The whole area turned silent.

No one could have thought she would pour fuel into a burning fire.

Even Abbess Yun Miao thought she was hearing things. Did her granddaughter lose her mind from all the pressure?!

The crowd clamored after seconds of silence!

Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi too were stumped for words.

Wang Ma covered her mouth out of shock as she looked at Hui Lin with a loving yet confused gaze.

Yang Chen felt as if someone was clenching his heart and he was struggling to breathe from it.

Lin Ruoxi trembled, biting her lips as she made her way upstairs.

“Miss, where are you going?” Wang Ma asked worriedly.


Lin Ruoxi replied flatly and went into her room without looking behind her.

Yang Chen stood still in the same spot. He couldn’t be bothered about Lin Ruoxi’s thoughts when his mind was a mess.

On the other hand, Hui Lin felt more relaxed as if she had put down a heavy stone off her chest.

She smiled at the crowd, “I don’t want to hide my feelings because I can’t control my heart. I’ve been curious about my brother-in-law the moment I first met him. As we spent more time together, the curiosity turned into romantic feelings. But I hope that people won’t look down on me. I know that my sister and my brother-in-law only think of me as a younger sister. I’ve never dreamt of being together with my brother-in-law and he has never crossed the line. Humans aren’t made out of wood, so it’d be impossible to shut my feelings away. On that day, my brother-in-law beat up Zhang Kaiwei because he was protective of me. There’s nothing more to it. If you all don’t believe in me, you can ask Director Yu Shuo and the staff. They can be our eyewitnesses. I never provoked him. I’ll never back down because this is more than my morals and dignity, my sister’s company and my brother-in-law’s morality. From today onwards, I’m no longer a singer, actress and artist. I’m just Lin Hui, a normal girl who doesn't need to worry about my reputation or hide my feelings…”

At the end of her sentence, Hui Lin took a step back and bowed to them before getting off the stage.

Yun Miao guided her to the backstage and only then journalists snapped out of it and tried to chase after her.

However, the bodyguards were ordered to block their way.

Yun Miao hugged her granddaughter’s shoulder and with a loving yet proud voice, she said to Hui Lin, “Hui Lin, you did the right thing. Granny will take care of the journalist for you!”

Hui Lin shook her head and chuckled, “It’s fine, granny. I said I’m quitting the showbiz. They can do whatever they want. It’ll be over soon.”

“You…you’re really not singing anymore?” Yun Miao was taken aback.

“Mhm.” Hui Lin nodded.

Yun Miao’s expression was unreadable and she sighed, “This is weird, initially I was against you singing and acting. Even though our clan is declining, we are still a reputable clan, it doesn’t make sense for you to be an actress. But then, I saw how happy you looked on the stage so I thought it worked out well. Now, you’re telling me that you’re going to stop singing while I know it’s your passion. Won’t it be a pity to give up now?” 

Hui Lin forced a smile and shook her head, “No, I’ve experienced it. It’s good enough.”

“Hmph, it’s all Yang Chen’s fault! He shouldn’t have caused you trouble if he wasn’t willing to accept you! He’s hiding in Zhonghai and he made you face them all by yourself…” Yun Miao complained. 

“Granny, you can’t blame him. He did it for my own good, I’m sure he doesn't feel good about it either.” Hui Lin said.

“You’re still defending him,” Yun Miao sighed, “Hui Lin, what are you planning to do next? Now that you’re no longer singing, you still need to find something to do.”

Hui Lin looked down and muttered, “Granny, I want to go back to Emei and cultivate. I need some time alone…”

Yun Miao saw this coming so she wasn’t surprised. She nodded in agreement, “Sure, I haven’t been there in a long while. You can look after the place on my behalf. The population of Shushan has been decreasing and if this goes on, the bloodline will end. Rest well when you’re there and guide your younger disciples too.”

“Mmh, take care of yourself, granny.” Hui Lin hugged her only family.

Yun Miao’s eyes reddened and she forced a smile, “Don’t worry. I’m still young. I’ll visit you at Emei soon.”

Their close relationship warmed the corridor. 

Gray Robe stood far behind them quietly and a sigh escaped his lips.

After the live conference, the dispute moved online.

Some supported Hui Lin for her honesty and courage whereas some thought she was making things up. However, it was actually more shocking to learn that Hui Lin decided to quit the showbiz world.

She had already reached great heights and she decided to leave just like that, even giving up on performing at the New Year’s Gala. This convinced others that she was innocent.

It didn’t make sense for someone like her to bully someone else when she was able to give up on fame and career. It wasn’t like she needed this boost of popularity.

Yang Chen didn’t think much about it.

After standing still for a long moment, he finally walked upstairs and knocked on Lin Ruoxi’s door.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t open the door, answering him from her room instead. 

“I don’t know anything and I didn’t hear anything. I’m going to sleep now.”

Even though there was a door between them, he still heard her clearly.

Having lived together for so long, Yang Chen understood what she was trying to say.

She didn’t want to face this but she didn’t want to stop Yang Chen from making a decision.

She couldn’t bring herself to stop Yang Chen from checking up on Hui Lin but she wouldn’t feel good if he went.

So, she chose to pretend to know nothing. Even if it was all a pretence, at least it was easier than facing it head-on.

Yang Chen didn’t hesitate any further and he arrived in Beijing as quickly as possible.

It wasn’t hard to locate Abbess Yun Miao and Gray Robe since they had cultivation. Yang Chen appeared from a hidden corner and walked towards the car park.

Yun Miao was talking to Gray Robe as they made their way towards the car.

They were surprised to see Yang Chen standing by the car.

“Where’s Hui Lin?” Yang Chen asked directly. He searched around the area but he couldn’t find her.

Abbess Yun Miao felt slightly better when she saw how worried he seemed.

“You’re too late. She left ages ago.” Yun Miao replied.

“Where did she go?” Yang Chen was astonished.

“She’s going back to Emei. She’s planning to cultivate and she wanted me to inform you guys to cancel all her work.” Yun Miao said flatly.

Yang Chen was frustrated. The guilt towards Hui Lin was getting stronger. He was just talking to Lin Ruoxi on how to overcome this crisis but who would have thought that Hui Lin would choose to sacrifice herself!

“I’m going after her. I can’t let her leave like this.”

Before he could leave, Yun Miao stopped him, “What are you going to do when you see her? Can you make her happy? Can you let her stand in front of Lin Ruoxi confidently?! What can you do for her?”


Yang Chen was stumped for words.

“You can’t do anything. Hui Lin wouldn’t want you to look for her. She’s a sensible kid and if you want her to feel better, let her go back to Emei by herself.”

Yun Miao sighed and motioned Gray Robe before passing by Yang Chen to get into the car.

Yang Chen stood idle and didn’t move even after Yun Miao left.

At the same time, far in the North Pole, the night sky was filled with stars.

Underneath the ice layer in Yan Buwen’s giant laboratory, the atmosphere seemed weird.

The whole laboratory was brightly lit, showing complex datas running on multiple screens.

At the middle of the laboratory was a large operating table. Countless tubes and wires were stuck to a man’s body.

Around the operation table were four weirdly shaped metal equipment like four twisted water pillars!

A fuzzy ball of energy was forming at the converging point of the pillars!

The man lying on the table was naked with his limbs tightly bound to the table, prohibiting him from moving!

It was Yang Lie!

Although he was still conscious, he’d rather pass out!

This was all because the dark energy ball above him was preparing to erode him!