“Calm down, it’ll be fine soon. This is all for your own good, hehe…”

A man snickered at the side. He was wearing a stained lab coat with dishevelled hair. His beard was covering his face from the unkemptness.

Wen Tao wouldn’t have been able to recognise himself if he looked in the mirror.

He was wearing nothing but a lab coat. His muscles were firm and tough but the lack of fat in his body made him look bony.

Lying on his chest was a fuzzy ball of energy. With a closer look, one would have realised it was the antimatter energy, the God’s Stone! 

Same as Yan Buwen, Wen Tao used the technology left behind by Yan Buwen. He fused the God’s Stone with his body and after multiple attempts to improvise it, the energy he gained from it has far surpassed what Yan Buwen once had.

The streaks of antimatter energy that were being released from the four weird equipment actually came from Wen Tao!

He was already skilled at using the antimatter energy and it seemed to be flowing out of him endlessly!

“You…what are you doing?!”

Yang Lie almost lost it. He had been hiding in the North Pole to cultivate until Wen Tao came to him and controlled him forcefully.

He had him bound to the operation table and with the oppression coming from the antimatter energy, Yang Lie couldn’t budge at all!

He thought his cultivation had improved greatly but he never expected that Wen Tao’s progression would be inhumane!

“Hehe…don’t you want to be stronger? This is my newest research  - antimatter energy transformation device! All I need to do is to activate it with the God’s Stone and it can strengthen the antimatter energy by three hundred-fold. It can be used to change and reset your genome! If this succeeds, my antimatter genetic link will be unlocked, and I can do whatever I want!”

Wen Tao cackled. His bloodshot eyes were filled with zeal!

“What…what do you mean…?” Yang Lie’s voice was trembling.

“How would I know…” Wen Tao grinned, “According to Yan Buwen’s idea, the transformation on the test subject is still unknown. Well, no matter how it turned out to be, I’m sure I’ll benefit from it. You won’t understand it even if I explain it to you.”

“You…how could you use me as a test subject!! Aren’t we partners?!” Yang Lie roared.

Wen Tao threw his head back and laughed, “Partner? You? You’re just a dog to me! Do you think you’re better than that b*tch? Hilarious!”

Wen Tao widened his arms. The God’s Stone was activated by his mind and a blinding glow of grey light exploded from it!

The equipment collected and strengthened the antimatter energy until a limit was reached!

A bolt of antimatter energy was shot out of the energy ball and swallowed Yang Lie’s body!

Yang Lie froze and his body was engulfed by the antimatter energy within seconds!

A destructive pillar of grey light broke through the permafrost and crushed large areas of ice!

The cracking sounds lasted for a minute and the laboratory was half destroyed at the end of it.

Electric sparks and flames were jumping around the laboratory and the only thing standing was the antimatter energy barrier.

The operating table was gone, including Yang Lie who was lying on it!

The only thing left was a ball of energy!

Wen Tao stood by the side. With trembling hands, he held the energy ball which was the size of a basketball.

Slowly, the ball of energy rushed into the God’s Stone in his chest!

“I did it…I did it!”

Wen Tao was thrilled. He could feel something squirming in his body as if his cells were moving.

A second later, Wen Tao had transformed into Yang Lie! 

“Yang Lie” smirked and with a simple swipe of his hand, a hundred Ton of ice and snow was vaporized by a gust of antimatter energy.

He jumped lightly and reached the dark ice field.

Two silhouettes appeared behind “Yang Lie” – Luo Cuishan and Ning Guodong. 

They were no longer the same as before, totally unaffected by the cold.

Shock was evident in Luo Cuishan’s eyes when he saw “Yang Lie”. She giggled at him and said, “Little Cripple, dear, you finally succeeded. Should I call you Young Master Yang?” 

Wen Tao turned around and Luo Cuishan landed in his arms with a gasp!

His strong arm wrapped around her tightly as if he wanted to crush her.

Luo Cuishan was used to it, licking her lips with a seductive expression.

Ning Guodong remained expressionless. This woman was no longer his mother.

Wen Tao wasn’t in the mood to do anything with her.

“Have you got anything?” Wen Tao asked.

“Yes, there are two middle-aged men in the Ning clan now, Ning Xin and Ning De. They’re greatly respected in the Ning clan and Ning Guangyao was polite to them. They should be from the Ning clan in the border.” Ning Guodong answered him.

“Nice…we have to take advantage of this.” Wen Tao sneered.

Luo Cuishan muttered, “Little Cripple, are we going to the Ning clan? Why don’t you eat Ning Guanyao and be the Premier for fun?”

“Foolish,” Wen Tao snorted, “You think Ning Guangyao is dumb? You think Ning Xin and Ning De are weak and easy to be dealt with? Do you think the hidden clan can be fooled easily? Why would other people do risky things like this? I'm Yang Lie now, I got to take advantage of this identity.”

“Are you saying…” Luo Cuishan rolled her eyes and she smiled brightly as if a lightbulb lighted up in her mind, “Little Cripple, you’re really smart!”

Wen Tao sneered and sniffed her neck but there was no lust in her eyes.

“Alright, we’ve spent enough time in the North Pole…let’s go back to Beijing!”

A person dressed in a black robe and metal mask stood a few kilometres away from the laboratory and witnessed the whole incident.

Just when the trio left the North Pole in a rush, a black silhouette appeared behind Black Robe. 

Black Robe turned around and bowed to her, “Your Highness Athena, you’re here.”


Athena responded with a faint hum. She looked far ahead, “He did it…”

Black Robe nodded, “Yes, just as you said, he activated the genetic link and ate Yang Lie. He transformed into Yang Lie and his powers had improved greatly.”

“He’s still slower, looks like he’s not as good at Yan Buwen.” It sounded as though losing a chess piece like Yan Buwen was a great loss.

Black Robe smirked, “In my opinion, Yan Buwen might be more talented, but Wen Tao is more ambitious and ruthless. I’m sure he’ll be a threat to us soon. I don’t know why you’re keeping him but hasn’t he completed his mission with the research?”

“I need the results from his research, but he still has values. Stop asking about it.”

“Yes.” Black Robe answered obediently.

Athena looked towards the laboratory, “Move the equipment to a safe place and destroy the rest. After that, go to Beijing and keep an eye on him. Remember not to give yourself away. Yang Chen will head to Beijing soon, don’t let him find out about you…I won’t save you again…” 

Cold sweat dripped down his forehead. He didn’t want to be “eaten” by the Chaos Cauldron again. With a frantic nod, he flew towards the laboratory immediately. With his abilities, it was a piece of cake to move and hide those stuff.

However, Athena was acting more and more mysterious. All her moves were precisely calculated which made him fear and respect her. Even with centuries worth of experience, he still couldn’t read her mind.