even though they worked with media companies, most of them enjoyed Hui Lin’s songs. Even if she had a strong background, she still needed the talent to reach this level.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were brimmed with tears as she watched the television. 

Her heart was feeling less anxious. Maybe Hui Lin’s sincere attitude would be able to solve this problem.

Suddenly, a male journalist stood up, “Miss Lin Hui, from the research I’ve done, during the shooting for the God of Sword you had a dispute with the lead actor, Zhang Kaiwei. Scandals about Zhang Kaiwei were released. Is it true that you refused to submit to him and you also refused to do a kiss scene so you hit him, is that true?”

His words caused an uproar in the crowd. Why did he mention this suddenly? Unless there was really an inside story?

Zhang Kaiwei’s incident happened months ago but everyone still remembered it clearly. Frankly, most of the experienced journalists thought it was fishy since it felt like the production team was trying to cover things up.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to interview Zhang Kaiwei since he was in prison.

Hui Lin became nervous subconsciously since Yang Chen was involved in this incident but she still nodded, “Mmh, that’s true…”

Her answer made the journalist smirk and raise his voice, “Everyone, I had the opportunity to interview Zhang Kaiwei last week as he was out of the prison and hospitalised because he was sick. He was feeling weak from pneumonia but he still told me about the dirty deeds done by Yu Lei in hopes to clear his name. He told me that Lin Hui had a secret relationship with her brother-in-law!”


The whole crowd clamored and the camera flashes flickered continuously. This was breaking news!

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen in confusion as Yang Chen widened his eyes in shock. He never saw this coming!

Zhang Kaiwei?! How did he manage to stir up trouble at this critical moment?!

Yang Chen thought this was already in the past but Zhang Kaiwei turned out to be a time bomb!

Hui Lin turned ghastly pale from shock and she started trembling. She never expected this to happen.

The male journalist took out a CD proudly, “This is a copy of the audio and video recordings of my interview with Zhang Kaiwei. It’s exclusive content and I was planning to reveal it at a suitable time since Yu Lei International is a huge company. We didn’t dare to provoke them. But now, to ensure that our colleagues will not be exploited and that the fans will not be lied to, our director decided to reveal the dirty deeds done by Yu Lei and the atrocity of Lin Hui and her brother-in-law!”