This journalist was sly, seeing how he purposely mentioned Zhang Kaiwei’s critical condition before taking the CD out. 

He wanted to pique everyone’s interest since in situations like this, people would normally pity the weaker one. With the so-called evidence in his hand, he would have gained the upper hand.

“What evidence? Play it for everyone!”

Someone started to shout, followed by supportive words from others.

Abbess Yun Miao had been standing by the stage quietly, thinking that this incident would be over soon. She was feeling proud that her granddaughter was finally growing up when a clown interrupted the press conference!

Anger crept up her face and she motioned the bodyguards to do something. The leader of the bodyguards understood her message and he ordered two bodyguards to get the journalist out of here.

However, before they could get any closer, the journalist pointed towards them and yelled, “Did you guys see this?! They are calling the bodyguards to kick me out of here! They are feeling guilty!!”

The other journalists were infuriated and the whole scene became a mess.

Abbess Yun Miao’s face darkened. She wasn’t expecting things to be so complicated. There was nothing she could do other than feel anxious.

Right at this moment, Hui Lin stood up and raised her voice, “Everyone, please calm down. I’m willing to watch what’s inside the CD. I promise that I’ll be honest with everyone if the content inside the CD is true since there are a lot of eyewitnesses at that time.”

The journalists quietened down and the journalist smirked before putting the CD into a player and turned on the projector.

Soon,  a video showed up on the huge screen. Zhang Kaiwei was seen sitting in the hospital bed with a pale face and an IV drip next to him.

His voice was weak but it was still audible.

The interview started and they could hear the journalist’s voice, “Mister Zhang, can you tell me what exactly happened on the filming site?”

“Sure,” Zhang Kaiwei nodded weakly, “On that day, the filming was smooth but a dispute happened because of a kiss scene. I think the scene wouldn’t look good if a body double was used so I suggested doing the scene with Miss Lin Hui as an act of professionalism…I’m a professional actor so I hate it when some people harbour personal feelings during filming. I feel that once you decide to act in a movie, you should dedicate yourself to the movie and the director. You shouldn’t ruin a movie because of personal reasons…”

Tears were brimming in his eyes which accentuated his anger.

Upon hearing this, some journalists started to look at him with pity and respect since they were aware of the hardships faced by actors, having worked in the showbiz world.

“I never thought that Miss Lin Hui would refuse to continue with the filming because I was against using a body double. I was even angry at the fact that some man who called himself as the Director of Yu Lei Entertainment brought gifts over to Lin Hui and when he heard about the dispute, he beat me up…I’m just an artist. I don’t have a strong background so they worked together and forced me to record a fake video. They threatened to break my limbs if I didn’t follow their orders…I only found out about the man’s identity after the incident. He’s the Director of Yu Lei Entertainment and also the husband of President Lin Ruoxi from Yu Lei International. I was puzzled at that time, wondering why he would come and visit Lin Hui by himself. They were really close and I never expected him to beat me up because of Lin Hui…”

Lin Ruoxi turned ghastly pale when she heard this.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows and wished he could teleport to Beijing and wreck the whole conference. However, it was impossible to do so since it would only make matters worse.

He could be fearless and do whatever he wanted but that didn’t mean that Hui Lin and his family could do the same.

“Is…is it true?” Lin Ruoxi asked with a trembling voice.

Yang Chen sighed deeply and shook his head, “Not really. He was the one who started it. He insisted on kissing Hui Lin but we had an agreement that all kinds of intimate scenes were prohibited. He was arrogant at that time so I beat him up. I didn’t think he would dare to make stuff up because he’s ill.”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t suspect him since she remembered this was stated in the agreement.

As for the relationship between Yang Chen and Hui Lin, she wouldn’t think much about it since she was the one who suggested Yang Chen to go over.

“Then what should we do? Things aren’t looking good for Hui Lin now.” Lin Ruoxi was worried.

Yang Chen’s brows were tightly knitted as he couldn’t come up with anything now.

“I don’t know. No matter what we say, people will still be suspicious of her, no one would believe her.”

Hui Lin’s gaze was unreadable as she faced everyone’s suspicious stares.

The journalist sounded cocky when the video was done playing, “Alright. Miss Lin Hui, I’m sure everyone can tell that my video is legitimate. I’m really curious about something, is he just your brother-in-law? Why would he visit you by himself? Why would he abuse a famous actor because of a kiss scene?! From what I know, you accompanied him out of the filming site on that day. There are many eyewitnesses on the production team. Your relationship with him is too close.”

The journalist stirred up the scene. On the other hand, the rest of the media didn't care about the truth as long as it was breaking news!

Abbess Yun Miao’s eyes were filled with murderous intent. She had decided to kill the journalist herself once this conference was over. It didn’t matter even if she would be suspected by everyone else!

She could feel her heart bleeding from the pain as she watched her only granddaughter receive mocking gazes from the crowd. 

Yang Chen tightened his fists as he stood in front of the television, “Ruoxi, I have to go to Beijing. If this goes on, Hui Lin won’t be able to withstand it. This happened because of me so I should take care of it.”

Before he could leave, Lin Ruoxi grabbed him anxiously, “You're going there? Are you crazy? Not only would they wonder how you appeared out of nowhere, but it would also make things worse! Can you stop everyone from talking? Would they believe in your explanation?”

Yang Chen was stumped for words. He knew it was futile for him to be there but it pained him to watch Hui Lin face the media by herself. 

She had never gotten anything from him other than silent rejections and heartbreaks.

But now, she had to face so many curses and mocks because of him.

Yang Chen was at a loss. He wondered if his attitude towards Hui Lin was right or wrong. Did he do it for her own good or did he cause harm to her?

Before he could organise his thoughts, Hui Lin stood up silently.

She faced the cameras and media with a bashful smile.

For a moment, the crowd became silent from her sudden yet breathtaking smile.

Hui Lin breathed out and pursed her lips before bowing down slightly.

“I’m sorry that I’ve caused trouble to those who’ve been supporting me. I know that I won’t be able to appear on stage and on screen after today but I hope that everyone can listen to me quietly as I share my relationship with my sister and my brother-in-law. By then, you all should be able to understand why these things happened.”

She paused for a moment as if to muster up all her courage before continuing, “Yes, I like my brother-in-law.”